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Story — (6/28/21)

The Makeup Mentalist: Emily Dougherty

Emily Dougherty creates makeup ASMR as an easy, accessible form of self-care.

Story — (5/17/21)

The French Face Massage Technique

This is, without a doubt, the single best non-invasive treatment you can do to improve the quality of your skin.

Story — (4/29/21)

Life Imitates Art: The Influencer Age of Beauty

Now more than ever, we look to digital influencers that remind us most of ourselves.

Story — (4/21/21)

Irving Penn’s Iconic Lips

BWB invites you to look at your lipstick through the eyes of the great Irving Penn.

Story — (4/19/21)

An Ode to French Photographer Guy Bourdin

Today’s perception of beauty has been forever enriched through the eyes and camera of Guy Bourdin.

Story — (4/12/21)

Hollywood and the Evolution of Beauty

The Hollywood starlets who made cinema a little more colorful. 

Story — (4/7/21)

Beauty & Power in Art of the Past

Old Masters are a record of what was deemed beautiful at a certain time in a certain place, embodied within women of power and influence.

Story — (4/5/21)

Beauty Rituals through the Lens of Art

Passed on by tradition, beauty rituals strive to achieve an ideal of perfection that is different from one period & one country to the next.

Story — (6/17/20)

How Our Skin Cells Can Protect Us From Viruses

We have been forced to re-evaluate our lifestyle habits and how they ultimately affect our health. One area we can’t ignore? Our largest organ: the skin.

Story — (6/5/20)

For Your Eyes Only

Wearing a face mask means that our lips are sealed, but our eyes are shimmery.

Story — (4/9/20)

Stay-At-Home Couture

Grateful to be able to work from home, and grateful for athleisure. From Zoom meetings to Houseparty chats, here are our top picks for looking quarantine-chic. 

Story — (3/30/20)

Beauty in Quarantine Times

It’s time for self-repair, so here is our selection of best products to nourish your hands, hair, lashes and more. 

Story — (3/15/20)

Where to Consign Your Old Clothes in NYC

This sparks joy, this sparks joy not.

Story — (3/6/20)

The Future of Luxury Fashion and Sustainability

How 3 companies are taking action to go green.

Story — (3/9/20)

The Perfect World: Staying Chic Without The Waste

What if, somewhere far, far away, a world existed where constantly buying clothes didn’t contribute to pollution?

Story — (2/10/20)

How To Have A Spa Day In A New York City Apartment 

Amidst all the hustle and bustle, it is difficult to pencil a spa day into your schedule— but sometimes, there’s no place like home.

Story — (1/6/20)

20 Beauty Mistakes I Will Stop Making In 2020

As we enter a new decade a little older and a little wiser, we can embrace a fresh start where we vow to never commit these 20 beauty mistakes again.

Story — (10/17/19)

BWB Tour: Beauty Around the World

Pack your bags! BWB is taking you to eight different countries to explore what makes women of all cultures uniquely beautiful. Bon voyage!

Story — (9/4/19)

How to Face a Face-Lift

Thinking about visiting a plastic surgeon now, sometime in the future, or never? The most important thing to know is that you must prepare your skin for this type of intervention.

Story — (6/10/19)

Valmont’s Purity Face Cleansing Line is an Evening Ritual Dream

A step-by step guide to double cleansing and more.

Story — (4/22/19)

The Beauty & The Biotech

Bio-fermentation? Prebiotics? Vegan? Organic? What does it all mean? Founder of Orveda Skincare Sue Y Nabi breaks it down for us.

Story — (11/13/18)

Valmont: Beehive Beauty and Sustainably Saving the World

At its core, Valmont and its products demonstrate a deeply meaningful appreciation for and an unwavering commitment to our environment. 

Story — (10/18/18)

Should We Be Taking our Beauty Cues from Millennials? YES!

This generation has spoken, and what they want and expect from the beauty industry speaks volumes to who they are as people.

Story — (11/19/18)

Beauty Begins with Mother Earth

BWB’s top beauty companies that practice sustainable responsibility.

Woman wearing sunglasses in city street, photo by Sophia Emm

Story — (9/25/18)

The 411 On Your Neck and Décolleté

With these specialized products, you can give your neck and décolleté the attention they deserve resulting in healthy, radiant, smooth & glowing skin.

