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Interview — (7/7/21)

MDSolarSciences Brings on the Sunshine

Good skincare starts with science & SPF. Meet CEO of MDSolarSciences, Renee Plato, to talk summer, self-care, and philosophies for success.

Interview — (5/28/21)

Tips for Getting Healthy for Summer According to Dr. Alejandro Junger

Carry these straight-forward tips into fall for year-round clean living. 

Interview — (5/12/21)

A Guide to Summer Body Shaping & Lymphatic Drainage

The quality of your skincare products is only half the battle.

Interview — (6/14/21)

Modibodi & Sustainable Period Care

Thanks to founder and CEO, Kristy Chong, Modibodi provides high-tech health apparel for bladder leaks, periods and all things in between.

Interview — (5/7/21)

Ayurveda & Healing with Marie Viellard

Viellard’s holistic approach to healing clients finds its roots in compassion.

Interview — (2/19/21)

Niki Brantmark’s Scandinavian Home

For a lesson on Scandinavian design 101, dive into our conversation with the influential Londoner-turned-Swede author and lifestyle expert.

Interview — (2/26/21)

A Weekend with Loaves and Fishes

Few people can say that they published a book during quarantine — and even fewer can say that they published three for every season.

Interview — (2/8/21)

DeoDoc on Work, Life & pH Balance

We sat down with the sisters of the intimate skincare line to learn how to roll with the pandemic punches in balanced and minimalist Swedish style.

Interview — (1/18/21)

Lift, Tone & Bloom with Erika

We sat down with pilates expert, Erika Bloom, to see just how she flourishes through it all, and how we can, too.

Interview — (1/7/21)

Breathe Into Your Highest Self

Are you ready to get to know your highest self?

Interview — (1/13/21)

Minty Fresh à la Mode

It’s time to take your oral health regimen as seriously as your ten-step skincare routine.

Interview — (2/15/21)

How To Survive Winter In Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian style can teach us more than just the art of layering. From lightness and friendships to a positive mindset, here’s how to embrace life’s winters the Scandi way.

Story — (1/4/21)

The Many Benefits of a Nutritional Detox

Why cleansing your system is the fastest route to overall health.

Interview — (1/20/21)

Everything You Need to Know About Lymphatic Drainage

From benefits to proper technique to lifestyle habits, here’s why lymphatic drainage should be an essential part of your overall well-being care. 

Interview — (1/11/21)

Feed Your Spirit with Sakara Life

Nourish your mind, body and soul with colorful, flavorful, plant-based meals – catered specially for you!

Interview — (12/11/20)

ClientEarth v. Climate Change

Earth, meet your lawyer: James Thornton.

Interview — (12/17/20)

Holiday Hosting with Mathilde Favier

For this week of holiday hosting, we’re inviting Mathilde Favier to join us at the table.

Interview — (10/30/20)

Holistic Healthcare with Robin Berzin

Say goodbye to 15-minute doctor’s visits and piles of prescriptions.

Interview — (10/26/20)

The Sound of Meditation with Josh & Eliza

The hills are alive with the sounds of meditation.

Interview — (10/21/20)

Mental Health & the Microbiome with Valérie Espinasse

The key to happiness just might be inside your stomach. Here’s the catch: not everyone has the same key.

Interview — (10/19/20)

Exploring Spa Culture Around the World with Kari Molvar

BWB speaks with Kari Molvar to walk us through why self-care rituals have and always will be so crucial to our overall well-being.

Interview — (10/9/20)

The Mental Load: Pandemic Edition

Making the invisible visible by exploring the mental load of home life during the pandemic with Bee Shapiro, Elisabeth Holder, and Vanessa Cornell.

Interview — (10/14/20)

How to Incorporate Aromatherapy Into Your Abode

From invigorating citruses to calming florals to grounding spices, which scent will best support you in your needs today?

Interview — (10/7/20)

Reducing Chronic Inflammation for a Healthier Mind

Through her own healing journey, Yalda Alaoui of Eat Burn Sleep explains how chronic inflammation impacts our mental health, and how we can manage it.

Interview — (9/14/20)

Cristina Cuomo on the Hamptons, Wellness and the Ocean

A BWB exclusive Q+A with Cristina Cuomo, founder and editor of Purist, a wellness media platform.

