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Men’s Haircare is More Important Than You Think

Some of our favorite products that keep the Achilles heel of men’s vanities under control.

How important is hair to men? Well, biblical character, Delilah, contests that it’s everything. And when Samson loses his superhuman physical power after she cuts his long locks, her theory reigns true. As most men (obviously, I’m generalizing) go about their lives proving to everyone else that they are so far removed from the world of beauty, haircare seems to be the realm that strikes them the hardest. What’s worse than their favorite sports team losing? Balding. It’s the Achilles heel of men’s vanities and is a common occurrence.

Hollywood continues to perpetuate the symbolism behind hair: power, strength, attractiveness, and so on.

Though balding may begin at any age for men, it’s noted that​ 85 percent of men experience major hair thinning by the age of 50 and start losing hair by the age of 21​. There’s still research being done as to why, but developing light-stages of alopecia while also participating in unhealthy habits, such as smoking, may lead to balding. Nonetheless, balding can drastically affect one’s self-esteem. Hollywood continues to perpetuate the symbolism behind hair: power, strength, attractiveness, and so on.

Like most things, preventative actions can be taken to ensure nature’s course doesn’t strike too harshly. Proper shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks can fortify hair and stimulate hair growth. As someone whose self-esteem is directly linked to their hair (light joke), haircare is at the top of my beauty list.

The following are a few products that excel in keeping hair healthy and shiny while stimulating constant hair growth.

Pureology Hair Softening Treatment

This is twice-a-week treatment is a must in the haircare routine. Not only does it leave hair feeling extremely hydrating and soft, but it also fortifies hair color.

SH-RD Truffle Moisturizing Semi-Treatment

I love all things truffle. And turns out, truffle extract has incredible moisturizing properties for hair. Its nutrients bring damaged shafts back to life and fortify cell activation to restore lifeless hair back to health.

Hims Total Hair Package

As the beauty gurus say, beauty starts on the inside. In about three to four months, these gummies will significantly improve hair growth resulting in fuller locks. If you’re not into topical treatments, this might be the solution for you.

Design Essentials Coconut and Monoi Deep Moisture Masque

Being from the Hawaiian islands, I know the wonders of coconut. It’s especially incredible for those with thinning or fine hair as it’s nutrients remove build-up around your hair follicles and jumpstarts hair growth.

Veta Topical Hair Therapy

This topical treatment restores the hair growth cycle by combatting both genetic and environmental triggers of hair thinning. Packed with powerful ingredients such as Multi-functional Trichogen and Follicusan that are useful in targeting deep roots.

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