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Club BWB’s Beauty ID: Glossier

You have to be a powerhouse beauty brand to join Club BWB. Here are the fast facts about Gen Z’s favorite brand, Glossier.

Glossier, meet Club BWB.

Club BWB is a sacred beauty space for the highest trending brands in the industry to date. We’re talking glamorous, ground-breaking, global empires with a woman of action on top. The beauty industry expands more and more each day, with businesses and brands of all sizes capitalizing on the low barrier of entry. While BWB loves supporting new brands & start-ups, we can’t help but marvel over the massive reach of the most popular beauty brands in the world. What’s their secret to sparkles and success? We’re checking Beauty IDs to find out.

So you’re a powerhouse beauty brand? Let’s see some identification, please! Club BWB is full of hot cups of English breakfast tea and plates of pain au chocolat. You won’t regret your exclusive rendezvous, and your beauty expertise is the only cost of entry!




Spring Street, NYC


Emily Weiss, Nick Axelrod, Michael Harper



Global Impact (number of followers):

2.8 million

$ Worth:

$1.2 billion

Signature Product:

Balm DotCom

Newest Product:

Hand Cream

Brand Mantra:

Glossier describes themselves as “a beauty brand inspired by real life. Everything we do is distilled into our essential, easy-to-use skincare and makeup products.” Similar to BWB, Glossier is also a firm believer in skincare. Skincare first, makeup second! Launching the brand along with the beauty blog destination, Into the Gloss, Glossier is a big brand with the personality and practicality of a beauty influencer. Each product is designed with your bathroom skincare routine in mind.

Glossier also just granted a range of $10,000-$50,000 to 16 businesses through a Grant Initiative for Black-Owned Beauty Businesses. You can check out the lucky winners here. Beauty is not just for everyone, but also created by everyone! The future of beauty starts here — with giving people a chance.

Teresa Deely

Teresa Deely is a graduate from Columbia University with majors in English and Creative Writing. She is a freelance writer and marketing assistant working for clients in the wellness, jewelry, creative, and sports industries. She believes that one’s skin is yet another canvas and vehicle for art, and has loved styling her hair and applying makeup from a young age. Spending much of her time in educating youth and leading enrichment programs for children, she is highly motivated in discovering new ways to care for herself and sharing them with others.

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