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How To Maintain Your Glow After 50

The secrets to a fresh, glowy and radiant complexion after 50. 

Illuminate Your Look with A Boost of Radiance

When I was 30, I met Estée Lauder for the first time over lunch at Maxim’s in Paris. This was also the first time I heard the term “glow” used in a beauty context. I drank in everything she said, captivated by her fresh point of view. It was spot-on! She was the first to approach aging through the lens of lightness and translucency. Her foundations and blushes were formulated to instantly brighten, illuminate and refresh the complexion with a boost of radiance.

I have considered it an indispensable approach ever since, and one to maintain at any age—but especially after 50.

Build Your Glow Gradually, Day By Day

Everyone’s skin benefits from a dedicated approach, depending on individual skin density and sensitivity. The denser, or thicker, your skin is, the more you can use these glow-boosting skincare creams (I use the whole Eneomey range). Little by little (you have to dose how much you apply at first), reduce dullness and tighten pores.

Avoid too much sun exposure – no matter how tempting a sun-kissed complexion may be!. Even a winter breather from the sun isn’t enough to repair the damage done to your epidermis.

People with thinner, more delicate skin can also work on building skin radiance. Be careful not to not to disturb your fragile lipidic balance. Always consult your dermatologist if you are unsure.

Combine the above with FOREO’s BEAR mini smart skincare device to work on radiance and elasticity. This compact device illuminates the complexion and boosts the skin’s texture. This will give you a real lifting effect that lasts!

Must-Have Radiance and Clarity with the Lightest Touch

For makeup that creates the perfect glow, try Ingrid Millet’s Perles de Caviar. This wonder serum instantly erases all traces of tiredness on the face, so you can say goodbye to drawn-looking skin.

Working through the night, it has been my most reliable beauty product for as long as I can remember—and remains so to this day.

If you need to blur small blemishes and imperfections, nothing works better than YSL’s Touche Éclat, whose reputation speaks for itself. I push its magical effects to the max by adding a touch of white makeup under the eyes to illuminate my face and the eyes.

Lorraine Bolloré

Lorraine Bolloré started working for American Vogue in Paris before joining French Vogue, where she was Beauty Editor-in-Chief, specializing in fragrances. She has received numerous prizes for her articles. Follow along with her expertise on Instagram @sixtiesinthecity!

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