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“Beauty is an attitude, a sparkle and sometimes a little je ne sais quoi that one can sense without being able to describe it.”

Valmont's Intensive Care Collection

Editor's Picks — (9/17/21)

Valmont & La Rentrée: Your Fall Skincare Routine

Mask Treatment, the Intensive Care Collection has become my best kept beauty secret to maintain my summer glow.

Editor's Picks — (7/23/21)

Travel is Back! Here’s How To Make Sure Your Skin Is Flight-Ready

Flying is fun, but not your skin’s best friend.

Interview — (7/23/21)

Writer Kari Molvar’s Classic Take On Modern Beauty

This month, we’re tapping into Kari Molvar’s favorite tips, icons, and trends of decades passed.

Editor's Picks — (7/12/21)

La Rentrée: The Summer-to-Fall Shift, French-Style

In typical French fashion, this fresh start embraces a chic blend of lifestyle and beauty.

Editor's Picks — (7/9/21)

Easy, Breezy Summer Scents

Make way for fresh florals, tangy citruses, and breezy scents. 

Interview — (7/7/21)

MDSolarSciences Brings on the Sunshine

Good skincare starts with science & SPF. Meet CEO of MDSolarSciences, Renee Plato, to talk summer, self-care, and philosophies for success.

Editor's Picks — (7/2/21)

Our 6 Favorite Online Beauty Retailers

From flawlessly curated selections to informative resources to irresistible sales, these BWB-approved platforms are the not-so-hidden gems of the world wide web.

Editor's Picks — (6/21/21)

10 Summer Picks for Playing with Your Makeup Again

Kick off the summer and pride month with a sparkling face forward.

Editor's Picks — (7/6/21)

4 Tips for Hair and Scalp Maintenance This Summer

Our 2021 selection of BWB-approved products for maintaining and achieving healthy, silky and nourished locks.

Story — (6/28/21)

The Makeup Mentalist: Emily Dougherty

Emily Dougherty creates makeup ASMR as an easy, accessible form of self-care.

Editor's Picks — (6/18/21)

2021 Father’s Day Gift Guide

It’s time to get Dad his own serum so he can stop indulging his skincare routine in secret.

Editor's Picks — (6/11/21)

A BWB Guide to Being Your Own Facialist

Some BWB tips to at-home facials that we learned from expert facialists like Alexandra Soveral and Joelle Ciocco.

Editor's Picks — (6/3/21)

The Beauty Tools That Are Preparing Me for Re-Emergence

Whether it be my LED mask or a bian stone gua sha, one thing is certain: I’ll be ready for my debut back into the world. Fresh skin and all. 

Interview — (6/7/21)

French Beauty with Model & Maman, Emily Caillon

Join BWB as we sit down by this French beauty about her favorite beauty essentials, daily motivations and self-care philosophies.

Interview — (6/25/21)

Kylie Vonnahme’s Not So Simple Life

Life — it’s not so simple. So, let’s talk about it.

Editor's Picks — (6/1/21)

6 Steps to Perfect Sun-Kissed Skin

A round-up of this summer’s best products for a sun-kissed glow to lift our features as we lower our masks. 

Interview — (6/4/21)

Fashion’s New Point of View with Marina Testino

Paving the way to a more sustainable fashion industry, one bold campaign at a time. 

Editor's Picks — (5/24/21)

Marie Saeki Takes You Shopping At Takamichi Beauty Room

Somewhere between a salon, apothecary and neighborhood hangout.

Interview — (5/19/21)

A Weekend with Dancer Peta Murgatroyd

Join us below as we sit down with our favorite ballroom star, Dancing with the Stars champ, mom and tanning queen, Peta Murgatroyd.

Editor's Picks — (5/21/21)

SPF On-The-Go

It’s time to refresh our summer beauty pouches. 

Editor's Picks — (5/10/21)

4 Natural Deodorants (That Actually Work)

Au revoir, chemicals!

Story — (5/17/21)

The French Face Massage Technique

This is, without a doubt, the single best non-invasive treatment you can do to improve the quality of your skin.

Story — (4/29/21)

Life Imitates Art: The Influencer Age of Beauty

Now more than ever, we look to digital influencers that remind us most of ourselves.

Interview — (4/26/21)

The Skinny on OG Beauty Blogger, Lauryn Evarts Bosstick

Lauryn Evarts Bosstick is the blueprint for beauty in the digital age.

Interview — (4/21/21)

Christy Turlington: Model, Mother & Mogul

As everyone’s 90s girl crush, Christy Turlington started out as model but quickly turned into a mogul and advocate for maternal health.

