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4 Tips for Hair and Scalp Maintenance This Summer

Our 2021 selection of BWB-approved products for maintaining and achieving healthy, silky and nourished locks.



Every summer, our hair and scalp go through plenty of stress. Previously, we may have just considered this the price of a good summer by the pool or under the sun. This is not the case anymore! In fact, the key to caring for your hair during the summer is protection and prevention.

So, here is how to enjoy these upcoming weeks of sun and fun without stripping away your color, moisture, and shine. This is our 2021 selection of BWB-approved products for maintaining or achieving healthy, silky, and nourished locks.


1. Keep Your Color

Did you know that hairdressers suffer more from allergies than painters or mechanics do?

This fact led Vincent Faraco and Jean-Marc Delabre to create Végétalement Provence. Together, they began a line of natural treatments for the hair (and face). As such, they built their line using plants and essential oils, working from their natal base of Provence in the South of France. Helped by a team of “green chemistry” technicians, they developed nourishing products that nourish hair from root to tip.

You won’t find any aggressive color additives that can destroy and dry up the hair by opening the hair scales. Instead, essential oils work while coloring and soothing the capillary fiber.

Dry hair will regain smoothness and shine thanks to some our favorites from the brand, available online: Brume Hydrante for detangling, Shampooing Antioxydant for cleaning while nourishing with plants, vitamins and minerals, and Huile Nutritive Intense, for nourishing the capillary fiber after cleansing.

Finally, the all star product is the Pur Serum Végétal, which is made with multiple botanical pure ingredients. For example, the serum provides efficient protection and shine for all types of hair, especially dry hair. Végétalement Provence is the future of natural beauty available right now. You can reach out to them by emailing!

2. Wear A Hat & Prevent Scalp Burns

Sun care is a head-to-toe affair. In addition to protecting your face and body from UVA/UVB damage, you must also defend your scalp! Sunburns are possible—and painful—on your hairline. In order to protect your scalp, you should wear a wide brim hat that provides plenty of coverage and style. As a supplement to this physical defense, you can also use a hair product with SPF production. For example, we recommend Rahua’s Hydration Detangler + SPF Defense for nourishing and shielding hair in just one leave-in treatment.

3. Detox Your Scalp

When our hair starts looking dull, flat, and less lush, the cause often comes from the scalp. This award-winning scrub from Christophe Robin is a best seller for good reason. In fact, it removes build-up and soothes flaky scalps within minutes. Sea salt and sweet almond oil are the main players on the ingredient list. For instance, they work together to purify and hydrate before you cleanse. Keep it in the shower for weekly treatments.

4. Touch-Up Your Roots

’Tis the season for temporary color gels! Christophe Robin worked on his formulation for over five years to make sure he was offering a clean option that would respect the scalp and hair.

His temporary color gel is super easy to apply and come in 4 shades – yes, only 4! But, you’ll see that it’s more than enough! In other words, the product blends in with your natural color and minimizes the risk of picking the wrong shade. It washes out in five to seven shampoos, so it’s not permanent.

Teresa Deely

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