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Frizz-Free Summer Hair Guide

It seems as though we are constantly counting down the days until summer arrives. But alas, when that first day of humidity hits and your hair takes on a mind of its own, suddenly the chilly temps of yester-season do not seem so bad. If your hair is anything like mine, the battle of the frizz wins every time. I have tried every quick fix lotion, potion, and miracle cream with the hopes of maintaining some control over my colored, bleached, and tortured locks.

The scientific explanation for frizz is as follows: human hair is very sensitive to humidity, which causes hydrogen bonds to collect between the water molecules and proteins in your hair, triggering curls and frizz. Damaged hair cuticles are even more susceptible to humidity, thus more prone to frizzy-ness. Fortunately, the answers are out there.

First, I asked Anthony Cimolo, a color specialist and co-owner of Vanity Salon in Montclair, New Jersey, to share his thoughts regarding the ongoing frizzy hair dilemma.


BWB: In your experience, has frizzy hair been a top concern for clients?

Anthony: Frizzy hair is always a concern for my clients, especially in the summer months, but regardless of time of year, the humidity always plays a part.

BWB: What influences contribute to unmanageable hair?

Anthony: Genetics and the environment affect the hair’s texture. Of course, how we treat our hair can have a positive or negative effect on its appearance, smoothness, and health overall. Excessive heat from blow drying or hot tools, and damage caused by poor coloring, highlights and chemicals all result in rough hair cuticles, rougher textures.

BWB: What steps could be taken to eliminate frizzy hair year round?

Anthony: Step one is embracing what type of hair you have. From there, it’s simply about taking better care of your hair twelve months out of the year, rather than only in the summer months. Professional shampoos, conditioners & styling products, and in-salon treatments will prepare the hair and maintain its optimal health. Working with an experienced colorist is also key to preventing the damage from poor chemical treatments. Your hair is an investment, and when you are dedicated to taking proper care of it, you will see the benefits and results.

BWB: If a client needed immediate relief of uncontrollable hair, what would you recommend?

Anthony: There are many ‘quick fix’ options on the market today, but just like anything else, if it seems too good to be true, it usually is. This approach does not usually work when it comes to managing hair. One professional option is the ever controversial and yet popular keratin treatment. These do offer relief, but come at a high-ticket price, and the results depend on each individual, some having wonderful results and some with just minimal improvements.

BWB: What products do you recommend to your clients to combat frizzy hair at home?

Anthony: I am a big fan of the L’Oreal Professional Line, including their Pro Fiber Série & Texture Expert products. There is something for every hair type and it is custom cocktailed to your hair’s individual needs.


Interested in exploring the concept of customized hair care a little bit further, I then turned to Miriam Quevedo, founder of Miriamquevedo hair and skin care in Barcelona, Spain. Miriam explained that “the best way to combat frizzy hair depends on the hair type.”

Her products rely on high concentrations of rare active ingredients present in all of her five hair collections. For fine hair, try her The Platinum & Diamonds Collection, which is formulated to hydrate and repair hair – the key to fighting frizz.

For normal to thick hair, use the Sublime Gold & Extreme Caviar collections, which are rich in hydrating lipids & peptides that reverse damage and create smooth, frizz free locks. For sensitive scalps and very damaged hair, use the Glacial White Caviar Resort Collection. The products are formulated with over 15% oils and creates an instant barrier to lock in moisture and block out frizz.

Miriam also shared her favorite hair treatment with BWB: “ Mix any of our repairing masks with 1/2 pipette of our oils (Sublime Gold or Precious Elixir) to dry hair and scalp. Wrap hair in a turban and leave it on overnight. Then, continue with your normal cleansing routine in the morning.”

And to wrap up my quest for reliable hair-care solutions, I did a little of my own research and found some new anti-frizz favorites I would like to share:

BWB’s Favorite Luxurious Anti-Frizz Hair Oil

OUAI Haircare’s Hair Oil uses AMA oil, which is rich in squalene, argan and African galanga oil to not only smooth frizz but also seal split ends. You need only use a little bit on wet or dry hair, and it feels very light. We are obsessed with its aroma, which is so intoxicating it could double as a hair perfume or amazing body oil.

BWB’s Best Weekly Hair Treatment

Christophe Robin’s Cleansing Mask With Lemon & Moisturizing Hair Oil with Lavender are officially the BWB addictive-duo. The cleansing mask features lemon peel, chamomile and St. John’s Wort. It is amazing for damaged, unruly hair on its own, but when layered with the moisturizing hair oil, which is made of 97.6% natural plant oils, and left on for an hour or over night, the results are incredible! Smooth, manageable, glossy hair is just two steps away.

BWB’s Go-to Summer Hair Spray

Laid-Back Defrizz and Anti-Static Spray by IGK provides light hold on your summer locks while continuing to control the fight of the frizz. A key ingredient is Panthenol Pro Vitamin B5, which is great for sealing hair strands, a plus when warding off humidity. Our tip: hold onto this one for winter, as it also controls static.

BWB’s Drug Store De-Frizzing Pick

It’s a 10 Miracle products have been around for 20 years and are now synonymous with “frizzy hair solutions.” Known for their 10 benefits in every product, they have kept true to their mission and continue to expand their beauty line. Our favorites are the Miracle Defrizzing Gel, which really helps curly hair thrive even on the hottest days, and Miracle Repair Hair Mask, which leaves your hair soft as silk and light as air.


The fight of the frizz is over. These products have proven to pave the way to smooth, silky manes all year round.

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