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Makeup for Your 30s and Beyond

From product ingredients to your highlighting technique, here’s what you need to know about makeup in your thirties.  

Now that we have to wear masks, all attention is diverted to our eyes. Masks are changing how we see each other. We are learning to smile and communicate emotions with our eyes. More than ever, we are expressing ourselves through our “windows to the soul.”

Social media platforms may show selfies of young women with heavily made-up eyelids. However, in the real world, eye makeup is much more restrained. As far as I’m concerned, just a dash of mascara and a touch of eyeshadow are all it takes to light up the face.

It’s time for a new, more thoughtful approach to makeup.

With winter fast approaching, now is the time to brush up on those concealer and highlighter skills to combat signs of tiredness, which masks only accentuate. My advice: start by highlighting details like the eyebrows. When properly groomed, brows can lift the eyelids and structure the face.

Tinted lip balms are ideal for those of us who still wear lipstick. They help counteract the drying effect masks can have on our lips.

One thing is for sure: the “skinification” trend is here to stay. We are continuing to shift towards makeup products that care for our skin. As consumers, we are no longer looking for pigments alone. We want lipsticks with proven nourishing effects, mascaras that boost lash growth, and concealers that smooth fine lines while hiding blemishes.

Makeup with skincare ingredients—or, even better, skincare products with cosmetic effects (those capable of boosting the skin’s radiance without the help of pigments)—may end up replacing foundations and other thick powders that can have harmful effects beneath the skin’s protective layer of tissue.

It seems that beauty trends are moving away from the Kardashian-inspired look—imitated by millennials with heaps of foundation, powder and highlighter—as the mask makes this ultra-sophisticated trend involving layer upon layer of makeup virtually impossible.

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