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Natural tips for skin rejuvenation

Not a Botox believer?
Here are a few healthy tips for glowing skin without an injection that will rejuvenate your face from the inside out.
Side effects may include: feeling amazing!
Think about it: skin is a mirror of your overall state of health. When you are tired, sleep deprived, stressed or eating poorly, your skin reveals all. So take care of it!
Here’s how.

From the inside

• Be sure to get your beauty sleep: there are endless studies that prove just how important it is to get enough zzzzzs for optimal body function, including cell rejuvenation, hormone balance, limiting cravings and feeling lighter in your body and mind.
• A healthy diet is key. Make sure to include healthy fats like seeds (chia, sesame, sunflower, pumpkin and flax to name a few), nuts (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts…), avocado and extra virgin oils rich in omegas (grape seed, flax, olive, coconut…).
Up your intake of organic and colorful fruits and vegetables in your diet. The vitamins, omegas and anti-oxidant agents in all of this yummy produce will boost your “beauty cells” and reduce inflammation. Plus, fruits and veggies will become your tummy’s new best friends with health benefits, thanks to their high water and fiber content.
A healthy diet also promotes collagen production. For example, vitamin C-rich fruits and veggies such as orange, grapefruit, kiwi, parsley and camu camu powder will help your body synthetize collagen, while those rich in lycopene such as red pepper and tomatoes will help repair your skin.

Healthy fat is your skin’s best friend and sugar is its worst enemy! So feel and look lighter in addition to younger!

A healthy diet will also balance your hormonal levels, especially zinc-rich foods such as walnuts and seaweed.
And remember: healthy fat is your skin’s best friend and sugar is its worst enemy! So feel and look lighter in addition to younger!
• Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! And that means H2O in its purest form (or at least make sure to filter your tap water) to enhance your skin’s hydration and energy levels.
• Breathe….! Shortness of breath, which is often prompted by stress, generates more stress inside and out. Inhale and exhale deeply to feel stronger and look fresher.
• Maximize outdoor activities to improve your body’s oxygenation and to help you sleep more deeply. As an extra bonus, your skin will glow too!
• Relax and try to limit your “fight or flight” response to the daily stresses of life by finding an activity that will calm your mind and ease your body.
Think: yoga or meditation to help you relax and to kick-start your metabolism. Your skin will, in turn, also look more relaxed.

From the outside

• Limit your exposure to the sun as much as possible and always make sure you apply (natural) sun cream protection before you do head out to soak in some Vitamin D. Sun is widely reported to be the number one cause of aging and skin cancer.
• Hydrate and clean your skin properly in the morning and at night and exfoliate once or twice a week using beauty products that are as chemical-free as possible. Hydration is key to slowing the aging process so use highly hydrating moisturizers and serums, and let your healthy lifestyle take care of necessary repair from the inside…including boosting collagen production! Forget about overloading your skin with excessively heavy creams.
• Make facial oils your best friends, including evening primrose oil to reduce skin inflammation, coconut oil for its vitamins and hydrating properties, or sweet almond oil for its vitamin E content that will help repair your skin. A few drops applied on clean skin will serve as the perfect night recovery cream. It’s a great natural way to maintain a soft, replenished and glowing peachy skin. For deeper penetration and repair all the way from your epidermis to your dermis: mix a few drops of your favorite essential oil with a pure virgin oil of your choice. I like to use a little bit of sweet almond oil rubbed in my palm together with a few drops of essential orange oil for its delicious scent and uplifting effect.

Make facial massages part of your daily routine with gentle circular movements from your fingertips all over your face and neck while you apply your moisturizer.

• Last, but not least: make facial massages part of your daily routine with gentle circular movements from your fingertips all over your face and neck while you apply your moisturizer.
These simple movements will improve the delivery of nutrients to your skin cells, boost microcirculation and collagen production and reduce tightness in muscles, fine lines and puffiness, giving you a more relaxed appearance.
Just imagine the results if you do this twice daily?

So are you ready to get your beautiful on?
Enjoy these simple, healthy tips and habits and make sure to let your mind and imagination follow their lead.
Go, go, glow!

Mélanie Bird

While enjoying working at the United Nations as political affairs officer, Mélanie’s lifestyle is all about wellness, hedonism and seeing life through the eye of beauty. She loves sharing her passion for healthy lifestyle in a holistic fashion. She believes beauty and happiness come from within. “Life becomes magical when you feel and see beauty and new possibilities around“. She is also a certified health coach and yoga instructor.

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