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Holiday Gifts for the Chic Traveler

Finding a gift for the person who has it all can be daunting. Here are some of our favorite travel gift ideas for even the most discerning eye.

Finding a gift for someone who has it all can be daunting. Travel aficionados take great pride in having the most curated items. In other words, they seek items that look chic and exhibit their individuality. Hitting this trifecta is tough, but BWB can help. Traveling these days could mean anything from a road trip to a flight. Nonetheless, any avid traveler will always bring their A-game to their destination. As such, here are some of our favorite gift ideas for even the most discerning eye.

The Essentials Story

First, the Essentials Story has introduced a premier collection of expertly crafted goods called “The Essentials Pack.” The brand designed this collection of sustainably-produced carrying cases in consultation with medical experts. As a result, each portable carrying case facilitates everyday well-being through hygienic storage of life’s new essentials. Seamlessly transport your typical everyday items, such as your phone, credit cards, and keys. Don’t forget your personal protective items either, like face masks and antibacterial wipes.

The first collection includes a set of seven elegant, hand-crafted packs. Some of the world’s most alluring and energetic cities inspired each one. For instance, you can select from cities like New York, London and Tokyo. What’s more, the bags are antimicrobial and made from sustainably-sourced materials. The collection is also 100 percent vegan and made from locally-sourced materials. Everything is produced in energy-efficient factories, where contents and packaging are recyclable, reusable, or both!

For the conscious consumer, this purchase gives back. In other words, the company pledges to donate to critical causes! Through partnership with non-profit organizations like Sneha, they donate essentials to women and children in some of the most crowded and densely packed areas of Mumbai. Prices range from $45 to $65.


Packing cubes can often look rugged. In fact, they remind me of camping paraphernalia! Thankfully, Paravel’s packing cubes have a soft and luxurious feel in every warm hue available. Additionally, the cubes are produced from upcycled water bottles. The packing cubes are available in sets and in varying sizes, starting at $55 to $65.

Anya Hindmarch

New this season, the multi-pocket backpack is a must for the organized traveler. For example, labeled pockets leave travel necessities at your fingertips. Thus, no more searching through bottomless backpacks! Anya Hindmarch has perfected the art of stylish and functional travel accessories. For instance, the backpack distributes weight equally on the shoulders and leaves hands free. This allows you to stay physically balanced. In summation, this carry-on makes it easy to move through any airport, train station, or life in general. Price is $750.


Finally, this acclaimed luggage company has created fun travel stickers! As a result, you can adorn your luggage with all the destinations on your travel list. Moreover, the carry-ons provide a clean backdrop to attach the stickers. As time goes by, the stickers give the luggage a vintage look that is juxtaposed with a sleek, modern background. Because stickers range from an individual destination at $10 a piece, full sticker books usually cost around $80-$120.

Temple St. Clair

The world-renowned Temple St. Clair creates jewelry boxes as luxurious as her jewelry pieces. In fact, Temple is a travel enthusiast and her creations unlock a world of discovery. Artisans from Florence handcrafted Temple St. Clair’s jewelry boxes in a variety of colors. Prices for a box range from $2,300 to $8,500. You can find them at Temple boutiques at the Saks NYC flagship, as well as Sarasota stores. 

Stoney Clover Lane

Traveling does not have to be serious. In fact, there are plenty of moments for a little whimsy or a personal touch. Stoney Clover Lane offers a kaleidoscope of colors, which makes anyone feel like a kid in a candy store. An array of patches are available to accessorize any pouch or bag with a personal statement, or simply something that is pleasing to the eye. Prices range from $48 to $98.

Seema Mehta Mehringer

Seema Mehta Mehringer has been active at the nexus of fashion, luxury goods, and travel for more than a decade, first as a partner in a New York-based public relations firm and now as a contributing editor to Vogue India and freelance writer. She grew up between New York and Mumbai and now lives with her husband and five year old twins in Miami.

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