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French Beauty with Model & Maman, Emily Caillon

Join BWB as we sit down by this French beauty about her favorite beauty essentials, daily motivations and self-care philosophies.


The iconic face of the Olay Regenerist commercials of the 2010s, Emily Caillon is a model, mother and wellness activist. A native of the Loire Valley in France, Caillon has enjoyed a highly successful career as an international model for the past 15 years, during which time she has traveled the world and lived in Paris, London, Singapore and New York. In addition to acting in French short films, Caillon has also expanded her career into social activism and female empowerment. For example, Caillon is an active supporter of Women for Women International and believes in empowerment through education and health.

Join BWB as we sit down by this French beauty about her favorite beauty essentials, daily motivations and self-care philosophies.


From France, to New York and now Miami, how has your wellness routine evolved (and improved) over the years?

My routine has always been minimalist. I’ve used the Avène brand for the past 20 years and have since discovered new favorites along the way. I discovered Intelligent Nutrients (70% certified organic) when I lived in Minnesota. Now that I live in Miami, I tend to use lighter skincare products and Ireapply SPF during the day. I have also started incorporating essential oils like Yarrow|Pom to my serums.

So much has changed since the last year. How did you pivot? What long-term lessons will you take away?

I am grateful for everything, but especially grateful that COVID-19 has brought me to Miami. Also, I have learned to keep life simple and focus on what resonates with me. I trust my intuition.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?

I own less than 10 pairs of shoes. A mix of French and Italian designers. Minimalist.

How do you stay inspired?

I stay close to nature and give myself time to rest and reflect on where I can best add value. I practice Quantum Flow (Juan Pablo Barahona) and Kundalini Yoga (Jai Dev/Life Force Academy). To recharge, I listen to Matt Kahn and Rob Wergin. I educate myself by listening to docuseries, IGTVs, and interviews like “The Truth About Cancer,” Joe Dispenza, and Janet Namaste, to name a few. Finally, my children’s energy also keeps me inspired.

Which wellness tips or routines have changed your life?

Meditation. Every Day.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Do You. Be authentic.

What are your top summer beauty trends to wear?

Acler long sleeve dresses,Saint Laurent sandals, one-piece cut-out Swimwear, My Little Maria beach tote bag, ankle bracelet,Dazzle dry pedicure, and a big smile!

What are some of your favorite skincare products?

What is your go-to beauty fix?

Lemon ginger water and a nap!

What is your favorite part about living in Miami now?

The daily dose of sunshine, living by the ocean, the friendly and multicultural ambiance. Miami is a place where you can thrive with ease.

What’s next for you?

Developing a natural health & beauty program while continuing to give back.

Teresa Deely

Teresa Deely is a graduate from Columbia University with majors in English and Creative Writing. She is a freelance writer and marketing assistant working for clients in the wellness, jewelry, creative, and sports industries. She believes that one’s skin is yet another canvas and vehicle for art, and has loved styling her hair and applying makeup from a young age. Spending much of her time in educating youth and leading enrichment programs for children, she is highly motivated in discovering new ways to care for herself and sharing them with others.

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