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A Love Note to Local Businesses

Supporting small, local businesses is more important now than ever before. Here are some of our favorites for all your beauty and well-being necessities.

I couldn’t help but question whether leaving New York City in hopes of evading the pandemic was the right choice. Having just finished university one year prior, the Upper West Side was just beginning to feel like home. I quickly fell in love with the neighborhood: the Colombian brothers who run the coffee shop right downstairs; the French bakery with the best almond croissants; the convenient proximity to Central Park; and the local farmer’s market I love to visit on Saturdays.

As I settled into my new pandemic hideaway in North Carolina, I thought of these things, which desperately made me miss home. The thought of coming home to see an “Up For Lease” sign pained me and made me even question if I should call the downstairs coffee shop just to check in. This paranoia was enough to begin my new sport: finding as many new, small-owned businesses to support. Like I’ve mentioned before, it’s so important—mentally and physically—to keep up with a daily skincare routine, and to some degree, dress up. The following are a few new products from small businesses that support these sentiments.

C&Co. Sweet Orange and Rosemary Cleansing Milk, $44 USD

Doing what good cleansing milk does best, this product not only does the job of removing dirt, but also boosts moisture in the skin. My skin feels like a fresh palette after every use! Its pale after-scent adds on to its refreshing feeling.

Based out of Asheville, North Carolina, C&Co. combines pure, non-toxic chemistry with a plant-based approach. The company’s dedication to small batch production contributes to its final high quality.

jD Bath Co. Rosey B Organic Glow Oil, $25-$65 USD

The standard oil moisturizes the skin. But, The Rosey B Organic Glow oil does just that while elevating it to a higher standard by incorporating a fresh, delicate hint of rose. The vegan product excels in anti-aging, inflammation, acne treatment, and skin evening – the perfect combination for sun-filled summer days. And, jD Bath Co. began as a love-note to all women around the world. Does it get any better?

Nuno Kimono Silk Robe, $95 USD

The chase for a silk robe for the warmer months comes at a satisfying halt with Nuno’s “Blank Slate” Kimono Silk Robe. It’s soft, beautiful—and yes, good for the environment. Founded by good friends, Ann and Cassandra, Nuno embodies the perfect trifecta of luxury, sustainability, and artistry. A robe so soft you’d forget that it’s (along with all other products by the brand) made from recycled plastic bottles.

skinBUTTR Honey Almond Scrub, $7 USD

Tatiana Price’s effortless smize parallels her high-quality skincare line, skinBUTTR. The body scrub is a staple: it works as a body exfoliant that not only leaves your skin feeling new, but also well-hydrated. Although I love a good ol’ Honey Almond scent, the brand also offers Coco Vanilla, Strawberry Coconut, and Ginger Lemon.

Earth Magick Burning Bouquet, $12 USD

A home is not cleansed until a sage is burned. I don’t know why, but it’s not. Earth Magick’s Burning Bouquet enhances a standard sage by combining locally harvested and wildcrafted flowers and herbs – wormwood, rosemary, cedar & cypress, globe amaranth, and rose. These elements set the tone for a clean slate in the morning and winding down moments of the evening.

Papa Rozier Farms Moringa Oil of Haiti, $24 USD

It’s not a summer skincare routine unless your skin is left glowing. Located in Bushwick, New York, Papa Rozier Farms offers the facial product that has this task covered. The Moringa Oil of Haiti is essentially a sun-filled tube that leaves a dewy, glowy finish. But unlike actual sun rays, this product fights against aging. By the words of a brand-obsessed Brooklynite, “I’ll be a fan until I’m all wrinkles, which will probably be never because their oils are flawless.”

Isiah S. Magsino

Isiah Magsino ventured from the West Coast to NYC to study and pursue a career in journalism. He began his career during his senior year at Fordham University, covering fashion parties for Vogue, and has since ventured into other realms such as luxury travel and wellness. Isiah believes in curating one’s life properly and strives to cultivate a life filled with beauty, patience, and mindfulness.

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