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The Beauty Tools That Are Preparing Me for Re-Emergence

Whether it be my LED mask or a bian stone gua sha, one thing is certain: I’ll be ready for my debut back into the world. Fresh skin and all. 

As the vaccine roll-out continues in the United States, a new event is looming over our shoulders. That is, a re-emergence into society. After being tucked into our homes for over a year, we will soon be trading in our sweats for evening wear. While my medicine cabinets are filled with serums and sunscreens, my drawers have also accumulated an arsenal of beauty tools.

The first reason for this is to ensure that my skin looks refreshed for the reunions with friends and family. Besides, I’ve been working on self-care and beauty routines for nearly a year. I want to make sure that it shows! Secondly, as calendars begin to fill with loops around uptown and downtown Manhattan, my skin deserves extra time for repair. Whether it be my LED mask or a bian stone gua sha, one thing is certain: These tools will ensure that I’ll be ready for my debut back into the world. Fresh skin and all.

LED Face Mask

After a long day of social swan-ing, my skin certainly deserves a bit of light therapy. Select from colors like red to boost collagen or yellow to rid of wrinkles. Whatever the treatment, LED face masks are the golden ticket to a relaxed and recharged end of the day.

Crystal 3D Sculpting Facial Roller by Malaya Organics

The Y-shaped Crystal 3D sculpting roller is synonymous with a pocket facialist. In fact, it is highly addicting to use because it just feels that good. The design creates a kneading motion that encourages sculpting, lifting, and contouring. For those ready to be photographed, this tool is a must-have.

Bian Stone Gua Sha and Recovery Treatment by YINA

Using YINA’s Bian Stone Gua Sha is a magical and therapeutic beauty ritual. These tools have a versatility like no other, as they are extremely beneficial for both the face and the body. In fact, it’s been proven that the gua sha, when used properly, reduces inflammation and other chronic ailments like arthritis and joint pain.

Microcurrent by Face Gym

It seems obvious that a microcurrent tool finds itself within the ranks of must-haves. After all, it’s arguably one of the most satisfying parts of any facial! Use either morning or night; this tool is the crème de la crème of a perfect, non-invasive facelift.

Face Steamer by LONOVE

Whether it’s for technical purposes or for pure relaxation, a face steamer is worth the purchase. It keeps the pores happy while also feeling like a miniature sauna for the face. Also, if your skin needs a boost of moisture, a face steamer does the job with ease.

Isiah S. Magsino

Isiah Magsino ventured from the West Coast to NYC to study and pursue a career in journalism. He began his career during his senior year at Fordham University, covering fashion parties for Vogue, and has since ventured into other realms such as luxury travel and wellness. Isiah believes in curating one’s life properly and strives to cultivate a life filled with beauty, patience, and mindfulness.

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