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The Benefits of Oil

Here are a few of our favorite products.

Using oils to promote health, beauty and wellness is certainly not a new concept. Plant-derived oils have always been used in medicine and skincare. In recent years, facial and exotic cooking oils have become more accessible, which has encouraged consumers to incorporate them into their daily lives. Besides making you feel great, tasting great and instantly adding a glow to your skin, the questions still remain: why are they so beneficial, where do they come from and how do you know which to use?

Most oils are pressed from fragrant plants such as neroli, rose, and jasmine, or non-fragrant plants such as argan, olive, grapeseed, and coconut. Applying them to your skin, or incorporating them into your meals will quickly deliver anti-oxidants and vitamins to your body. When used externally, they also create a protective barrier against harsh elements without clogging pores while their fat-soluble fatty acids help repair your skin cells.

People with dry, flaky, or sensitive skin, or those suffering from rosacea, healing plant extracts will provide immediate relief.

For those with oily skin, using facial oils actually calms down the overproduction of sebum, leaving the skin more balanced. People with dry, flaky, or sensitive skin, or those suffering from rosacea, healing plant extracts will provide immediate relief. Oils can also mix well with other products. We at BWB would like to share how we use oils in many different aspects of our beauty routines. Here are a few of our favorite products.

Our choice for the eyes…

True Botanical Deep Repair Eye Serum is an oil-based product that takes a new approach to eye care. Green tea, evening primrose, avocado, carrot seed and blackberry seed oils are just a few of the ingredients used to reduce swelling, puffiness, dark circles and fine lines on your face. It is light, effective and soothing.

The best new anti-aging face oil …

IXXI Sublime Anti-Aging Absolute uses pine oil from the Landes Forest in France to protect against harmful enzymes while increasing collagen production, fighting free radicals and improving tone and firmness in your skin. Ideal for all skin type, it also pairs beautifully with other skin care treatments and serums.

Our favorite cuticle treatment…

Deborah Lippman Cuticle Oil uses jojoba and coconut oils to repair, nourish and soften your cuticles. This will save your nails during the winter months. Just massage a small amount on your fingers every night and say goodbye to those rough cuticles. It’s great for toes as well.

A must have facial cleanser…

Tata Harper Nourishing Oil Cleanser combines sunflower, olive, apricot, argan and camillia oils to cleanse the skin of make-up and impurities. Without stripping the skin of its natural moisture barrier, this product will leave it soft, clean and balanced.

A tried and true body oil…

Avène Eau Thermale Body Oil continues to be a classic favorite. Its avocado oil delivers high doses of vitamin A and E to restore skin cells, while its calendula oil heals, soothes and softens. With a light consistency, the oil absorbs immediately, locking in moisture without any residue. It is great to travel with and usable year round.

The best edible oil…

Udo’s Oil 3-6-9 Blend mixes unrefined, organic flax, sesame, sunflower seed, coconut and evening primrose oils. This combination provides a perfect balance of omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, which are responsible for healthy cell growth, hormone production and many other biological functions. Mix it into foods or simply take a tablespoon everyday.

A coveted hybrid serum/oil…

Trilogy CoQ10 Booster Oil combines tamanu, macadamia and black caraway seed oils with co-enzyme Q10 to successfully repair cell damage, stimulate dull skin and boost collagen. It will leave your skin radiant and removing one step from your beauty routine.

A miracle for your hair…

Leonor Greyl Huile Secret de Beauté features coconut, plum, sesame, sunflower and calodendrum oils to magically transform your hair, leaving it shiny and luxurious without being weighed down. This oil is also fabulous for your skin and has a subtle scent of lemongrass.

As you can see, oil has positive effects for your whole body, inside and out. The best part is, they can easily be incorporated into any regimen. Pair them with serums, moisturizers and make-up, or simply allow them to shine on their own.

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