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6 Favorite Skincare Brands For Men

More often than not, the beauty industry focuses on the needs and expectations of women. Although sales of men’s products have dramatically risen in the past few years, products geared towards men’s needs still do not receive the same coverage as their feminine counterparts. Just in time for the holidays, we at BWB are giving men’s skincare the attention it deserves. Gentlemen, here are a few gift ideas to satisfy your anti-aging, hydrating and hair moisturizing concerns with products that you may call your own.

…for the man that insists on using his partner’s products, we have just the thing…

Aesop, an Australian born skin, hair & body line, has long been commended for its unisex approach to skin care. They also use interesting ingredients rich in antioxidants like parsley seed, which is great for sensitive and combination skin types. For example, their Lucent Facial Concentrate is packed with vitamin C and B3, great for even the most stubborn, sensitive skin.

…for all the bearded men out there…

Beardbrand is a company that supports, educates and beautifies everything beard related. Their products feature ingredients like apricot, mango and shea butters, which are amazing for styling beards, especially with their line of grooming tools. They’ve developed quite the community of beard supporters and welcome new members everyday. We recommend their multi-purpose Utility Balm that not only softens beards but is great for the skin as well. The Beard Oil works miracles on facial hair and some have been known to apply it to their handsome locks, as well.

…for the men who are scientists at heart…

111SKIN was designed by Dr. Alexandrides, a plastic surgeon who worked with space scientists to create a skin care line that could counteract the aging effects space has on astronaut’s skin. This is a win-win for us earthlings. All products feature their patented formula NAC Y2, which is full of peptides and antioxidants. We love their Classic Edit Gift Set with its serum, eye gel, day cream and their famous Nocturnal Eclipse Recovery Cream, which helps heal stressed-out skin overnight.

…for the guys who desire products with a manly edge…

MAN CAVE, was established in 2010 to fulfill the demand for reasonably priced, natural skin care and grooming products for men. BWB’s men love the Willow Bark Face Wash with spinach, rosemary and green tea extracts and their Olivestone FaceScrub with L’Arginine and Zinc. The Survival Gift Set has everything a man needs and is a great way to explore what kinds of products they offer.

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…..for the men who are searching for great hair products…

David Mallett, a world famous, Parisian hair stylist, believes that people should be able to look good everyday, not just when they leave the salon. His Range NO.1 L’Hydration fragrance-free shampoo and conditioner protect from environmental toxins, leave hair feeling light, and support a healthy scalp. He uses Kevavis, a plant protein prominent in his conditioners and his Beard Balm, to strengthen the hair follicle from its root.

…for the man who wants a skin care line that just may rival any women’s regime…

Soveral is a UK skin care company known for perfumes and beauty products organically produced and made from raw ingredients. They have recently introduced their now bestselling Men’s Range line, which includes everything from cleansers to masks. BWB’s men are particularly fond of Eye C Brightening Eye Serum and the Formula X Multivitamin Liquid Moisturizer, which deliver powerful antioxidants and hydration to the skin without leaving any residue.

At BWB, we understand that beauty isn’t all about women. Looking great and feeling confident is important to men, too. As companies begin to focus on developing male product lines, it won’t be long before ladies begin to steal items from men’s vanity cabinets. Check out this selection of incredible products and see just how much of a difference they will make.

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