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Beauty in a Post-Baby World

Amy Wilson Wyles has all the treatments, insider tips and products that will help to tackle some of the most common new mom beauty bugbears.

Motherhood is a game changer in so many ways.  Time-consuming beauty routines are often instantly (and understandably) usurped by the ever-growing demands that keeping a tiny human alive entails. On the flipside, one of the most common things you hear from new mothers is that they hate not feeling like themselves – or that they’d like to be their “old self”, just with a baby. So, while we know that moms have bigger fish to fry, the below treatments, insider tips and products will help to tackle some of the most common new mom beauty bugbears.

The Treatment: Martine de Richeville Remodelage

Remodelage has become famous – “this is how French women stay so trim”, “they’re cellulite slayers”. Martine de Richeville created the treatment after studying the fields of psychology, Chinese Medicine and Rudolph Steiner’s Eurythmic Massage. While they have clinics in Europe and one in New York’s Sak’s Fifth Avenue, it remains a predominantly family-run business with her son Julien taking the helm in London and Martine still circumnavigating the globe. The treatment is by no means relaxing – every inch is pinched and rolled – with particularly “toxic” areas requiring gritted teeth to prevent an “ouch” from escaping. That being said, it feels like good pain – if there is such a thing – because you are instantly aware that it’s doing something. For people who’ve been before pregnancy, they’ll work with you throughout, to boost circulation and help prevent water retention. For those who are already post-natal, you can see them straight away (they’re very mindful and informed about what they can and can’t do to fragile new-mum bodies). A series is required to see the full-effects – which include a visible improvement in both old and new cellulite and markedly better muscle tone.


The Tricks by Remodelage Expert Julien de Richeville

“For post-natal stomach issues there are two things I’d recommend. First, for those who’ve had a C-section massage the scar as soon as the stitches are gone. Use wild musk rose oil (to help with skin elasticity) and a drop of Immortalle Essential Oil (which dynamises micro circulation) and lightly pinch and twist the scar so that the tissues underneath do not adhere. Do it twice a day and after a few months the scar should disappear.

Secondly, as soon as you have recovered capacity to exercise you want to focus on the deep core muscles with planking exercises. It must be combined with more cardio exercise in order to burn fat – the idea is to find what suits you best and where you know you will do it.

Finally, apply creams or oil with good pressure using a circular movement from the ankle to the top of the leg. A regular scrub is also important as it activates the capillary circulation. You need to be dynamic as you apply it! Alternatively (or as well as) dry brushing is a good option to activate capillary circulation. A good silhouette is all about good circulation.”

The Products:

Susanne Kaufmann Detox Oil Scrub

Legology Air-Lite Daily Lift For Legs

African Botanics Marula Stretchmark Botanical Body Oil

The Treatment: The Coconut Breeze Hair Spa Treatment by Philip Kingsley

“During pregnancy, oils glands on the scalp tend to be less active – and this can cause hair to appear dry,” explains Trichologist Anabel Kingsley. To combat this (and a host of other hair ailments) they’ve created a series of tailored Hair Spa Treatments at their clinics in New York and London. For post-pregnancy, The Coconut Breeze is the hair equivalent of a facial with time taken for a thorough consultation followed by a suitable mask being applied to your scalp. Hair is then pre-conditioned and steamed using their hero Elasticizer (the steam allows for greater product penetration) before a heavenly head massage to boost circulation and decrease tension. Hair is then washed, treated using scalp toners and blown dry using their pared down healthy blow-dry technique.

The Tricks by Nutritionist Kamilla Schaffner:

“Postpartum hair shedding typically happens 3-4 months post-partum. Although it’s a natural process, a lot can be done nutritionally to not make it worse. The most important aspect is to not skimp on protein: hair is made out protein and its health post-partum will depend on you feeding your system high quality proteins.  If you really want to be nutritionally smart, then go for protein ‘with benefits’ – protein with built-in macro nutrients like Omega-3 and post pregnancy vital minerals like Iron, Zinc and Calcium as the majority of mothers will be naturally depleted in these nutrients. Salmon (can be smoked), eggs, seafood like prawns, muscles and scallops, Greek style yoghurt, tofu, chickpeas and Aduki beans.  All of these foods are fantastic sources of lean high quality protein, and will support hair and body regeneration as well as lactation levels.”
The Products:

Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

Reverie CAKE Restorative Scalp Tonic

The Treatment: Dr. Maryam Zamani

“So often once mothers are on the course of losing the baby fat, they are exhausted from late nights and disrupted sleep,” says leading Oculoplastic Surgeon and Aesthetic Doctor Maryam Zamani. In this instance for those still breast-feeding, a refresher with PRP (using one’s own blood and re-injecting back into the lower eyelids) can help. For those no longer breastfeeding, HA fillers (most often in the tear trough) will instantly make you look and therefore feel less tired.”  Both have minimal downtime and results last roughly a year.

The Tricks: Dr. Maryam Zamani

“It can’t be said often enough – try to rest when you can and sleep while the baby is sleeping to keep up your stamina. Always use an eye cream, they work and eye masks are great for treating the periorbital area and easy to do when you are busy.  Ice cubes help too!”

The Products:

MZ Skin Hydra-Bright Golden Eye Treatment Mask

Clemorab Shadow Off Eye Cream

Charlotte Tilbury Mini Miracle Eye Wand

The Treatment: Sculpting facial with Nicola Joss

The Facial equivalent of Remodelage – Nichola’s facial massage technique is legendary and has earned her an army of loyal fans (including one soon to be Royal, Ms Markle). Her kneading, tapping and smoothing wakes up sluggish lymph systems to encourage the elimination of toxic waste and excess water that leads to a puffy, dull complexion. Be prepared for a certain level of pain in areas that hold a lot of tension – the jaw and mouth area (Joss famously whips on a pair of surgical gloves to massage inside your mouth) but it still feels like an indulgent beauty treat. The results are scarily good – and often once she’s finished one side of your face you are handed a mirror to see the impact for yourself: the over-worked, under-slept side against one that looks like it’s just back from the two week break you took to Greece 10 years ago. See her in New York, Toronto and London.

The Tricks: Nichola Joss

“For dull, sleep deprived skin, exfoliate regularly to brighten skin. Then each morning massage your serum or cream in – this will build volume and reduce sluggishness in order to add vital radiance and luminosity. Work from centre of face and sweep upwards and outwards, following facial contours.

Then, each night, massage your face with a facial oil to stimulate the lymph system and reduce puffiness, flush out toxins and clear congestion. Again start from the centre of the face working outwards and upwards but this time concentrate on the jawline, under cheekbones and around the eye area.

Product wise, Decleor oils and balms are amazing for adding radiance and moisture to the skin. Healgel intensive is an amazing product for topically healing and nourishing the skin. It’s also great to alleviate the symptoms of eczema and other irritable skin conditions.

The Products:

Decleor Hydra Floral Anti-Pollution Hydrating Active Lotion

Healgel Intensive

Caudalie Vine(Activ) Overnight Detox Oil

Amy Wilson Wyles

A native Londoner, Amy discovered her love for health & beauty while working at Harper’s Bazaar in New York before returning home to work for Conde Nast, Shortlist Media and Net-a-Porter. Eight years later, the mission remains the same: to discover the products and treatments that really work.

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