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Beauty in Quarantine Times Part 2: Repair & Rebuild

It’s time for self-repair, so here is our selection of best products to nourish your hands, hair, lashes and more. 

Time to wake up and get ready for your day, but no need to rush as much! It is confinement time, so our entire routine is now adapting to this change of rhythm.

Indoors all day? We have skin saviors for you. Washing your hands every minute? We have the perfect product. No hair dresser? No eyelash extensions? We know exactly what you need. It’s time for self-repair, so here is our selection of best products to nourish your hands, hair, lashes and more.

How do I care for my hair at home?

For many women, maintaining their hair without visiting a salon is quite the challenge. Rule number one to at-home hair care is hydration. You have plenty of time now to apply a hydrating mask for an hour before washing your hair!

BWB Team selection: we love two products that can help tide you over until your next appointment.

  • Use Color WOW Brush Powder to cover your roots for the day
  • Or apply Christophe Robin Temporary Color Gel onto towel-dried hair, leave 40 minutes and rinse. Easy to apply, great results and lasts for 5 to 6 shampoos. Finish off your hair care by holding off on your high-heat tools. Your hair will thank you!

How do I fix my manicure during quarantine?

Now is also the opportunity to nourish your hands and feet! Just take 10 minutes for an at-home manicure/pedicure. Remove your nail polish, cut & file your nails, and use a nail polisher. This will give your nails a shine that not even nail polish can pull off. After the shower, don’t forget to apply hydrating cream.

BWB Team selection:

How can I maintain my lashes during confinement?

Our very own BWB team member Alicia got eyelash extensions shortly before NYC started to close inessential businesses. If you’re not going back to the salon for your follow-up appointment like Alicia, she recommends ditching the mascara in the meantime and coating your lashes with coconut oil instead. Also, try to avoid sleeping on your face and brush your lashes out regularly with a spoolie. If you’re trying to lengthen your natural lashes, brushing them out with some castor oil is a great way to stimulate growth. You’ll never need a pair of falsies again!

BWB Team selection:

How can I keep my skin soft and hydrated?

We all are confined at home, and the lack of fresh air may affect the way we are feeling about ourselves. So, I strongly recommend doing every little thing you can to feel good.

It is essential to keep your circulation moving, even at home. Before hopping into your cold shower, dry brush! Always brush to activate the circulation towards the heart. You can use firmer strokes on your thighs and buttocks, but be sure to be more gentle on more delicate spots such as the tummy, chest and neck. After you shower, it is time to hydrate. My go-to products when I need to be uplifted are Clarins body care.

BWB Team selection:

How can I keep my beauty products clean?

Quarantine calls for spring cleaning! Going beyond washing floors and organizing closets, let’s dive deep into our medicine cabinets and beauty boudoirs. Get rid of all products that are expired, clean up our brushes & sponges and re-arrange all of them in separate boxes. Keeping your skincare essentials as sanitized and organized as possible has never been more important.

BWB Team selection: Wash makeup sponges with a soft shampoo. You can also wash your hairbrush with shampoo, rinse well and use a comb to remove all hair from it. Remove excess water from both sponges and hairbrush and let it air dry.

These are difficult times, but it does not mean that we should stop self-care. Self-care is about feeling good about yourself, and you’ll need to feel your best in order to take better care of others around you.

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