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5 Skin Care Brands for babies & mommies

Because babies and children tend to have much more delicate skin then adults, finding products that minimize irritation is essential.

Considering the endless hours that we spend caring for our own skin, and how much time we devote to researching the best natural & organic ingredients that our products contain, it seems only fitting that we should give the same consideration to what we use on children’s skin.

Because babies and children tend to have much more delicate skin then adults, finding products that minimize irritation is essential. Newborn skin has never been exposed to the sun, pollutants, or airborne toxins, making it highly sensitive to common irritants such as sulfates, parabens, and perfumes. Finding products free of these chemical ingredients can help to reduce dermatological sensitivities and inflammation in babies. In my experience, I have found that some skin conditions that develop in babies, such as eczema, can persist into childhood. That being said, products that I used on my son as a baby remain a staple in our home and serve as a benchmark for the other products that we use as a family.

In the spirit of BWB and our dedication to family, I have 5 favorite skin care companies that may not only become indispensable for your children, but for yourselves as well.

Babo Botanical

Their tag line is, “Family comes first, naturally”. Created by a mother who just wanted to give her son safe, natural and effective skincare, Babo’s offers products great for all ages and skin concerns. I love that their shampoo/body washes come in family size and on any given day you will see Swim & Sport Shampoo and Conditioner in our shower. My son loves that it smells of apples and does not burn his eyes, and my bleached hair loves the moisturizing conditioner!

Their Miracle Moisturizing Cream features colloidal oat, organic calendula and aloe and heals just about any skin irritation may happens upon my child. I am also obsessed with the new Super Shield Sports Stick SPF 50. The key ingredient is zinc oxide, which is based in shea butter, jojoba, rice bran oil and avocado. It’s perfect for active kids and active adults as well.

Their Nutri-Soothe Lip Treatment SPF 15 tastes of coconut and apples, which helps when you have children that do not want anything on their lips. Just a tip: I find that when a child sees you using the same sunblock that you use on them, there is less of an argument when application time arrives.


Created by two pediatricians who also happen to be mothers, this company offers a full range of products with ingredients that successfully balance the skin’s moisture barrier and protect and heal irritations. I used MD Moms on my son as a newborn and I have three favorites:

  • Silky Liquid Baby Powder is talc-free, based in cornstarch, aloe, shea butter and vitamin E. It goes on like a cream, then dries into a delicate powder.
  • Cleansing Towelettes are alcohol free, using aloe, ginger root extract, allantoin, comfrey and camomile to gently cleanse baby’s sensitive skin.
  • Baby Safe Sunscreen Towelettes SPF 30 rely on zinc & titanium dioxide, oat kernal, aloe and grapeseed oil to protect your little person from the sun. If you have ever tried applying sunscreen lotion or stick sunblock to your child’s face, you will understand that these are a godsend.

Mommy Tip: I still use Silky Baby Powder on my son under his arms and around his neck where he tends to perspire a lot.

Eau Thermale Avène

This French skincare company uses thermal spring water as the cornerstone of all their products, and is also a company parents rely on for aiding and healing eczema in babies, children and adults, for that matter. It begins with their thermal spring water infused with trace elements, which restores the epidermal barrier and balances the skin’s PH.
XeraCalm Lipid Replenishing Cleansing Oil : this paraben and sulfate-free gentle cleanser uses evening primrose for its omega 6 benefits. It seals in moisture while gently but effectively cleansing the skin.

XeraCalm A.D Lipid-Replenishing Balm, which is designed specifically for eczema, is 100% sterile and safe for infants. A little goes a long way and I have found it’s great on all skin irritations.

Mommy Tip: Thermal Spring Water on an organic cotton pad is the perfect way to gently refresh or clean your infant’s skin.


This skincare company is dedicated to mothers and children, and is a household name for many of us. My mother used it on me as a child and now, as a mother myself, I understand why this company stands the test of time. Not only does Mustela address children’s needs, but they also confront the prenatal and postpartum skin concerns women have.

  • In our home, we still use the Bebe Bath Oil, which combines sesame, sunflower seed and corn oils to soften the skin.
  • For my pregnant clients I’ve always recommend using the Maternite Bust Firming Serum and Stretch Marks Prevention Oil 2x’s a day every day. I used them on my baby bump and not a post pregnancy stretch mark in sight!

Mommy tip: massaging is such a lovely, intimate way to connect with your baby. Try Mustela’s Massage Oil, which is made with avocado and sunflower seed oil and smells of sweet flowers.


As a company that designs its products to embrace different feelings of zen and inner peace, Rituals has the sweetest gift set that any mother would love to receive. It includes Baby Splash bubble bath made with organic rice milk, and kid-tested Baby Secret Cream, which contains avocado oil, shea butter and cotton flower stem extract.

Taking the time to select the right products for our children, and embracing the intimate moments that come with caring for their skin both form the foundation for how our little ones will care for themselves and, ultimately, how they will show affection towards others. There is so much connected to the power of touch – let’s make sure the products we use support this love.


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