Story — (4/21/21)

Irving Penn’s Iconic Lips

BWB invites you to look at your lipstick through the eyes of the great Irving Penn.

Editor's Picks — (5/3/21)

Head in the Game

Products to get your best hair ever. 

Story — (4/19/21)

An Ode to French Photographer Guy Bourdin

Today’s perception of beauty has been forever enriched through the eyes and camera of Guy Bourdin.

Editor's Picks — (4/12/21)

6 Iconic Makeup Looks Inspired by Hollywood Stars

Beauty inspo—from then to now.

Interview — (4/12/21)

The Makeup Secrets of Movie Stars

From on-screen to off-screen, makeup artist Tania Grier explains the makings of an iconic beauty look. 

Story — (4/12/21)

Hollywood and the Evolution of Beauty

The Hollywood starlets who made cinema a little more colorful. 

Interview — (4/7/21)

Two Art Historians Explore the Intersectionality of Beauty and Art

If you’ve never taken beauty tips from Impressionist paintings, now is a great time to start.

Interview — (4/1/21)

Unpacking Your Skin’s Biology with Biologique Recherche

We’re talking everything from scalp and body care to genetic analyses to family-centric company culture.

Story — (4/7/21)

Beauty & Power in Art of the Past

Old Masters are a record of what was deemed beautiful at a certain time in a certain place, embodied within women of power and influence.

Story — (4/5/21)

Beauty Rituals through the Lens of Art

Passed on by tradition, beauty rituals strive to achieve an ideal of perfection that is different from one period & one country to the next.

Editor's Picks — (3/29/21)

BWB Beauty Awards: The Best Wellness Tech Gadgets for 2021

Turn your home into a wellness haven with these simple-to-use innovations.

Editor's Picks — (3/22/21)

BWB Beauty Awards: The Inclusive Brands That Advocate for Beauty in All Shades

The inclusive brands spearheading new beauty horizons. 

Editor's Picks — (3/15/21)

BWB Beauty Awards: La Vie en Luxury

The luxury products that deliver serious results. 

Editor's Picks — (3/17/21)

BWB Beauty Awards: How These Warriors are Spreading Positivity Through the Pandemic

When the world comes together to give back.

Editor's Picks — (3/8/21)

BWB Beauty Awards: The Clean Brands That Should Be In Every Skincare Routine

What exactly does clean beauty mean in 2021?

Editor's Picks — (3/10/21)

BWB Beauty Awards: Clean, Green & Carbon-Free

At BWB, we’re keeping up with the sustainability curve. We believe the brands below are actualizing the dream for a more sustainable beauty industry.

Editor's Picks — (3/11/21)

BWB Beauty Awards: The Innovative Indie Brands You Need to Know

These still-small companies have huge things to say.

Editor's Picks — (3/1/21)

BWB Beauty Awards: Affordability and Quality

These BWB awards are for the babes on a budget, for the skincare lovers without full-time jobs and for all fiscally responsible wellness lovers. 

Interview — (3/19/21)

Unpacking CeraVe’s Quarantine Success

During the pandemic, CeraVe has shown us that there is no ceiling to skincare success. Global General Manager Penelope Giraud gives us a behind-the-scenes look at what’s been working. 

Interview — (3/12/21)

Beauty Today & Tomorrow at The Detox Market

Founder and CEO, Romain Gaillard, shares his entrepreneurial insight and chats with BWB about the ever-evolving landscape of the green beauty market.

Interview — (3/5/21)

Skincare Advice from a Dermatologist

Take it from her. She’s a board certified dermatologist based in New York whose coveted expertise can be consumed from the comfort of your own fluffy pillow.

Interview — (3/22/21)

Meet Jessica Richards, Founder of Shen Beauty

We sit down with the woman behind the careful curation of Shen Beauty and have a look at beauty through her eyes. 

Interview — (2/24/21)

Freshen up with FOREO

Since 2013, FOREO has been developing advanced wellness tools to upgrade the self-care experience.

Editor's Picks — (2/22/21)

Nordic Beauty for All of Us to Embrace

An all-natural, barefaced glow is literally at your fingertips.

Interview — (2/10/21)

At Home with Anne-Cecilie

When it comes to meals and make-up, co-founder of Never Stop Learning, Anne-Cecilie, always finds her way back to her Scandinavian roots.

Editor's Picks — (1/24/21)

Beauty Detox First Stop: Going Clean

It feels good to swap toxic ingredients for gentler alternatives.

