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Teen Skin 101: Basic Care and Avoiding Acne

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As if exams, college applications, and extracurricular activities weren’t enough to stress a teen out, skin blemishes play a major part in the common teenage narrative.“The teenage years are primetime for acne because of so many hormonal changes and chemical imbalances,” says Charlene Patino, a dermatologist nurse based in Memphis, Tennessee.According to Patino, teenagers should start considering basic skincare routine essentials: moisturizers, cleansers and sunscreen.

However, she notes that acne can be still particularly difficult for some more than others.“Sometimes, acne is genetic and you just have to get topicaland/or oral medications prescribed. Retinol (prescription) is one the best and also helps with aging and wrinkles.”

Instead of skincare being another stress-factor, teens should think of it as their escape. In fact, it’s a break from all of school’s woes! Skincare offers the opportunity for rest, relaxation and self-care during in between moments.

Dry-Skin Be Gone

Product Needed: Moisturizer

If it were food, then this would be bread and butter of skincare. Moisturizer is the utmost basic skin product that is a great starting point for any wary teenager looking to finally step into the world of skincare. And although the moisturizer is a must, it’s also important to know that not every product is equal. This is the moment you have to sit with yourself and self-assess your skin before you choose your golden product:Is my skin oily? Go for a more lightweight moisturizer. Is it extremely dry? Try a richer one!

Ease Your Acne

Product Needed: Cleanser + Acne Prevention

First things first: Acne is normal. Especially with teenagers, since it’s primetime for hormonal changes. So if a blemish seems to pop up here and there, that’s okay! However, there are still a few ways to minimize the chance of one being immortalized within your high school yearbook. Washing your face once or twice a day is a great start in removing the excess dirt and oil that may lead to blemishes. Using a good cleanser suited for your skin is even better.

Sometimes, The Sun Is Not Your Friend

Product Needed: Sunscreen

Although moisturizer is the very basic, sunscreen is essential. Sun-kissed skin is beautiful, but the sun’s rays are strong enough to age the skin (unfortunately, this means wrinkles). This might seem silly to teenagers: why should someone who physically exudes youth at its prime worry about sunscreen? The answer is simply because one can never start too early in prevention skincare. And, although many sunscreens may leave off the Casper-white zinc layer, there are a few options that do the protective job without leaving you looking like Edward Cullen’s cousin.

Yes, Eating and Sleeping Matter

Last, but certainly not least, pay close attention to diet and the amount of sleep you’re getting at night. This is the tip celebrities seem to say during all of their beauty tutorials. And although it gets redundant, it’s true. Sleep deprivation is cited as one of the three main contributors to acne since sleeplessness leads to a chemical imbalance. The balance is what is needed to ward off acne. Additionally, diet holds a special place in acne prevention. Diets high in glycemic index (such as dairy products, bread, and sugar) are more prone to acne, whereas diets with high omega-3 fatty acids (kale, fish, and wild rice) do a good job of preventing breakouts.

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