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4 Natural Deodorants (That Actually Work)

Au revoir, chemicals!

Making the switch to a natural deodorant is a necessary step to cleaning up your toiletries bag. When you ditch the antiperspirant, you’re saying goodbye to aluminum compounds that block sweat ducts and prevent perspiration. Au revoir, chemicals! It’s important to keep your sweat glands free of congestion, but not all natural deodorants are created equal. In fact, the initial switch may leave you wondering how to get your personal odor under control. Luckily for you, we’ve tried plenty of products at BWB. Here are our top four must-haves that keep us feeling fresh with clean ingredients.


Where there is a will, there is a way! Beautycounter’s founder, Gregg Renfrew, took her time creating the Clean Deo line. It comes in three scents: coconut, lavender and rose. After trying it out myself for three weeks, I can truthfully say that I consider it to be as close to perfection as can be. Renfrew’s dedication and longtime commitment to natural ingredients and sustainable packaging have made her one of the biggest players in the clean beauty industry.

It’s the first time that a natural deodorant actually lasts the entire day, smells incredibly good, and does not stain my shirts! —Clémence von Mueffling, Founder of Beauty and Well-Being

This deodorant is free of all chemicals and aluminum. It has the perfect blend of natural ingredients to keep you dry and fresh all day. But the most amazing part is that this new deodorant comes in a super chic packaging with a refill that is recyclable and refillable. Better for the planet (and your wallet!). A new deodorant runs for $28 and refills for $18. The refill is a little difficult to switch the first time, but it gets easier after.

Corpus Naturals

Corpus Naturals is a brand that fully rejects the idea that natural and quality have to be mutually exclusive. Embodying Frank Lloyd Wright’s words, “form and function are one,” the California-based company boasts a line of completely naturally-derived, vegan deodorants with scent profiles you’ll want to have liquified and bottled on your vanity. With formulas developed through solar power and containers with hydro-electric energy, Corpus Naturals’ commitment to our planet is no less compromising.

Purchase one full-sized deodorant for $24, or try three minis for $32. There’s also an option to try all seven scents in the travel size, which we’d highly recommend. Natural deodorants that smell this good and stay that way are hard to come by.

By Humankind

By Humankind is fighting the plastic crisis one personal care item at a time. The culprit of the plastic crisis? Packaging. And the beauty industry is unfortunately one of the biggest contributors. That’s why By Humankind set out to revolutionize the way we do personal care – with less plastic consumption and more intention.

Of the range, the refillable deodorant is a customer favorite. Claimed to be so natural you can eat it (probably still best not to, though), it’s the best of both worlds. The refills cost $12, and the refillable case goes for $3. We love when we can feel good about our purchases without breaking the bank.


This subscription-based service runs on plant-based ingredients and plastic-neutral packaging. Myro is a customizable and refillable deodorant subscription that allows you to get your favorite scent refills in the mail. When you first sign up, you receive a refillable case in a color of your choice and a natural starter scent. Whether you’re looking for something citrusy, floral, or woodsy, Myro has a wide selection that you can explore each month.

You can start with a one-time purchase or sign up for the starter kit subscription right away for just $10. In addition, you can choose to schedule your shipments one, three, or six months apart. In conclusion, Myro is convenient, natural, effective and kind to the environment.

Teresa Deely

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