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A Guide to Summer Body Shaping & Lymphatic Drainage with Aesthetician Laure Seguin

The quality of your skincare products is only half the battle.

The quality of your skincare products is only half the battle. In order to reap the most benefits from your skincare routine, you need to handle your face in a gentle and effective manner. Further, skincare doesn’t stop at your face — and since the pandemic, more and more people have been expanding their body care. For example, lymphatic drainage is an advantageous technique that helps decrease bloating around the face, as well as the body.

Just in time for summer, Laure Seguin has joined us to share her years of expertise in Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Foot Reflexology and manual body lifting (inspired by the Japanese Technique of Hidemi Morimasa). In an article for The Cut, Cheryl Wischhover dubbed Seguin as the “Uber of French cellulite reduction.” In addition to her training at the Dr. Vodder International School, Seguin adds her light French touch to her holistic treatment approach. Join us as we learn about the best-kept beauty secrets of France with one our favorite NYC spa professionals and lymphatic experts, Laure Seguin.

In the U.S, people say “no pain, no gain” when it comes to getting in shape. In France, we believe instead that a specific type of massage can reshape bodies as effectively as exercise. Could you speak more on this? 

When we talk about a lymphatic manual drainage, we cannot expect technique that is aggressive. In the U.S., the lymphatic drainage technique tends to be overused. It’s very rough and does not respect the speed or the flow of the lymphatic system. Sometimes, it even leaves behind bruises, which blocks the lymphatic system. In reality, soft drainage can deliver much better results.

What are the benefits of lymphatic drainage and how is it different from body shaping?

Manual lymphatic drainage helps to fight water retention, release toxins of the tissue (which is the best detox), and prepare the body for a tighter and longer-lasting shape. The body shaping technique (palpé roulé) is a harder technique and should be done at least 5 to 10 sessions after manual lymphatic drainage.

For cellulite, I would recommend 5 to 10 sessions of manual lymphatic drainage (depending on the type of the cellulite), followed by body reshaping sessions.

For a full body detox, 20 sessions of lymphatic drainage in 10 weeks, twice a year, would be best.

What tips do you have for performing a facial massage at home? What tools or products do you like to use?  

When you apply your beauty products, use vigorous movements from bottom to top. Then, massage lightly from top to bottom, starting behind your earlobe and then to the shoulder.

I like to use a roller from bottom to top. Additionally, I allow 15 minutes in between the application of my serum and my moisturizer.

Summer is right around the corner! What can we do to boost the effects of your massage?

This is a difficult question! I would say: embody a healthy way of life in a way that fits you. Make yourself happy and try not to overdo or under-do things. And never forget to smile!

What are some avoidable lifestyle habits that trigger inflammation?

Smoking and drinking are the most avoidable. Not to mention stress and lack of sleep.

Your favorite summer recipe that doesn’t cause bloating or water retention?

It is difficult not to bloat during the summer due to all the fruits and veggies. However, I will say asparagus and artichokes are fabulous foods for resisting bloating. I love a good French-style ratatouille with onions, garlic, peppers, zucchini, eggplants, tomatoes, and of a course, a little drizzle of olive oil and fresh basil for garnish. It’s even better as leftovers!

Any favorite brands you recommend?

I’m a big fan of PhytoQuant’sQuantaDpur+ for detoxes. For my face, I love the Maris Dusan vitamin C cream.

How do you plan on sharing your knowledge in lymphatic drainage with more people who are interested?

I am planning to give master classes of my technique, in addition to launching some of my own lymphatic body tools under my own brand!

Where can our readers find you to book a session?

You can book a session with me through my website. As summer quickly approaches, be sure to ask for the fabulous Flat Stomach Sessions Special!

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