Interview — (9/23/20)

Sarah Britton Brings Us Back to Our Roots

BWB’s resident cookbook author and wellness enthusiast Rebecca Leffler sat down for a – virtual – chat with Sarah about all things plants, pandemics and keeping the peace in these wild times. 

Interview — (9/30/20)

Deep Sea Rendez-Vous with Fabien Cousteau

An exclusive interview with Fabien Cousteau – a hero for the very oceans he grew up in with grandfather & iconic naval explorer, Jacques Cousteau.

Interview — (9/8/20)

Small Sustainable Solutions with Charlotte McCurdy

An interdisciplinary designer and researcher reimagines solutions to climate change. The result is très chic.  

Interview — (7/17/20)

Dear Annabelle, Love BWB

The loving texture of a handwritten letter from a close friend is exactly what Marcie Pantzer had in mind when she founded the luxury stationery brand, Dear Annabelle.

Interview — (7/20/20)

A Weekend with Mrs. Alice

You are cordially invited to BWB’s afternoon tea with Mrs. Alice, where she has saved you a beautiful place at the table.

Interview — (7/6/20)

Globetrotting with Alexandra Tolstoy

From being a distant relative of the great Russian author, Leo Tolstoy, to spending eight months riding horseback on the Silk Road, Tolstoy’s story is a book you can’t put down.

Interview — (6/26/20)

How the Founder of Switch2Pure Made the Switch

Pure products for pure well-being. 

Interview — (6/3/20)

Unmasking COVID-19 at Parsley Health

Parsley Health’s founder & CEO leading today’s functional medicine revolution shares her expert advice for taking our health into our own hands.

Interview — (5/18/20)

Did You Clean Your Tongue Today?

A tongue cleaner changed Monique Foy’s life, and it will change yours too. 

Interview — (5/8/20)

Take A Meditation Sound Bath with Josh & Eliza

While the sounds of your city may be overwhelming you at the moment, sound may be just the remedy you need to relax and realign.

Interview — (5/22/20)

Spring Cleaning with Sqwishful

Sit down with Jenn Tsang, the inspiring woman behind Sqwishful’s sustainable sponges.

Interview — (2/27/20)

Shou Sugi Ban House: A Sanctuary for Your Soul

Welcome to a place where sea meets sky and earth embraces ether.

Interview — (2/25/20)

Sustain Natural: Safe Sex Made Even Safer

From pads and tampons to condoms and lube, Meika Hollender cares about what you’re putting up there, the same way you care about what you put on there. 

Interview — (1/27/20)

The Last Straw: How to Save the Oceans One Sip at a Time

How one lonely whale ignited a movement to ban single-use plastics for the sake of our home. 

Story — (2/19/20)

Trust Your Gut with Rhaya Jordan

No more restricting, fad dieting, binging, or sacrificing—it’s time to listen to your stomach when it’s calling for you.

Interview — (2/3/20)

Beauty in the Little Things: A Talk with Micronutritionist Valérie Espinasse

Interview — (1/9/20)

Well-Being From The Kitchen & Beyond with Shayna Taylor

Shayna’s Kitchen shows you how to use food and fitness to fuel your happiest, healthiest life. Self-care, after all, is the ultimate love language. 

Interview — (1/31/20)

Modern Fertility’s Modern Woman, Afton Vechery

When she’s not watching TV shows in their reverse-order, Afton is redefining women’s accessibility to reproductive healthcare. 

Interview — (1/14/20)

Seeing 20/20 with Gigi Mortimer

If you can’t resist a cheeky scroll through Instagram before bed, you can at least filter out 50 percent of blue light and 100 percent of UV light while you double-tap away.

Interview — (11/20/19)

Living Organically with Carole Bamford

BWB sits down with British powerhouse Carole Bamford to see why her side of the grass is greener. 

Interview — (11/18/19)

A Vegan Ladurée Rendez-Vous with Matthew Kenney

A love story of le macaron and les plantes. 

Interview — (11/26/19)

Changing the Plant-Based Game with Louie Psihoyos

From directing the film Racing Extinction to producing Chasing Ice, Psihoyos’s latest project brilliantly unpacks the myths of the meat industry.

Interview — (11/6/19)

Chasing Coral and Changing the Climate with Richard Vevers

“For the first time ever, supporting climate and conservation action is being seen as an opportunity.”

Interview — (10/15/19)

When in Turkey… Detox

Clémence travels to Turkey in hopes of detoxing her mind, body and soul. Here’s how and why you might do the same for yourself. 