Interview — (12/8/20)

Fa La La La La Bouche Rouge

As a French beauty veteran and president of the only French sustainable luxury brand, Nicolas Gerlier of La Bouche Rouge is setting the standard for environmental accountability.

Editor's Picks — (12/16/20)

Holiday Makeup For An Unusual Season

There’s no reason to sit this year out.

Editor's Picks — (12/7/20)

Men’s Haircare is More Important Than You Think

Some of our favorite products that keep the Achilles heel of men’s vanities under control.

Editor's Picks — (12/4/20)

Dream Gifts

We’ve rounded up 8 dream gifts to bring a little sparkle this season. We hope each gift brings delight, dazzles, and best of all, boosts morale.

Editor's Picks — (12/2/20)

Beauty Gift Ideas That Won’t Break Your Bank

There’s a little something for everyone no matter what personality type they might have, and don’t forget a little something for you!

Interview — (12/17/20)

Holiday Hosting with Mathilde Favier

For this week of holiday hosting, we’re inviting Mathilde Favier to join us at the table.

Interview — (12/14/20)

Holiday Glam with MUA Gloria Manzanares

With over ten years of experience and a portfolio that could go on for days, Gloria is the perfect person to give us the 411 on holiday makeup hacks. 

Editor's Picks — (11/30/20)

Holiday Gifts for the Chic Traveler

Finding a gift for the person who has it all can be daunting. Here are some of our favorite travel gift ideas for even the most discerning eye.

Interview — (11/20/20)

Aging Audaciously with Valerie Grandury of Odacité

There’s two sides to every story, and the story of Odacité begins with a personal challenge that would change Valerie Grandury’s life and career.

Editor's Picks — (11/22/20)

Makeup 101 For Your Flirty 50s & Up

Everything you need to know about updating your beauty collection after your 50th lap around the sun. 

Interview — (11/18/20)

Fresh-Faced French Beauty with Violette

This artist-turned-beauty influencer has developed a no-nonsense approach to makeup that is both free-spirited and self-assured.

Editor's Picks — (11/23/20)

How To Maintain Your Glow After 50

The secrets to a fresh, glowy and radiant complexion after 50. 

Editor's Picks — (11/20/20)

Makeup for Your 30s and Beyond

From product ingredients to your highlighting technique, here’s what you need to know about makeup in your thirties.  

Editor's Picks — (11/16/20)

What Your Skincare Regimen Should Look Like After 35

French women know that the earlier you start a comprehensive skincare regimen, the more youthful your skin will remain. Here are our top picks for maintaining a healthy complexion! 

Editor's Picks — (11/6/20)

A Twenty-Something’s Guide to Make-Up Tricks & Trends from TikTok

A Gen Z guide to must-have make-up staples and fresh indie brands, according to the newest beauty bible on the internet: TikTok.

Interview — (11/11/20)

Jasmyn Wilkins Dribbles from Pageant Stages to Editorial Pages

Former Miss Georgia USA and 2018 Sports Illustrated Rookie shares the best pearls of wisdom she’s picked up along her career, in beauty and in life. 

Interview — (10/30/20)

Holistic Healthcare with Robin Berzin

Say goodbye to 15-minute doctor’s visits and piles of prescriptions.

Editor's Picks — (11/13/20)

A Mature Makeup Routine for Ages 25-35

This is the prime time for self-discovery in life, and makeup, too.

Editor's Picks — (11/9/20)

Developing Your First Anti-Aging Skincare Routine

Here’s how to age gracefully.

Editor's Picks — (11/2/20)

Teen Skin 101: Basic Care and Avoiding Acne

Our favorite products designed specifically for youthful skin. 

Interview — (11/4/20)

Fresh Face & Freckles with Freck Beauty Founder, Remi

A brand built by women for women, Freck Beauty is your one-stop shop for clean skincare and natural makeup. 

Interview — (9/28/20)

Your Après Summer Skincare Routine with Dermatologist Dr. David Colbert

Dr. Colbert spoke to BWB’s Rebecca Leffler about how to glow through fall with radiant skin. 

Editor's Picks — (9/16/20)

Club BWB’s Beauty ID: Tatcha

You have to be a powerhouse beauty brand to join Club BWB. Here are the fast facts about the simple & gentle skincare savior, Tatcha.

Editor's Picks — (9/2/20)

Club BWB’s Beauty ID: Beautycounter

You have to be a powerhouse beauty brand to join Club BWB. Here are the fast facts about clean beauty showstopper, Beautycounter.

Editor's Picks — (9/9/20)

Club BWB’s Beauty ID: Glossier

You have to be a powerhouse beauty brand to join Club BWB. Here are the fast facts about Gen Z’s favorite brand, Glossier.

