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The Magic of Mineral Makeup …& our 4 favorite brands

Mineral make-up has long been recognized for its ability to heal sensitive and acne-prone skin. Beauty experts and health professionals alike tout the flawless coverage that mineral makeup provides, applauding it for its soothing properties and natural SPF. Many dermatologists, aestheticians and plastic surgeons recommend mineral makeup because it is an extension of healthy skincare. While it’s certainly not a new concept, mineral makeup has also reemerged as a featured product with major cosmetic companies. Smaller, natural and organic beauty lines have also embraced mineral based makeup, marketing it as a staple in their lines. Nowadays, consumers are becoming more conscious about the ingredients that go into their products. Mineral makeup naturally provides the same advantages of traditional makeup, all while providing healing benefits for the skin.

People who suffer from rosacea, acne and sensitivities can safely use minerals to gain an improvement in their skin.

Most mineral makeup consists of minerals such as iron oxides and mica, which are gentle on the skin. Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide provide physical sunscreens, and serve as antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. Titanium Dioxide also refracts light, which gives the skin a luminescent glow. All of these minerals are milted into tiny particles, and because they are inorganic and oil-free, they do not harbor bacteria or clog pores. People who suffer from rosacea, acne and sensitivities can safely use minerals to gain an improvement in their skin.

Even surgeons limit patients to mineral makeup post-op. Free from chemicals, parabens, dyes and fragrances, these products offer no threat to healing skin.

We uncovered some of the healthiest, most natural and effective makeup products.

We at BWB love mineral makeup for both its benefits and array of natural ingredients. After testing many brands and many different styles of application, we uncovered some of the healthiest, most natural and effective makeup products.

PUR BEAUTY really stays true to their tagline, “Make-up with a purpose.” All of their products incorporate antioxidants, vitamins, shea butter, and minerals that don’t just covering up flaws in your skin, but help heal it, too. Try their 4-in-1 products, such as the tinted moisturizer, 14-hour foundation, or pressed mineral make-up. Each combines a foundation, concealer, powder, and SPF that allows everyone to find their perfect consistency and application. Tip: try the chisel brush with the pressed powder, it holds just the right amount of powder and leaves a flawless finish.

ILIA BEAUTY is showing the world that organic beauty is the right way to go. We love their Translucent Powder, a light mixture that features mica, silica, passion fruit, and rosemary oil – it will make your skin glow. We also adored the Sheer Vivid Tinted Moisturizer, which offers a weightless tint and SPF 20 protection.

JANE IREDALE is one of the pioneers in mineral make-up and continues to be a leader in innovative beauty and skincare. Her famous Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder SPF20 is perfect for layering, and allows you to control the amount of coverage you desire. BWB also loves her Pure Pressed Blush and Eye Shadows, which also feature minerals and are available in a number of beautiful colors.

GLO MINERALS is serious about both makeup and skincare. They make amazing skincare products, which the makeup supports and enhances. The Pressed Base is a powder foundation that comes in 20 shades! It goes on like silk and the coverage lasts all day. Tip…layer their Broad spectrum SPF 18 Anti-Aging Diamond over your face for the perfect amount of shimmer and protection.

Mineral makeup has shown the world that cosmetics can and should be an extension of one’s skincare routine, using ingredients that only enhance and contribute to our health and beauty. Let’s start with our skin as we continue on our path to a cleaner life style.

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