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What Women Want

The game changing hero products every woman should own.

In the saturated world of beauty, no stone has been left unturned. Where there was once only a handful of face-creams to choose from, there are now thousands. The upside of this is that no one has to settle for a product that is “fine”, or simply “good-enough”; today’s most inspiring beauty buys deliver what they promise. Behind each are legions of women whose daily lives are made easier with easily hidden fatigue, tanned and toned legs, and hair damage repair.

So what are our secret weapons? Some of the following have rapidly gained cult status, while others’ popularity developed decades of loyal usage – all live up to the hype.

The Skin Perfecting Cream – Crème de la Mer

Though it takes 3-4 months to make each pot of Crème de la Mer, for many of its fans the difference in skin quality is instant. Its thick luxurious texture and simple scent belie is able to hydrate, smooth and even out skin tone. “It’s the only cream I’ve ever tried where I saw an instant noticeable improvement – it even got rid of a breakout prone area I’d been battling with for years,” confesses one Beauty Editor. The secret is to use the correct amount. Because you only need to pat the size of a small pea into freshly cleansed skin to moisturize your whole face, a pot will last you a long time.

The Line Busting Treatment – SkinCeuticals Retinol 0.5

SkinCeuticals Retinol 0.5 is a recommended product in almost every dermatologist’s office. While its percentage of retinol does not necessitate a prescription, it serves as a great starting point for eventual, stronger treatments. That may not even be necessary, as users attest to a visible reduction in the appearance of fine lines, sun damage, blemishes and uneven skin tone.

YSL artist Fred Letailleur suggests swiping it under the arches and in between your brows to wake up tired eyes and along the centre of your nose to slim and contour.

The Magic Wand Concealer – Touche Eclat

Since its launch in 1992, Touche Eclat has become so popular that one is sold every 10 seconds, giving it that rare “staple product” status. While much of its magic lies in its heavy texture, getting the most out of it depends on these insider tricks to maximise its potential. This concealer is different. As YSL artist Fred Letailleur points, it can both cover and enhance. He suggests swiping it under the arches and in between your brows to wake up tired eyes, along the centre of your nose to slim and contour, and around your top lip to enhance your cupids bow.

The Hair Hero – Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

Most of us unleash a daily torrent of abuse on our hair, blow-drying, straightening, curling, and dying for our ideal look. For hair that’s lost its lustre, trichologist Philip Kinsley’s Elasticizer has reparative proteins that make it a firm favourite among both hairdressers and specialists. Made originally for Audrey Hepburn, it was the first ever product designed to be applied pre-shampoo. Once a week, cover your hair with a shower cap for 10-20 minutes, or (as recommended by fans), apply it before bedtime and rinse in the morning for maximum effect.

This tan is colorless, so even though you apply it at night, it won’t come off on your clothing or bedding.

The Limb Nourishing Tanner – James Read Sleep Mask Tan Body

This tan manages to get rid of some of the “evils” of traditional fake tans. For one, it’s colorless, so even though you apply it at night, it won’t come off on your clothing or bedding. In addition, it contains the kind of skin nourishing ingredients you’d expect from a luxury body cream. With Black Rose Extract for brightening and refreshing skin, hyaluronic acid to boost moisture levels and caffeine to pep up sluggish circulation, your limbs will be tanned and toned in one fell swoop.

The Never Ending Nail Polish – Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro

As a long-time pioneer of the no-nasties, five-free nail polish movement, Lippmann’s Gel Lab Pro proves once and for all that these morals do not sacrifice lasting power. Their base coat and topcoat can be paired with any nail polish to effectively double (or triple) the time between touch-ups. Not only that, but they do this without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, an application lamp, all to eliminate the hassle and damage that comes with having gels professionally removed.

Amy Wilson Wyles

A native Londoner, Amy discovered her love for health & beauty while working at Harper’s Bazaar in New York before returning home to work for Conde Nast, Shortlist Media and Net-a-Porter. Eight years later, the mission remains the same: to discover the products and treatments that really work.

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