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Head in the Game Product Picks for Scalp Health

Products to get your best hair ever. 

The haircare industry is experiencing something called “skinification.” In other words, consumers are beginning to nourish scalp health with the same vigor as their skincare regimes. As a result, it’s just not enough to regularly condition and lay off the chemical treatments. If you want healthy hair (we mean really healthy hair), optimum growth starts at the roots. Keep flakes at bay, sebum in check, and skin hydrated with a round-up of our favorite scalp products.

Exfoliate with Botanicals

Rainforest-grown botanicals power Rahua’s new Scalp Exfoliating Shampoo. In addition, the brand helps to protect Indigenous tribes in the process. Sacha inchi nurtures, star anise exfoliates, and enzyme-rich mango and passionfruit boost shine. Combined, they make up the perfect first step in your shower routine.

A Chic Treatment

This award-winning scrub from Christophe Robin is a best seller for good reason. In fact, it removes build-up and soothes flaky scalps within minutes. Sea salt and sweet almond oil are the main players on the ingredient list. For instance, they work together topurify and hydrate before you cleanse. Keep it in the shower for weekly treatments.

Strengthen with Adaptogens

Rooted in Ayurvedic beauty remedies, Fable and Mane’s Holiroots Hair Oil is quickly becoming a best-seller. The product includes holistic ingredients like Ashwaganda to strengthen and build resilience, and Indian Ginseng, a powerful adaptogen. Massaging this oil into the scalp will not only help promote new hair growth, it will also promote restful sleep and a focused mind.

A Salty Scrub

People turn to Playa, the quintessential California haircare brand, for a natural, cool vibe that lends itself to West Coast ease. So, it’s only fitting that this scalp scrub uses sea salt to exfoliate and help restore natural balance. Use it once a week for a heady pick-me-up.

Another Instant Classic

Inspired by their obsessed-over P50 Toner (considered by many to be the best beauty product of all time), Biologique Researche’s scalp lotion regulates sebum to reduce itchiness and gently exfoliate. Massage it in with fingertips for five to ten minutes prior to rinsing.

Balance the Biome

Your scalp’smicrobiomeis a crucial part of hair health. That’s why we love Mother Dirt’s Hydrating Hair Wash, whichuses probiotics to balance pH without stripping essential oils. Lactobacillus—the healthy culture found in many yogurts—is the key to locking in moisture. Use it as part of your regular regime for optimum results.

A Micellar Wash for Hair

Kevin Murphy’s chic tube of Scalp Spa Scrub uses a powerful blend of ingredients to restore the hair. Celery seed extract calms irritation, perlite gently exfoliates, and micellar water (beloved for its gentle makeup removal abilities) dissolves impurities. Use it twice weekly as a boost for hair health.

Heal and Prevent

Maria Nila’s Head and Hair Heal Shampoo is the ultimate addition to those facing hair loss issues. The product uses Aloe Vera extract to prevent dandruff, Vitamin E and peptides to stimulate follicles for increased growth, and Oleanolic Acid to prevent shedding.

Unclog Buildup

Charcoal is treasured for its abilities to draw out impurities, making it a prime addition to any scalp product. In Briogeo’s Scalp Revival, it detoxes and unclogs the hair follicle, where build-up often settles. Teamed with moisturizing coconut oil and cooling peppermint, it will soon become part of your weekly ritual.

Thicken and Grow

A hair serum might be an after-thought in your beauty routine, but Monpure’s Follicle Hair Boost might change all that. It stimulates the scalp to promote cell turnover for thicker, fuller hair. Pumpkin seed extract helps to block enzymes that cause shedding, while retinol and lactic acid remove debris.

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