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6 Best Natural Deodorants

I must admit the idea of trying and reviewing natural deodorants did not appeal to me.
For a girl who regularly looks for healthy alternatives, deodorant was not an area I wanted to experiment with. Body odor is not an adjective I want to be connected to, so I have stuck to an “ignorance is bliss” attitude to the possible dangers of antiperspirants on the market today.
Fast forward to my assignment of reviewing natural deodorants.
I began by researching Aluminum Chlorohydrate and Aluminum Zirconium, which are common ingredients in most commercial antiperspirants, and I could no longer ignore the facts connected to what we put under our arms.
I then tested fifteen, yes 15 different natural deodorants. It was a tough job folks but I found 6 products that I really like, really work and have converted me yet again to a healthier more natural way of life.

I then tested fifteen, yes 15 different natural deodorants. It was a tough job folks but I found 6 products that I really like, really work and have converted me yet again to a healthier more natural way of life.

Let us begin with a bit of odor education. Our bodies perspire to regulate body temperature but it is not our sweat that smells.
The culprit is an airborne bacterium, which thrives in moist warm areas.
To remain odor free we need to prevent or better yet absorb the sweat. Aluminum Chlorohydrate and Aluminum Zirconium are salts used in commercial antiperspirants to prevent perspiration by closing, obstructing or blocking the pores. This removes the environment that bacteria need to thrive in. Smelly armpits be gone!
The concern is the possible links these ingredients have to cancer, neurological diseases and preventing the body from releasing toxins through our pores.
Although no studies have actually proven this, why risk it when there are healthier alternatives available.
We can look to ingredients such as cornstarch and baking soda, which absorb sweat instead of blocking it, allowing for a healthier way to smell fresh all day.

So without further ado I present Beauty & Well Being’s favorite natural deodorants and, I’ve never smelled better!

1.    Fat & The Moon
Applying deodorant from a jar and massaging in with your fingertips takes some getting used to but this absorbed immediately and smelled crisp and clean.
Baking soda and arrowroot starch are used to keep you dry and black pepper, sage and bergamot ward off the sneaky bacteria.
This lasted 24 hours, including a morning workout and running around after my 4 year old.

2.    LaVanila
It is a stick application, which I prefer. It has a lovely powdery scent and relies on cornstarch and silica to keep you dry.
There is also aloe, which is great for sensitive skin. This also held up for a full day and can be purchased in your neighborhood Whole Foods supermarket. (buy it here)

3.    La Roche-Posay
It is also in a stick form and smells refreshing. It dried immediately and if I didn’t read the ingredients I would have thought it was a commercial deodorant, that is how well it worked.
Zinc Pidolate neutralizes odor and Perlite and Talc fight humidity.
I suggest buying a few at a time, as it is not so easy to track down.

4.    Schmidts
It has a great citrus aroma. It is a bit messy to apply as you have to warm it in your fingers first but they do include a spatula to remove it from the jar, which is a nice touch.
It has arrowroot and baking soda and Shea butter is added to sooth the skin.
I used this before a spinning class and I still cannot believe how well it worked. (buy it here)

5.    Ozone Layer
It is a stick application. It is the only deodorant I found that uses oxygen to oxidize bacteria, therefore preventing odor.
Also it has no scent, enabling it to be masculine and feminine friendly. This one got me through packed subways and a long workday. (buy it here)

6.    Soapwalla
It is packaged in a jar and smells of tea tree oil and citrus. I really felt like this conditioned my skin as well as being a successful antiperspirant.
It contains cornstarch, Shea butter, sunflower and rosehip oils as well as tea tree, citrus and bergamot oils.
I actually looked forward to putting this on in the morning. (buy it here)

I am now a believer and there is no need to fear natural deodorants.
Know that you can remain body odor free without any possible risks to your health.

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