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For Your Eyes Only

Wearing a face mask means that our lips are sealed, but our eyes are shimmery.

“Makeup has that advantage: Frivolity. It is not necessary, but it is indispensable.”

–Olivier Echaudemaison, Guerlain Creative Director

Phone? Check. Wallet? Check. Keys? Check. Protective face mask? Check!

Securing your mask before heading out the door is officially a staple of daily routine. This is crucial for our own health, as well as for the well-being of others. But now, half of our faces are covered for the majority of the day! This poses an interesting challenge for those of us who enjoy pops of color on our lips and cheeks.

Fret not! Now it’s time to get creative and give some extra TLC to the uncovered part of our faces: the eyes. From cat liner to glittery lids to boy brows, here are BWB’s top tips, tools and techniques for an eye-catching look to complement your mask.

Sweet Dreams

Every fabulous makeup look starts with a fabulous base. Now is the time to finally invest in that eye cream you’ve been, well, eyeing. The key here is hydration! Make sure your evening beauty routine includes moisturizing creams and treatments to keep the undereye smooth and wrinkle-free. Let the products work their magic while you catch some zzz’s and wake up with fresh eyes.

BWB’s Favorites:

Wide Awake

We may have been sleeping more than usual, but a touch of concealer still helps us look more awake than ever. Dab some on the inner corners to brighten up the whole face, but don’t forget the outer corners either for a tightening effect. Hello, face lift! In addition to covering up blemishes, think of your concealer as a highlighter as well. In other words, you want to apply some to areas where the sun will naturally hit. A cream or liquid-based concealer will give you a gorgeous dewiness, or opt for a powder product for a clean, matte look.

BWB’s Favorites:

A Twinkle In Her Eye

With only half your face to work with, have some fun! Get creative with colors, textures, glitters or shapes; your lid is your oyster. When working with eye makeup, go from light to dark from the inner to outer part of the eye – this helps create dimension. Pro-tip: add a bit of shimmer to the center of your lid at the very end to help the makeup pop even more!

BWB’s Favorites:

Feeling Flirty

A girl’s greatest weapon and the finishing touch to any dramatic eye: the lashes. The silver lining to this confinement period is that we have all this time at home to let our skin, nails and hair breathe! While you’re staying in, make sure to give your lashes some TLC with coconut oil and serums. When you head out of the house, try some of these mascaras for that extra oomph.

BWB’s Favorites:

Sisters, Not Twins

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the brows are the frame! A neglected brow sticks out immediately, so give them the attention they deserve. Terry de Gunzburg, founder of By Terry, shares an expert point: “Redesign your eyebrows with a brow mascara and you’ll get another look: Ava Gardner style. It automatically gives you the attitude that comes with it.” Without being able to show off your plump pout, you’ll need your eyebrows to serve all the attitude they can muster.

BWB’s Favorites:

In times of depression, lipstick sales would go up when the national economy would go down. Women would purchase lipstick to feel empowered by luxuries they otherwise didn’t have. Now that our lips must be covered for our own safety and of those around us, how will you creatively empower yourself with your eyes?

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