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A BWB Guide to Being Your Own Facialist

Some BWB tips to at-home facials that we learned from expert facialists like Alexandra Soveral and Joelle Ciocco.


Facialists are in fashion. While we can’t always make an appointment to see a facialist, there are ways to become our own in between spa sessions. We have plenty to learn and imitate from our favorite skin experts and aestheticians.

From New York City and Los Angeles to Paris and London, several women have become famous across the globe for their expert facialist practices. For example, Joanna Czech, Angela Caglia, Alexandra Soveral and Joelle Ciocco have built beauty empires with their natural approach to skincare and glowing results. 

By mostly using their hands, they will activate the production of collagen to tone and hydrate the skin. As a result, you won’t need as much makeup because your skin will look so good! Read below to explore our BWB guide to becoming an at-home facialist.

An Oil to Trust

The Essentialist Daily Renewal Facial Oil is a clean, organic, cruelty-free oil that makes your skin glow.

The formula does it all — from actively promoting microbiome and skin barrier protection, stimulating cellular regeneration and collagen production, to delivering deep lasting hydration. You’ll get the extra help you need to prevent fine lines and wrinkles, diminish hyperpigmentation, and protect against environmental pollutants, toxins, and UV damage.  

It’s thick texture takes a while to absorb, which makes it perfect for gua sha.

I like to use it on my neck and décolletage as well to give my skin an immediate glow. When you can’t see your facialist, this is a staple for facial massage lovers everywhere.

A Steamer to Detox

This is how our beauty editor, Celeste, uses hers: “I start my spa night by using a gentle yet exfoliating scrub by Avène. Then, I use the Beurer FS50 facial steamer which is just like a mini sauna for the face! It really unclogs my pores and preps my skin for a purifying face mask.”

A Sustainable Mask

The moment I read about the pollution created by single use sheet masks, I realized I could never use them anymore. Luckily, some brands like Jesscia Alba’s Honest Company have created the perfect replacement for your at-home-spa-day experience. It is a silicone mask that helps to lock in your skincare products.

When I have time for masking on weekends, I apply the silicone mask for 10 to 20 minutes after doing my full skin-care routine, complete with serum. The hook around the ears helps prevent it from sliding or falling off. After I’m done, I simply take it off, wash it in the sink and pat it dry with a towel. 

A Gua Sha to Smooth and Drain

East Asian healing has taken our beauty vanities by storm with these beautiful tools. For those who are still hesitating to buy a gua sha, here is what you should know: 

On perfectly clean skin, add a few drops of your favorite face oil or serum. The Jade stone will help to boost absorption of the product ingredients. 

The stone should not be perpendicular to the skin, rather flat so that more of its surface touches it. Movements should be smooth and slow to promote better results. Using a gua sha will help redefine the oval shape of the face, diminish puppy eyes and circles, smooth the lines around the eyes, and get rid of toxins.

In our latest IG Live, our very own Alicia Zhang from the BWB team takes us on a gua sha tutorial with Lin Chen, founder of Pink Moon 

The Final Touch

BWB-approved shortcut to great glow: A few drops of Pai Impossible Glow Drops in your moisturizer. This will give you an instant sun-kissed glow.

Feature Image Credit: Alicia Zhang

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