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Makeup 101 For Your Flirty 50s & Up

Everything you need to know about updating your beauty collection after your 50th lap around the sun. 

Finding Your Favorite Foundation

Foundation, if used in your 50s and later, should be applied lightly to avoid a cakey look and achieve a natural finish. By Terry is a brand that hones in on clarity and radiance. They offer an extensive range of blushes that melt into your skin, with the sole purpose of restoring your complexion’s healthy glow.

Knowing Whether to Highlight Your Eyes or Lips

I cannot stress this enough—especially for those of us in our sweet 50s. Take the advice of a talented makeup artist and highlight your best features by choosing to put either your eyes or lips center stage.

Now that masks are covering the rest of our faces, makeup is all about the eyes! Highlight your eyes with pencils or light shadows. Don’t forget to care for your lashes too. We’ve been loving the spectacular Faux Cils Longest Lash Mascara by Chantecaille. This product enhances lash length and texture, as it adds color.

Others prefer to go all out with bold lips, layering them up with vibrant red tones. When choosing the perfect shade or palette to play with on your lips, your selection should be based on your physical features – the color of your skin, hair and eyes.

Make sure to have a discerning look at your lips. For most people, lips tend to become thinner with age, their outlines punctuated by fine lines of varying definition. If considering aesthetic treatments to repair these “ravages of time,” any such treatment should be carried out by an expert with a delicate touch, so as to avoid the undesirable effects of so-called “duck lips.”


I wouldn’t say that less is more; that would be too simplistic. “Less” in this case is the result of careful research into the skincare and makeup products we find on the shelves.

An expert assessment is a must, even if it means trying out several different ones along the way…

Lorraine Bolloré

Lorraine Bolloré started working for American Vogue in Paris before joining French Vogue, where she was Beauty Editor-in-Chief, specializing in fragrances. She has received numerous prizes for her articles. Follow along with her expertise on Instagram @sixtiesinthecity!

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