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What’s Next in Non-Invasive Beauty Treatments?

These genius approaches can help you achieve the look you desire, naturally.

Non-invasive beauty treatments are fueling an anti-aging revolution. Looking and feeling younger is no longer exclusive to movie stars and socialites. We have discovered some new, incredible techniques that are not only accessible, but also pain free and just as effective. These genius approaches can help you achieve the look you desire, naturally. If you’re seeking a treatment that will rid of wrinkles, dark marks, tired eyes or stubborn fat, learn what these amazing specialists from across the globe are doing to make it easier to regain your youthful confidence.


Marc Tronson’s of Paris has developed a unique, high tech formula called Softmesology. Marc decided to work with, not against, the patterns of aging in order to conquer its unavoidable tendencies. This topical cosmetic procedure works with the skin’s natural growth cycle, providing key nutrients and stimulating spontaneous cell regeneration to reinvigorate the skin. Its miracle approach works wonders in correcting wrinkles, flaws, spots, and other unwanted imperfections. Anyone undergoing this procedure can expect a soothing experience that is utterly pain free and entirely enjoyable. If you live in the US, you can find treatment here, too. ( They will be using Soft Cosmetics Distribution).

When we spoke with Marc, he emphasized that “Softmesology is good for skin with imperfections and considerably reduces inflamed acne and acne scars.” He also explained the power of natural skin regeneration, sans needle injections: “Softmesology is a precursor in the non-invasive alternative care, where we don’t need to painfully inject chemical products. The infusion of our naturally strong products combined with our advanced technology allows the skin to regenerate in a manner specific to our system, yielding a younger, more radiant result. With so many modern technological advances, the tendency now is to gravitate towards these more careful, more mechanized techniques.”


Biologique Recherche offers a hyper-customized approach to skincare. Before every treatment, brand-trained estheticians evaluate each individual’s Skin Instant®. They understand that every person’s skin condition changes every day, and cannot fit perfectly in any category. They take into consideration how external factors (like climate and pollution) and internal factors (like stress and age) can affect the epidermis.

The Skin Instant Lab is a diagnostic machine that measures skin hydration, trans-epidermal water loss, elasticity, pigmentation and sebum levels. Based on your results, the machine will recommend a specific skincare regimen and associated spa treatments. Their skilled esthetic technicians then evaluate patient lifestyle to assess any internal or external factors affecting the skin. For Biologique Recherche, it’s important to look beyond a menu for a truly customized approach to skincare.

Their team of specialists understands how the skin works. They explained to us what happens as the skin ages: “Over time, deep-rooted intercellular changes in the dermis and epidermis affect tissue cohesion. As the number of fiber-producing cells decreases, collagen and elastin fibers, the basis of skin’s architecture, become weaker and heavier. In fact, between the ages 20 and 80, the number of fibroblasts reduces by half.

biologique recherche paris

Equipped with this knowledge, they have already developed a reputation for astounding effectiveness. Their “clinical yet holistic approach to skincare” consistently yields “immediate results”. Their services are already available in over 77 countries worldwide, and have recently opened locations in New York (the Peninsula Hotel) Beverly Hills (the Ciel Sa by Pearl Wellness at SLS), Miami (Tierra Santa Spa at Faena), and Washington D.C (the Mandarin Oriental).


Carmel O’Neill is the founder of Renew Spa in New York, and she takes a slightly different approach to anti-aging. With her undeniable skill and “Magic Machine” in tow, Carmel has the power to make anyone feel more beautiful, radiant, and youthful than ever before. Her spa offers the whole package; not only does she spoil you with a luxurious, pain-free experience, but her methods are also unquestionably effective. One of her most popular procedures is the microcurrent massage, a natural face-lifting procedure. By using your own body’s electrical currents, it is compatible with the skin, lifting, toning and tightening your face towards its desired complexion. The procedure also increases the oxygen circulation in the face.

Microcurrent is amongst the hottest non-invasive anti-aging technology available. Bottom line, my clients need technology that performs, and performs well; microcurrent delivers,” she tells us.

Carmel’s services are not limited to mature women, however. People as young as twenty come seeking her magical touch to rid of acne or smooth their appearance.


Dr. Rita Rakus is a London-based Cosmetic Doctor who specializes in many noninvasive procedures. Her Ultera treatment targets loose facial skin, and tones and tights around the brow, eyes, jawline and décolletage. She is also known for Precision, a remarkable, non-invasive laser facelift that firms and tightens any signs of aging to increase the sense of facial structure. Her in-house dermatologist, Dr. Maria Gonzalez, works with moles and rids of brown spots and problematic pigmentation with powerful Revlite laser machine.


If you are looking for special fat-trimming treatment, Dr. Rakus has partnered with Dr. Galyna Selezneva, a trained General Practitioner with a passion for making women feel confident about their bodies. She offers a CoolSculpting consultation that involves using cryotherapy (cold therapy) to kill fat cells in problem areas. With this team of doctors by your side, you’ll never again question how to achieve the look you want, when you want it.

We at BWB know that as the years of wrinkles and brown spots approach, all you want is to regain your youthful appearance. Now, thanks to these specialists, whether you are in Paris, London, or New York, you can opt for non-invasive, rejuvenating and effective anti-aging treatments that will hand you back at least ten years. Try them knowing that you will leave feeling renewed, energized, and confident in the face of every mirror.

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