Portrait of Alexandra Soveral surrounded by her products

Story — (9/10/18)

A Facial Workout with Alexandra Soveral

The A-list facialist relies on remodeling and deep-tissue massage to lift your muscles with results that last well beyond one session.

seed phytonutrients

Story — (4/18/18)

Seed Phytonutrients: A New Sustainable Beauty

Body care brand Seed Phytonutrients is redefining sustainability within the beauty industry. Their goal is to someday produce Hair, Face, and Body products with 0% environmental footprint.

clemence von mueffling

Story — (6/20/18)

The New Skin Rules: Skincare Tips from The Experts

Good hygiene doesn’t mean burning your skin; it means respecting it. Read more about the best ways to care for your skin.

mom and daughter sitting

Story — (4/2/18)

Beauty in a Post-Baby World

Amy Wilson Wyles has all the treatments, insider tips and products that will help to tackle some of the most common new mom beauty bugbears.

mom and child by alvaro reyes

Story — (8/20/18)

Time-Saving Solutions from Moms on the Go

We talked to busy moms who run their own businesses and have kids in the mix to find out how they streamline their lives so they can focus on what matters.

Story — (8/6/18)

UMA: Seven Centuries of Organic Oils

Shrankhla inherited a sophisticated repertoire of healing recipes that inspired her to found UMA.

Story — (2/26/18)

40 Years of Authenticity: Biologique Recherche in New York City

Discover the legacy of science-based French skincare.

Story — (8/15/18)

New, Natural Nail Care

Whether you’re already a natural cosmetics junkie, or you’re just starting to turn your shelves green, we have gathered our three favorite brands dedicated to natural nail care, and they don’t skimp on quality, color, or creativity, either!

Story — (1/7/18)

8 Eco-Brands Building a Better Environment

Story — (10/2/17)

Japanese Beauty

The Japanese products everyone should own

Story — (7/19/17)

Beauty Superfood: Watermelon

Story — (7/19/17)

Dealing With The Aftermath of Sun Exposure

Story — (7/5/17)

Summer Saviors

Whether it’s a last-minute invite to the beach or an important summer soirée, ensure you look and feel your best with these failsafe products.

Story — (7/6/17)

Beautifully Bronzed

Our summer makeup picks for the perfect bronze glow

Story — (7/6/17)

Frizz-Free Summer Hair Guide

Story — (6/20/17)

The Happy Traveler Kit

Story — (6/6/17)

Happy Feet

Here are some useful hints for lovely looking feet.

Story — (6/5/17)

Tan in Time for Summer

Story — (5/9/17)

It Looks Good – But Is It Good For You?

A little insight into the ingredients in cosmetics

Story — (5/1/17)

Star Ingredients: Lavender

Renowned for its calming benefits, Lavender can also boost healing and slow the signs of aging. BWB takes a closer look…

Story — (5/16/17)

Bee, The New Buzzword in Beauty

Story — (4/17/17)

Beauty & The Bump

The pregnancy-friendly beauty products I swore by

Story — (4/8/17)

Healthy Skin for Mummy and Baby

Story — (2/7/17)

BWB’s Favorite Rose-Inspired Skincare

Story — (1/17/17)

How To Look Like a Nordic Beauty

Here are a few of our favorite Nordic beauty lines to help you in your Icelandic quest for an effortless glow.

Story — (1/9/17)

The Big Chill

When the mercury plummets, combat the effects of winter the Nordic way with these nurturing & healing beauty products.


Story — (1/4/17)

The Benefits of Oil

Here are a few of our favorite products.

Story — (12/6/16)

6 Favorite Skincare Brands For Men

Story — (11/21/16)

Ultherapy: The Magic Wand of Anti-Aging

A revolutionary non-invasive beauty treatment.

Story — (11/9/16)

Top 10 Inventive Beauty Products

Here are some of the most cutting edge beauty treatments of the moment.

Story — (11/14/16)

What’s Next in Non-Invasive Beauty Treatments?

These genius approaches can help you achieve the look you desire, naturally.

Story — (11/3/16)

Our 4 Favorite Beauty Apps

To transform your average pic into a post-worthy portrait.

Story — (10/8/16)

The Magic of Mineral Makeup

Story — (10/5/16)

Say No to Microbeads

Because of their minuscule size, they slip down our drains, through sewage filters and into our oceans.

Story — (9/20/16)

What Women Want

The game changing hero products every woman should own.

Story — (9/5/16)

9 Items To Have In Tow When You’re Jet-setting

The perfect Business Women Traveling Essentials.

Story — (11/16/15)

Our Selection of 6 Best Cleansers

Below are 6 cleansers that will wash away all of your sins while still leaving your skin PH balanced, protected and intact.

Story — (7/8/16)

Oil là là!

Two face and body oil brands to smooth out your summer.

Story — (7/6/16)

Top 6 Tinted Sunscreens That Have It All

Our favorite natural sunscreens that combine the perks of makeup & protection from the sun.

mom and child by alvaro reyes

Story — (4/9/18)

Time-Saving Solutions from Moms on the Go

We talked to busy moms who run their own businesses and have kids in the mix to find out how they streamline their lives so they can focus on what matters.

Story — (7/4/16)

Beyond the Mundane

This season celebrates the imagination with exhibits that are provocative, whimsical or beautiful.

Story — (6/23/16)


For the ultimate urban skin shield look no further than the latest UV & pollution fighting products.