Interview — (10/18/19)

Words of Wisdom from Head to Toe with Jaspal Singh

This is no ordinary foot massage. This legendary alternative holistic healer walks us through the incredible healing powers of foot reflexology.

Interview — (7/3/19)

Get Intimate with DeoDoc

Forget the embarrassment, toss the taboos, and dispel all the myths! It’s about time we finally got educated about the hair down there, and learned how to properly care for our intimate skin.

Interview — (6/17/19)

A Weekend with Ann Johansson

This Swedish-Canadian ultra-marathon runner and gym fanatic is the founder of BoomBoom Athletica: The perfect combination of breathable and beautiful.

Interview — (5/15/19)

A Chef for Me, A Chef for You: Sit Down with The Culinistas

A full-service, in-home, private chef company that is sure to make your belly full and your heart warm.

Interview — (5/1/19)

Words of Wisdom with Dana James

Through close study of food, metabolism, emotion and feeling, James takes the phrase “food for thought” to a whole new level.

Interview — (2/13/19)

Homeopathic Healing with Model Danielle Zinaich

Supermodel, mother, wife and homeopath Danielle Zinaich takes us through her day, her favorites, and guides us through homeopathy 101.

Interview — (12/27/18)

Making Music Universal: Meet Pianist Jasna Popovic

Popovic’s work reminds us that music is truly universal, and that the piano is a beautiful instrument that can transcend boundaries of cultural and linguistic difference.

Interview — (1/30/19)

Detox Your Mind, Body and Soul with Soapwalla

BWB speaks with Rachel Winard, founder of Soapwalla, to see how she detoxes in NYC.

Interview — (11/26/18)

Wild Moments with Philippe Chantecaille

Explore the edges of the world with photographer Philippe Chantecaille, from Kenya’s vast savannas to Norway’s icy glaciers, and marvel at the exotic beauty of their inhabitants.

Interview — (12/4/18)

A Freedive to Infinity with Guillaume Néry

BWB had the chance to plunge deep into French freediver Guillaume Nery’s grounded sense of self and discover his life philosophies, nature musings, and environmental advocacy.

Display of EWG Healthy Living App on iPhone

Interview — (10/24/18)

Going Skin Deep into EWG’s Healthy Living App

BWB had the chance to sit down with Carla Burns, EWG Research Analyst, and learn how to navigate the app, be kinder to the environment, and take better care of ourselves and loved ones.

Interview — (10/31/19)

Meet Lauren Singer

Join BWB as we celebrate Lauren Singer– environmental blogger, founder of the vegan laundry-detergent company The Simply Co., and entrepreneur of a package-free store based in Brooklyn.

Press image of red flora pattern

Interview — (10/8/18)

Fresh Faced & Fresh Pressed: Meet the Sisters Behind Tempaper

Dynamic sister duo and co-founders of Tempaper, Jennifer Matthews and Julia Biancella Au, have cultivated a new line of chic & organic temporary wallpaper for all our dorm and apartment needs.

Dr. Nadine Burke

Interview — (8/13/18)

Transforming Pediatric Care with Dr. Nadine Burke Harris

Science has now proven that health/behavioral conditions are directly correlated to a wide variety of adverse childhood experiences such as neglect, abuse, drug abuse & mental illness.

Interview — (8/23/18)

A Hidden Gem in Saint-Tropez: Ludivine Vitalie

Far away from busy cities, we have found a great and quite confidential place: beauty expert Ludivine Vitalie’s appartement-cabinet in Saint-Tropez. 

Summer Sanders in a swimming pool

Interview — (9/4/18)

Speedo, Suncare, and Swimming: Meet Summer Sanders

BWB had the chance to speak with former Olympic swimmer Summer Sanders and learn more about the things that help her feel strong & healthy.

Tammy Fender

Interview — (5/14/18)

Tammy Fender: Bring Your Skin to Perfect Balance

Her line forms part of a greater ritual of treating our bodies with kindness, and of nurturing our happiness and wellbeing.

nicole bernard dawes late july

Interview — (4/25/18)

Meet Late July’s CEO: Nicole Bernard Dawes

We talked to the founder of Late July Snacks about her commitment to sourcing the highest quality organic ingredients.

