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8 Eco-Brands Building a Better Environment

Here at BWB, we take a lot of care to feature companies, ideas, and brands that support a healthy lifestyle. We look for natural and organic ingredients in beauty lines; we seek out ways to improve what and how we eat; and we investigate topics that may help balance our inner selves. However, we must keep in mind how our choices and purchases affect the world around us.

Here are 8 companies that not only make you look good and feel good, but that also follow strict guidelines to protect our environment, and partner with organizations that focus on saving and replenishing our earth. Now, what could possibly make you feel more beautiful than that?


Caudalíe, the French skin care empire which was born in Bordeaux, France, centers its products around the regenerating and anti-aging benefits of grapes and the vines they grow on.  The company has a genuine love for the land and donates 1% of their global sales to different world wide NPO’s that support, replenish and protect the environment.

To date, they have partnered with Nordesta, PUR Projet, Chiang Mai, Coeur De Foret, Arbres et Paysages, WWF, and the National Forest Foundation. If you have not yet experienced the incredible antioxidants in the products of Caudalíe, a great place to start is with their new Premier Cru Serum, a gel to water anti-aging serum that features an incredible patented new complex called Vinergy, which restores cells’ metabolism and supports your skin.

Alter Eco Foods

Alter Eco Foods creates organic chocolates that are sophisticated, indulgent, and good for our souls and conscience. They only work with small scale farmers who grow their own ingredients, and support fair trade and organic practices. They have also designed eco friendly packaging, are committed to achieving zero impact carbon emissions, and have a sustainable supply chain.

Alter Eco has also partnered with PUR Projet and ACOPAGRO in the Peruvian Amazon to plant native trees that in replenishing the forest canopy and help with soil erosion. Since 2008, over two million trees have been planted in cacao fields. If you need another reason to eat chocolate, Alter Eco’s ethics makes the indulgence that much sweeter. We love their new Dark Mint Truffles and Dark Super Blackout.

Christophe Robin

Christophe Robin has partnered with Reforest ACTION to restore degraded forests in France and throughout the world. Reforest ACTION relies on the “plant a tree or offer a tree” formula, which allows you to fund a tree or gift a tree for a friend in any of their projects throughout the world.

Mr. Robin has dedicated proceeds of his new hair care line, The Aloe Vera Range, to the planting of 10,000 trees and counting. The range consists of a Hydrating Shampoo Bar, a Hydrating Shampoo, and a Hydrating Leave-In Mist, which feature Aloe Vera for its 75 active molecules, 20 minerals, 18 amino acids and 12 vitamins, perfect for those suffering from dry, dehydrated hair.

Éminence Organic Skin Care

Éminence Organic Skin Care was environmentally aware long before it became popular. The Hungarian company was founded in 1958 and prides itself in their award winning certified, organic farm in Hungary where the products are hand made. They are affiliated with Forests For The Future and every time you purchase one of their products a tree is planted in developing countries such as Senegal, Ghana, and Tanzania.

Éminence also provides Agroforestry education to families so they can create their own tree nurseries. To date, Éminence has planted 9 million trees. Éminence’s commitment to Mother Earth doesn’t stop there. Everything from their recycled packaging, farming ethics, organic ingredients, office protocols, transportation and distribution, reflects a commitment to our environment. Their skin care and spas have always been leaders in the world of aesthetics, and are a favorite here at BWB. Try their revolutionary Bamboo Firming Fluid which will reduce worry lines and fine wrinkles.

Amour Vert

Amour Vert Clothing is a fashion brand delivers quality, style, comfort, and luxury with a fully green production ethic. We asked Amour Vert what prompted their “Tees = Trees Movement” and they told us: “We plant a tree for every tee purchased because our tees are made from a beech tree fiber.”

“The production process is sustainable in itself, but you can never plant too many trees! We also chose to partner with American Forests because they focus on projects in North America and we produce our clothing in North America.” At BWB, we are loving their Flannery Turtleneck for winter. It’s chic and cozy.


Chantecaille prides itself as a brand that is deep routed in their philanthropy efforts. Much of their efforts are focused on endangered animals and their natural habitats.

They have partnered with The Rain Forest Alliance to bring attention to forest destruction in the Congo and its effects on mountain gorilla populations. Purchases of the Save The Forest Eye Palette is bringing much needed attention and aid to these tropical forests.

Worker B

Worker B, a company centered around “bee-created ingredients” crafts beautiful skin care products, candles, raw honey, beeswax and propolis all harvested by a team of local bee keepers who are compassionate, respectful and supportive of the important role bees play for Mother Earth.

They teach us how important it is to allow bees to thrive naturally, encourage us to grow native plants and flowers, and urge us to support our  local bee keepers by purchasing  honey from local farmers markets. We are all obsessed with Worker B’s Rescue Putty. It’s simply made of beeswax, raw honey, and organic olive oil that heal everything from burns to eczema, bug bites, dry skin, and more.


Antonym is a certified organic and natural makeup brand that is as environmentally conscious and sustainable as a make up company can be. They are an Ecocert, Leaping Bunny certified cruelty free makeup line.

Antonym’s cosmetic brushes and compacts are made of bamboo, are certified vegan and simply beautiful to have on any vanity. We love their Kabuki Brush and their Certified Organic Baked Blush in Rose. All of their outer packaging is made of FSC certified paper, which comes from responsibly managed forests. This makeup is not only kind to our earth, but also kind to our skin, and their colors, quality, and performance are amazing.


What we expect from our products and the companies we support should represent how we would like to treat the Earth. Simple decisions like choosing brands that protect our environment will make a huge impact on preserving Mother Nature. By shopping mindfully, maybe, just maybe we can begin to influence other companies to follow the footprints of these environmental pioneers.

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