Editor's Picks — (9/25/20)

Club BWB’s Beauty ID: Anastasia Beverly Hills

You have to be a powerhouse beauty brand to join Club BWB. Here are the fast facts about beauty brow expert, Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Editor's Picks — (10/2/20)

Club BWB’s Beauty ID: Huda Beauty

You have to be a powerhouse beauty brand to join Club BWB. Here are the fast facts about the OG beauty influencer, Huda Beauty.

Interview — (8/31/20)

Chequeout, Stay In with Kathryn Lasater

Checking out with Chequeout is the future of contactless shopping. Cheque out BWB’s exclusive interview with the app’s founder, Kathryn Lasater.

Editor's Picks — (7/28/20)

Your Summer Solstice Beauty Horoscope

Your next beauty secret is written in the stars.

Editor's Picks — (7/15/20)

A Love Note to Local Businesses

Supporting small, local businesses is more important now than ever before. Here are some of our favorites for all your beauty and well-being necessities.

Editor's Picks — (7/10/20)

10 Black Women-Owned Beauty Brands to Add to Your Collection

From skincare to haircare to feminine hygiene, these brands will have you looking and feeling gorgeous from head-to-toe.

Editor's Picks — (7/3/20)

A Little Sun Thing To Talk About…

It may be the strangest summer yet. Here are a few ways to lighten up, and also power up your summer skin routine.

Interview — (7/1/20)

Finding Your Voice with Jordan Emanuel

How model, entrepreneur and humanitarian Jordan Emanuel keeps it glam beyond the cameras. 

Editor's Picks — (6/29/20)

7 Beauty Products for an Effortless Summer Glow

Simply put, less is more.

Editor's Picks — (7/13/20)

What is the Best Sunscreen for My Skin Type?

Bring on the SPF!

Interview — (6/24/20)

What’s in Delia Folk & Alison Bruhn’s Summer Closets?

Mother-daughter duo from The Style That Binds Us shares what’s on their summer essentials list.

Interview — (6/19/20)

Shake, Sparkle, Stir with Sobia Shaikh

Sit down with us as we take a sip from Sobia’s style cocktail – one that is always shaken and stirred with surprises.

Story — (6/17/20)

How Our Skin Cells Can Protect Us From Viruses

We have been forced to re-evaluate our lifestyle habits and how they ultimately affect our health. One area we can’t ignore? Our largest organ: the skin.

Beauty — (6/8/20)

Why You Should Massage Your Baby

The benefits of massage for babies extend far beyond the most known benefits of relaxation. BEB Organic founder Kim Walls explains how. 

Interview — (6/15/20)

A Weekend with Nastya Swan

BWB spends the weekend with Russian model and influencer Nastya Swan, dreaming together of life after confinement.

Story — (6/5/20)

For Your Eyes Only

Wearing a face mask means that our lips are sealed, but our eyes are shimmery.

Interview — (6/10/20)

Inner Beauty with Alexis Ren & Sonya Dakar

Following the launch of her exclusive kit with facialist Sonya Dakar, Alexis Ren chats with BWB about skincare, self-love and soul-searching.

Interview — (5/27/20)

Carlota Rodriguez-Benito, As She Is

Three college majors. Four languages. Six countries. Nine years of ballet. One book — so far.

Interview — (5/29/20)

Blogs, Beauty & Babies: The Skinny Confidential

Girlboss Lauryn Evarts Bosstick shares her experience as a new mom, how she’s been staying healthy during quarantine, and her top tips for productivity at home.

Interview — (5/15/20)

Your DIY Facial with Mary Allan

Take your beauty routine to the next level with Mary’s step-by-step guide to a spa-worthy facial, overall at-home wellness, and the secret recipe to her glowing skin smoothie! 

Interview — (5/26/20)

Get Your Hair Summer-Ready with Playa

BWB chats with founder Shelby Wild to see how she keeps her beauty routine easy, breezy and natural.

Interview — (4/22/20)

Your Pedicure Beauty Bar with Bastien Gonzalez

Bring the magic touch of BWB’s favorite foot specialist to your home with Bastien Gonzalez’s expert advice.

Editor's Picks — (4/14/20)

Beauty & Well-Being During A Lockdown

In this period of confinement, we need to take care of the people around us, but let’s not neglect ourselves either. Here are some of Clémence’s best tips & favorite products for ageless beauty. 

Interview — (4/27/20)

Color Your Quarantine with Master Hair Stylist Christophe Robin

Christophe Robin is our Paris-sent hair savior for all our quarantine hair care needs. 

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