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Why You Should Massage Your Baby Kim Walls of BEB Organic Explains

The benefits of massage for babies extend far beyond the most known benefits of relaxation. BEB Organic founder Kim Walls explains how. 

When someone who has been named one of the “9 Wonder Women of the Natural Industry” launches a baby skincare line, you know it’s not only trustworthy, it’s la crème de la crème! A true advocate for children’s and women’s health, Kim Walls started Best Ever Baby (BEB) initially as an online and in-hospital resource for birth-planning and parenting. The brand provided educational kits, free eBooks and supportive tools.

It wasn’t long before Kim learned how valuable touch therapy can be for premature babies – not too dissimilar from the magical effects of our beloved facial massage! Thus, BEB expanded to BEB Organic – a collection of safe, gentle skincare products to encourage touch therapy and enhance the benefits. Unsurprisingly, BEB Organic has become a staple of healthcare providers, pediatric nurses and families of preemies.

Kim chats with BWB more on the benefits of touch therapy for preemies and why BEB Organic products are the go-to choice for our little ones.

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Benefits of Baby Massage

With each session of loving touch, you naturally grow closer.

The benefits ofmassage forbabies extend far beyond the most known benefits of relaxation. Long before babies are able to speak or see distinctly, they interact with the world through touch and smell. The healing and soothingpower of your touch is so profound, it can reduce your baby’s level of stress hormones. Additionally, it can improve their immunity, digestion and circulation. Baby massage also supports parent-child bonding. With each session of loving touch, you naturally grow closer. Equally important, the right type of oil amplifies the health benefits of baby massage.

Why BEB Organic?

BEB Organic is unique in its category because it is designed for premature baby skin. Thus, these products work well for anyone with delicate or highly sensitive skin. We took extra precautions when developing the line because preemie baby skin is thinner and more reactive to harsh chemicals and risky ingredients that are commonly found in baby skincare products. Eventoo muchwater could irritate their skin by creating pH imbalance. There were no skincare products or routines designed to treat preemie skin or address their specific needs. 

What is Phytocura?

Phytocura is our key ingredient blend. It is a nutrient-rich complex that replenishes skin with powerfully healing, bioactive nutrients. You’ll find it included in all of our skincare formulas. BEB Organic blends together over 6000 safe, bioactive compounds. There is also an entire spectrum of micro and macronutrients to support the most delicate skin. Over 20 years of research went into the development of Phytocura to provide the right nutrients and moisture balance. This balance is what improves the look and feel of preemie skin problems, including dehydration, wounds, abrasions, and nutrient imbalances.

Together, with a team of doctors and nurses, BEB Organic products set out to make a difference for an underserved population. That effort has blossomed into an opportunity tocare  forthe skin of full-term babies and children as well.

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