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9 Beauty Shops to buy natural and clean products

From Los Angeles to London here are our favorite shops for non-harmful cosmetics and skincare products

From Los Angeles to London here are our favorite beauty shops for non-harmful cosmetics and skincare products.

1. The Detox Market – Los Angeles
The products at these L.A. and Toronto-based shops tick off three boxes: zero toxicity, highest efficiency, and style. Co-Founder, Romain Gaillard, first opened the store as a pop-up in 2010. “We wanted to educate people about toxicity in personal care, but more importantly present them with the amazing green brands that exist,” he said. Currently, The Detox Market has three locations and expects to open three more in 2016. “We are also working on very exiting pop-ups, but I can’t say anything about it yet,” added Gaillard.
8380 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, California.

Detox-Market M

2. CONTENT Beauty – London
Founder Imelda Burke prides herself in creating one of the first London stores to specialize in the premium organic sector. “Prior to this organic products were really only available at health-food stores,” she said. The New Zealand-native opened up shop in 2008 and has an extensive selection of natural and organic offerings. Want to go natural, but don’t know where to begin? Burke suggests starting with your body lotion. “It’s often used once or twice a day and covers the majority of your skin—the body’s largest organ. By choosing an organic and natural body lotion, you automatically detox the product used on most of your body.”
4 Bulstrode Street, London

Natural beauty is the trend right now. It makes sense because it’s good for you and it’s good for the planet. Everyone benefits.

3. CAP Beauty – New York, NY
For the past five years CAP Beauty has been a mainstay for downtowners devoted to 100 percent clean products. “Natural beauty is the trend right now. It makes sense because it’s good for you and it’s good for the planet. Everyone benefits,” said Kerrilynn Pamer, co-founder of CAP Beauty. Her West Village shop is stocked with favorite brands including Shiva Rose , Kypris , The Beauty Chef and their very own line that’s also free of synthetics.
238 West 10th Street, New York, New York

4. Shen Beauty – Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn-denizen Jessica Richards opened Shen Beauty out of a personal need for more natural beauty stores in her neighborhood. “Once I began my research I realized how many great brands were on the market. No one was paying attention to these little gems and I wanted a place to nurture them and explain to people why they needed them.” The natural beauty expert urges everyone to take care of their skin. “You only get one shot. Pampering yourself with the right products and facials does not only make you look beautiful on the outside, but it also takes care of your soul,” she said. For now Shen Beauty has one location in Brooklyn, but Richards hopes to open another store this year. Stay tuned!
315 Court Street, Brooklyn, New York

Shen Beauty

5. Caudalie  – Los Angeles
Mathilde Thomas’ beautiful collection of natural products includes one key ingredient: grapes. “I have dedicated my life to discovering and harnessing the most potent ingredients from nature,” The French founder said. The antioxidant fruit is just one of the many ingredients she favors. Others include shea butter, Ginseng, ginger, Echinacea, and Natural emulsifiers. The family-run brand is available in 20 countries around the world.
1416 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice

6. Oh! My Cream – Paris
Founder Juliette Lévy has always been a beauty addict, and her expertise is proof of this. Lévy’s intimate Paris shop features botanical brands from all over the world. Favorites include Tata Harper’s line of 100 percent natural and organic products, Kure Bazaar’s nail lacquers, and Rahua’s collection of haircare.
3 rue de Tournon, Paris

We believe that you don’t have to sacrifice style for substance when it comes to clean beauty.

7. Credo Beauty – San Francisco
Our mission is to change the way people think about what they put on their bodies,” said Founder Shashi Batra. “We believe that you don’t have to sacrifice style for substance when it comes to clean beauty.” The Northern-California shop offers a collection of over 90 brands including makeup, skincare, and bath products.
2136 Fillmore Street, San Francisco

Credo M

8. Heyday – New York, NY
What we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies, sometimes directly into our bloodstream, and what you put on your skin matters,” said Co-founder and Chief Brand Officer Michael Pollak. “The reasons to care about what’s on your ingredient listing aren’t always super obvious,” he added. The Flatiron-facial shop takes care to sell products free of irritants, and unnecessary fluff. “We’re not anti-science or anti-lab—we just prefer cleaner, smarter formulas that don’t compromise,” Pollak said. The collection of brands they’ve curated include Herbivore Botanicals, One Love Organics, and an Ayurvedic line from New York called Shaffali. The New York-based facial shop will open a second location in the city this summer.
1130 Broadway, New York

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9. Naturopathica – New York & East Hampton
When I founded Naturopathica, I wanted to define well-being as a realistic approach to living a healthy, rewarding life,” said Barbara Close whose company has been a pioneer in natural and organic products. The Ecocert-certified line has a long list of ingredients they don’t use including preservatives, animal products, or synthetic fragrances. Their skincare line can be found at almost any natural boutique store, as well as at their wellness centers.

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