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Happy Feet

Here are some useful hints for lovely looking feet.

Tucked away in thick socks and warm boots, our feet and their imperfections are hidden from the world during the winter. Dry air and poor circulation don’t often make for sandal-ready toes and smooth skin. As we all start to do our warm-weather prep-work, here are some useful hints for lovely looking feet.

Callus Correction

Walking a lot, practicing sports, and wearing high-heals are three activities that regularly crush the layers of skin on the feet. Using an emollient cream helps get rid of dead skin cells and to help with exfoliation.

A Good Scrub

Massaging the feet with a scrub also helps get rid of dry skin cells. When scrubbing, focus on the support zones, the areas that carry the weight of the body and are in contact with the ground. As the main points of pressure, the heel and the forefoot are often the most damaged. Our favorite product is Bastien Gonzalez’ Black Diamond Scrub with essential thyme and sage oils that add just a touch of fragrance.


All day long, our feet are crammed and crushed; therefore, they really deserve some extra care. Make sure to keep them hydrated by applying a rich cream daily. In the evening after you shower, dry your feet thoroughly and take a few minutes to massage them. Start gently with the fat pads before moving to the toes and ankles. You can also massage the calves up to the knees in order to stimulate blood circulation.


Cut the nails short with a nail clipper and use a file to shape them. Hydrate the cuticles with some oil or a specific ointment. We love Révérence De Bastien Unguent Ointment for nails and cuticles by Bastien. To revive the natural color of the nail, use a buffing and polishing device such as . Our favorite nail-care product is Crème Abricot by Dior.

A Touch of Color

Our golden nail polish rule: choose a sensible brand, one that favors the health of the nail and will not make it weaker. Apply a base coat before the color, and try not to keep the color on for too long (one week maximum). Make the most of summer by testing glamorous and daring colors like Chanel’s Coralium or Kure Bazaar’s Lychee.

Useful hints!

Try to alternate wearing flats or low heel shoes in order to shift the support points and avoid sandals with tight straps around the ankles to avoid swelling.

Maintain a good hygiene routine and to keep bad odors at bay, use a talcum powder mixed with purifying essential oils, sage for example. (Silky Foot Talcum Powder by Révérence de Bastien).

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