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The New Paleo Beauty Trend

Even the by-products of the stone-age fiends are so clean you can practically eat them.

Haven’t heard of the Paleo diet? Lend an ear, because Paleo foodists fight the bulge by ingesting a diet they believe our Paleolithic ancestors ate (think brontosaurus steak à la Flintstone). If the ab-endowed hard bodies are anything to go by, there’s definitely something to this. Even the by-products of the stone-age fiends are so clean you can practically eat them.

Araza Beauty Coral Crush lip gloss

This Paleo-centric brand offers up a number of gorgeous, hued glosses made of only food based ingredients. Many natural brands fail in their use of preservatives; Araza uses only natural rosemary oil.

Mother Dirt Probiotic Spray

Beneficial bacteria don’t just live in the gut. The skin flora includes approximately 1,000 species that create a collective barrier against nasty organisms. This spray promises to replenish the good skin bacteria lost through the use of harsh modern bath products and can also take the place of deodorant.

RMS Beauty Coconut Cream Make Up Remover

This luscious, anti-inflammatory whipped cream remover nourishes the skin as it cleans. Buy it here!

White Oak Pastures Lemon Lip Balm

This creamy balm has a light, lemony scent and is made with only five ingredients. And its surprise Paleo ingredient? Beef tallow.

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Araza Arrowroot and Natural Clay Finishing Powder

Natural beauty is a wonderful thing, but beauty products offering more than just a pretty outcome are always a good bet. Arrowroot and clay are both known anti-inflammatory agents and wonderful choices for combatting the sun’s harsh rays this coming season. Buy it here.

The Dirt MCT Oil Toothpaste in Royal Rose and Cacao Mint

Behind its minty façade, toothpaste often notoriously nasty chemicals, flavors and dyes. Don’t lose hope, because this one is different. You’ll only need a smidge of this beautifully packaged, bentonite and coconut oil fresh paste. It includes theobromine, a component of cacao, to improve oral health and prevent decay. Buy it here!

More important than what it has, however, is what it lacks. It’s free of fluoride, glycerine, xylitol, soy and gluten, which is a rarity these days.

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