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BWB’s Favorite Rose-Inspired Skincare

When we think of roses, we tend to think of love and beauty. Roses also provide an abundance of medicinal properties, which have been used for hundreds of years. The rose’s essential oil is an effective antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It is no wonder that rose oil continues to be a leading ingredient in skincare today. There’s no better time than Valentine’s Day to share our favorite rose-inspired skincare products.

Join us in spreading the love and beauty of roses by incorporating these beautiful rose-enhanced products to your skincare routine.

Chantecaille perfected the benefits of rose with its Rose de Mai skincare line, which features the Rose de Mai (centifolia roses), a rare rose from France. This spring, they are debuting their Rose de Mai Body Oil.  The body oil combines five rose oils, including rosehip and evening primrose oils, making it high in vitamin C and E and essential fatty acids. With anti-aging benefits, the oil leaves your skin supple. Throughout your day, the fragrant aroma will envelope you, subtly lingering on your skin. Other BWB favorites are the Rose de Mai Cream which reduces redness, fine lines and uneven skintone and the Pure Rosewaterwhich may be used as a toner, refresher, or simply a way to uplift your mood.

Lano of Australia, famous for their incredible lip balms, have caught our attention with their Rose Hand Cream. The amazing healing properties of their triple lanolin combined with rose oil delivers antioxidants and intense moisture, successfully healing even the driest hands. The lovely rose aroma is as soothing as the cream is nourishing and it’s the perfect size to keep in your bag.

AERIN’s Rose Oil beautifully combines rose oil with other oils such as sesame, sweet almond, and evening primrose oils. The mixture results in a soft, soothing elixir that is great for even the most sensitive skin types. Light enough to use in the hair for shine, run it through your locks for the delightful smell of rose and almond.

Osmia Organics Nectar Vital Rose Drops is an organic elixir designed to be used on its own, or added to your face creams and serums. This brilliantly designed nectar extracts the benefits of rosehip, safflower, argan, prickly pear, sandalwood, rose, pumpkin seed, and jasmine oils to hydrate, repair cells, combat sun damage and decrease inflammation. We concur that this is the “Drink of Gods” and are sure that your skin will feel the same.

By TERRY Baume de Rose La Creme Corps Body Cream takes roses to a whole new level by combining rose butter, rose flower essential wax, rosehip oil, and extracts of black rose and pastel rose. This cream melts into your skin, leaving you rose-infused and feeling luxurious. We also love her Baume de Rose Flaconnette and Baume de Rose SPF 15 which are both for your lips. They give your pout a natural, glossy shine while softening, smoothing, and hydrating!

Decléor Aromessence Rose D’Orient Soothing Oil Serum includes essential oils of Damask rose, Roman camomile, neroli and black currant seed just to name a few. This serum, reduces irritation, calms and heals the skin, and leaves it glowing and smooth. We have heard that Michael Ashton, Adele’s makeup artist, confirms this serum is one of her favorites, and we all know how beautiful her skin is.

This Valentine’s Day, instead of expecting roses, why not request a bouquet of rose-infused skincare products? There is nothing more romantic than beautiful skin inspired by a lovely rose.

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