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20 Beauty Mistakes I Will Stop Making In 2020

As we enter a new decade a little older and a little wiser, we can embrace a fresh start where we vow to never commit these 20 beauty mistakes again.

We’ve made it to 2020, a year where there are far too many “perfect vision” innuendos for us to be making any more excuses to not be the best version of ourselves that we can be! Over the years, having tried every kind of product and tool you can imagine, the BWB team has had many a beauty faux pas. As we enter a new decade a little older and a little wiser, we can embrace a fresh start where we vow to never commit these 20 beauty mistakes again.

1. I will now always wear a natural powder under the eyes when using my mascara to avoid having dark marks under my eyes. Too often have I ended up with what I like to call my “Panda Eyes!”

2. I will not pull on the skin beneath my eye to perfect my liquid eyeliner!

3. From now on I will avoid waterproof mascara, as removing it is so hard that I always end up losing a few eyelashes.

4. I will not use an ultra-magnifying mirror to pluck my eyebrows, which is just asking for an over-plucking accident! It’s much easier to get carried away than when you use a regular mirror and can take a step back periodically.

5. If I wear pencil eyeliner on my lid, I will always set it with a powder shadow. Whenever I don’t, I can expect an unsightly dark line on my lid shortly after, effectively ruining my eyeshadow that I’ve worked so hard on!

6. I will never test sample products at a beauty store or counter on my face without properly sanitizing the product or applicator first.

7. I will never get any kind of facial wax right before heading out or if I have somewhere to be later, as my face will stay red for hours! Instead, I will do it the night before.

8. I will never use coconut oil as a moisturizer on my face again in the wintertime. Although it is amazing in the summer, the cold will solidify the oil and irritate your skin!

9. I will not set my hair tools over 300ºF anymore.

10. I’ve had my fair share of at-home hair dye disasters and one of the biggest things I will never do again is bleach my hair on my own! The active ingredients in bleach are far too harmful to apply to your own hair without experience, and every hair lightening process is unique to the individual.

11. I will always use a moisturizing balm around my hairline so that my skin does not get stained, and I will be mindful to avoid hair dye for at least a week after receiving any kind of facial peel or skin treatment.

12. I will never again cut the few white hairs that started to appear as it only made them grow stronger and more difficult to hide.

13. I will give my hair a break from shampoo at least once a week. My Asian hair gets greasy if I go even just 25 hours without a wash, and my scalp will feel itchy and uncomfortable. However, I’ve noticed that the more I give my hair a break, the wider my window becomes.

14. I will never rub my hair dry with the towel again, because your hair is most fragile when it’s wet! Instead, I will pat it dry to remove as much of the water as possible.

15. I will try to let my hair dry at least 75% before dozing off. I’ve noticed that whenever I fall asleep with my hair still wet, it’s very obvious the next morning that I did in fact fall asleep with my hair still wet.

16. I will never go off on a vacation with an old gel or acrylic manicure. You don’t want to find yourself in a remote location with no nail salons nearby and end up picking off your semi-permanent polish and ruining your nails!

17. Although I enjoy using a little self-tanning on my face, I will never do it on my legs again as I have done a poor job before a holiday weekend and ended up with terrible orange streaks!

18. I will never forget to bring a correctly-sized clear bag for makeup and toiletries when traveling, as the last time I showed up with an extra large clear bag I had to remove (and lose) half of my beauty products.

19. I will never use the sand in the ocean as an exfoliator for my body again. I have ended up with a terrible rash before as a result!

20. I will stop comparing myself to other people. Another woman’s beauty does not take away from my own. Instead, I will celebrate our confidence and individuality!

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