Sophie Jaffe

Interview — (4/18/18)

Meet Sophie Jaffe

As a certified raw food chef, yoga teacher, and mother, Sophie Jaffe is mindful about how to treat and nourish the body.

Interview — (4/3/18)

Saje Natural Wellness

Saje Natural Wellness is filling our homes with healthy products for the house and body. We sat down with Creative Director Kiara LeBlanc to learn more about their philosophy, their process, and what’s next for the groundbreaking lifestyle brand.

Editor's Picks — (3/16/18)

Travel-Ready Beauty

A collection of compact beauty essentials, perfect for your purse.

Interview — (1/1/18)

Sofia Resing

The model shares with us the beauty and wellness secrets that keep her glowing and camera ready any time of day.

Interview — (2/9/18)

A State of Mindfulness

Barbara Crisp’s guide to exploring mindfulness in daily life.

Interview — (7/30/18)

Meet Alexis Swanson Traina

Alexis Swanson Traina, the San Francisco-based author and renowned authority on wine, style, and entertaining, celebrates the launch of her new book, From Napa With Love.

Interview — (8/20/18)

Talking with Roni Frank co-founder of Talkspace

Meet Roni Frank, the inspiring entrepreneur behind Talkspace, who is changing the conversation around mental health and online therapy.

Interview — (2/4/18)

Dr. Rebecca Robbins

BWB interviews Rebecca Robbins, M.S., PhD on how to get healthy sleep.

Interview — (4/30/18)

Fasting with Mark Baker

We sat down with Mark to learn more about his philosophy, and why fasting might be the answer to many of our health issues.

Dr. Nadine Burke

Interview — (3/25/17)

Transforming Pediatric Care with Dr. Nadine Burke Harris

Science has now proven that health/behavioral conditions are directly correlated to a wide variety of adverse childhood experiences such as neglect, abuse, drug abuse and mental illness.

Interview — (12/17/17)

Nathalie Farman-Farma

The inspiring textile designer behind Décors Barbares

Interview — (12/8/17)

Vincent Darré

The dashing Paris based decorator and tastemaker sat down with us in an exclusive interview.

Interview — (11/12/17)

The Invisible Collection

The e-shop that brings exclusive luxury furniture to you in a click.

Interview — (10/23/17)

Melissa Biggs Bradley

Founder and CEO of Indagare.

Interview — (10/16/17)

Travels with Sofia Sanchez de Betak

The style influencer and author talks about taking travel risks, detoxing her beauty routine, and her love for old-school Russian baths.

Interview — (9/26/17)

Cordélia de Castellane

Creative Director of Baby Dior and Dior MAISON

Interview — (9/18/17)

Hannah Cecil Gurney

The Sophisticated and Chic Director of the Design House, de Gournay


Interview — (12/17/17)

Meet Alexis Swanson Traina

Author and authority on wine, style, and entertainment

Interview — (11/10/17)

Talking with Roni Frank co-founder of Talkspace

Meet Roni Frank, the inspiring entrepreneur behind Talkspace, who is changing the conversation around mental health and online therapy.

Interview — (9/18/17)

Carme Farre

On her truly innovative approach to facial fitness

Interview — (9/5/17)

Michelle Klein

Behind the scenes at Sferra with CEO Michelle Klein.

Interview — (5/15/17)

Breakfast with Dr. Mouton

Interview — (4/3/17)

Christy Turlington Burns

An exclusive interview

Interview — (6/21/17)

Marina Baratashvili

Best Body Sculpting Treatment

Interview — (6/13/17)

Martina Mondadori Sartogo

Exclusive interview with the founder of Cabana Magazine 

Interview — (6/6/17)

Rebecca de Ravenel

Beauty and Well Being was excited to catch up with the designer of the it-earrings of the moment.

Interview — (6/6/17)

The Faces Behind the Brand

An interview at Anthropologie Homes

Interview — (4/10/17)

Getting the Look: Soulful Home Design

Tips from Katie Scott, Interior Designer

Interview — (5/7/17)

Lady Dawn Russell

Interview — (4/10/17)

Michel et Augustin

A rendez-vous with French cookie experts Michel et Augustin!

Interview — (3/27/17)

Payal Bhandari, M.D.

Interview — (3/23/17)

Dr. Nara Nairi, Micronutritionist

The unique benefits of a micronutrition-oriented diet.

Interview — (3/6/17)

An Empowering Perspective on Egg Freezing

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