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Travel is Back! Here’s How To Make Sure Your Skin Is Flight-Ready

Flying is fun, but not your skin’s best friend.

The days of being a migratory creature are back: flights are being booked, planes are taking off, and luggages are getting packed. Whether it be heading closer to the equator, or traveling to see family, it’s to no surprise that many people are kissing our homes a temporary goodbye to finally meet the euphoria of traveling again. But, like many other indulgent activities, there’s a catch (or a hefty price to pay).

Flying is fun, but not your skin’s best friend. Actually, quite the opposite. While in flight, plane cabins turn into a dry wasteland of low humidity and recycled air. This obviously can wreak havoc on your skin by dehydrating your dermis and increasing oil production, leading to well-detested acne. In my personal experience, flying used to inevitably cause a blemish to appear during my vacation. That is, until I started taking the right before-, during-, and after-flight skincare steps. Below are the following steps to ensuring that the post-flight blemish blues don’t put a damper on your days.


Knowing that your skin is about to go through a drying onslaught, it’s important to make sure you’re preparing correctly. Thus, hydration is key. I like to double-up by using hyaluronic acid and a deep moisturizing cream. An antioxidant cream like this one by QMS Medicosmetics works like a charm. It’s packed with vitamins that keep the skin feeling extra moisturized. And, of course, nothing beats doubling down on water intake.

Hyaluronic Acid

Moisturizing Cream

Antioxidant Cream

Water Bottle


During the flight is all about maintenance. Personally, I think that this part can feel glamorous if you think of it as a makeshift in-flight spa experience. While you’re keeping up the hydration with water, try putting on hydrating eye patches (my favorite are these by Peter Thomas Roth) or even a quick sheet mask for an added boost. Additionally, make sure you have a nice chapstick handy, too.


Eye Patches

Hydrating Mask


Post-flight is all about repairing and refreshing. Being in a dry environment surrounded by a lot of people makes me want to jump in an hour-long bath. For your post-flight skincare routine, I suggest a full face-wash with pollution defense. This way, you’ll get all the toxins removed from your skin, liberating your vacation from any blemish-woes that may arise.

Anti-Pollution Serum

Face Cleanser

Feature Image Credit: Anton Shuvalov

Isiah S. Magsino

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