Story — (3/6/16)

5 Skin Care Brands

Because babies and children tend to have much more delicate skin then adults, finding products that minimize irritation is essential.

Story — (6/23/16)

The New Paleo Beauty Trend

Even the by-products of the stone-age fiends are so clean you can practically eat them.

Story — (6/20/16)

Creative New Skincare Ingredients to Watch Out for

Story — (3/6/18)

UMA: Seven Centuries of Organic Oils

Shrankhla inherited a sophisticated repertoire of healing recipes that inspired her to found UMA.

Story — (1/8/18)

New, Natural Nail Care

The search for the perfect pink polish is over!

Story — (6/7/16)

6 Ways To Shimmer Through Summer

Sparkle with us at BWB by enjoying one or all of our top six glistening products.

Story — (5/10/16)

6 Dry Shampoos That Give Your Hair New Life

BWB has found six forward thinking dry shampoos that address every hair type and personality, allowing everyone the luxury of washing their hair less and seeing it shine more.

Story — (4/4/16)

9 Beauty Shops

From Los Angeles to London here are our favorite shops for non-harmful cosmetics and skincare products

Story — (4/4/16)

Best of the Best: nail salons & green juice shops in L.A.

I have here signed, sealed and delivered my trusted picks under the California sun.

Story — (3/2/16)

The Best Acne Remedies

Personal experience and the professional advice from Mount Sinai’s own Dermatologist, Dr. Graf, combine to offer you the most comprehensive skincare advice.

Story — (2/22/16)

5 Remedies for a Tired Complexion

These 5 natural habits will help your skin regain its healthy glow regardless of the season.

Story — (2/22/16)

Is Fashion Beauty’s Muse?

Story — (1/18/16)

6 Favorite Brightening & Lightening Creams

This month BWB has found the best products to gently but effectively lighten and brighten your skin.

Story — (1/5/16)

It’s All In The Eyes

We have 6 top eye products that will give your eyes all the support they need.

Story — (12/6/15)

6 Luxury Body Oils Worth Celebrating

Story — (11/9/15)

How To Make Drinking Water An Experience

We need to bring this daily necessity to an entirely new, more exciting level.

Story — (9/11/15)

Natural Beauty, Redefined

Our makeup bag is stocked with dozens of healthy products but here are some of our favorites.

Story — (8/10/15)

Natural tips for skin rejuvenation

Story — (8/20/14)

Crazy for coconut oil!

Coconut oil richly deserves to be a versatile addition to your beauty and wellness routine, if it isn’t already.
Vanessa Baumann dives into the research and shares with BWB readers.

Story — (7/21/15)

6 Favorite Self-Tanners for Summer

Want a natural glow? It’s out there. Need to look like a tanning goddess? No problem! BWB has narrowed it down to select 6 favorite self-tanners.

Story — (7/6/15)

Prepare your skin for the sun

Here are some nature-based suggestions in order to spend a nice and healthy summer with a radiant skin.

Story — (6/10/15)

6 Best Body Oils For Summer

Season change is also a good time to re-evaluate what you are using on your body. For me, that means bye-bye rich moisturizers and hello weightless body oils!

Story — (5/27/15)

Sleeping Beauty

Ensure your skin looks rested even when you’re not feeling it with Charlotte Rochers’ pick of 6 products that ensure real radiance.

Story — (5/5/15)

6 Best Natural Deodorants

Story — (4/8/15)

4 Natural Shampoos

Story — (3/24/15)

Travel Essentials

Contributor Yasmina Ykelenstam shares with us what a blissed out modern hippie with a head for business and a bod built for Shirshasana neatly folds into her plastic baggy and on-board Marc Jacobs tote.

Story — (3/10/15)

London’s Little Black Book of Beauty

BWB’s London correspondent Charlotte Rocher divulges the secret addresses for the capital’s best beauty and wellness pit stops.

Story — (2/18/15)

5 Favorite Body Oils for the Winter

A little TLC and my favorite body oils will bring back soft, glowing skin in no time.

Story — (2/10/15)

Travel Tips to Ensure Glowing Skin

Before we set sail it is important to alter our regimen for different climates to ensure a beautiful complexion no matter what the itinerary.

Story — (2/6/15)

Le Rock C’est Chic

All you need for SS15 is a slick of smudgy kohl and plenty of attitude. Take your cue from this season’s trends and update your look from raw to rebellious.

Story — (2/3/15)

Healthy Hair 101

Today with Yasmina Ykelenstam we’ll be exploring the latest do’s and don’ts of non-toxic hair care.

Story — (12/11/14)

Best Day Spa in NY

If you are in your 20’s, 30-40’s or 50-60’s we have the perfect day spa for you!

Story — (12/2/14)

All That Glitters

From burnished jewels to molten metallic nothing is more festive than a shimmering party season palette.

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