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Stay-At-Home Couture

Grateful to be able to work from home, and grateful for athleisure. From Zoom meetings to Houseparty chats, here are our top picks for looking quarantine-chic. 

Every morning I wake up to the rack of clothes adorned with leather coats, tailored blazers, silk shirts, and pressed trousers. It’s been almost two weeks since I’ve sifted through the hard-earned glorious selection, as there obviously hasn’t been a need to. I almost get a little emotional when I notice the specs of dust, real or imagined, that seem to collect on top of them. But, amid the melodrama, I ask myself, along with all other garment enthusiasts who miss dressing up for the day: why must we stop getting ready in the morning?

There’s still no need to put on your best pencil skirt or heels. Instead, exercise your creative eye and expand into fashion realms that are more, well, comfortable. Luckily, athleisure made its way back into Vogue and there’s a vast array of chic garments readily available to those looking to enter the world of quarantine-chic.

Pants that Aren’t Sweats

Sweatpants aren’t your only pant option when staying at home. If you really want to conquer the work day in comfort, consider these UNIQLO Chiffon Pleated Skirt Pants ($39). Sure, nobody will notice them during your Zoom meeting. But, they’re certainly an elegant alternative from sweats.

… And Pants that Are Sweats

And if you really want to stick to sweats, no shame! But choose correctly. The Alo Pleated Yoga Pants ($98) elevate the standard sweatpant by utilizing a soft-knit rib and loose silhouette. Also, if you’re trying to stay active, these pants are great for that, too.

The Comfort Shirt

Whether you choose to wear it oversized or true-to-size, Madewell’s Flannel Classic Ex-Boyfriend Popover shirt ($39) makes it feel like you’re getting ready to head to the office (in comfort, of course). Its soft, lightweight fabric makes it a luxurious alternative for any other stay-at-home shirt.

Adding a Hint of Sophistication

These godsend garments are ideal for any occasion. Not only are they extremely comfortable, they add the perfect dose of sophistication needed to take on the work day. Thankfully, Woolrich’s forte is in knitwear and their turtlenecks are a staple for any at-home wardrobe.

The Classic Hoodie

You can never go wrong with wearing a hoodie at home. But options outside of your worn, 5-year-old college hoodies exist. Take Lou & Grey’s signature Soft Plush Cropped Hoodie ($79) for example. Unlike other hoodies, this piece offers a flattering silhouette that makes you look a lot more put together. Its drawstring hem also gives the wearer versatile options on how to wear it.

Bed Hair? No Worries.

Okay, doing your hair for another work-from-home day is a commitment. But no worries when you can throw on a chic, KROST ‘Support Each Other’ cap ($35). In a world where sustainability and good ethics are diluted in marketing, this brand is one of those that remains completely authentic. This cap was designed specifically to aid the Youth Communities that have been affected by COVID-19. Look cute and support one another!

Isiah S. Magsino

Isiah Magsino ventured from the West Coast to NYC to study and pursue a career in journalism. He began his career during his senior year at Fordham University, covering fashion parties for Vogue, and has since ventured into other realms such as luxury travel and wellness. Isiah believes in curating one’s life properly and strives to cultivate a life filled with beauty, patience, and mindfulness.

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