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Christy Turlington Burns model, mother, and maternal health activist

An exclusive interview

Whether on the cover of more than 500 magazine covers, sporting the costume of numerous high-end brands, or leading a flood of cameras through the streets, Christy Turlington Burns commands an audience. Despite being named one of the 90’s “Trinity” models, Christy’s aqua blue eyes have always been focused on helping others.

She spent some time behind the camera as producer of documentary “No Woman, No Cry,” a film about pregnant women and their caregivers in the U.S., Tanzania, Bangladesh, and Guatemala. Soon after, she founded her non-profit Every Mother Counts, and has since run six marathons to emphasize distance as a barrier to mothers receiving proper care at childbirth.

Having founded Every Mother Counts to raise awareness and funds to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, everywhere, Christy has dedicated most of her adult life to this cause. She carries the same confidence and warmth as in her pictures when acting to strengthen female care worldwide. With graceful leadership and a beautiful smile, Christy has taught the world to zoom out and pay attention to what lies beyond our immediate reality.

Whether it’s at home with her kids or abroad as an activist, Christy Turlington Burns shows an unwavering commitment to motherhood and family. We had the opportunity to learn more about her life and mission.


I love the work that I do on behalf of Every Mother Counts, ensuring that women have access to essential maternity care so that they can survive and thrive in motherhood. I love the communities that I get to do this work for and with. My family loves and supports me so that I can do this and be a mother at the same time.

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I spend the mornings with my family and once they are at school or off to work, my day begins. I usually start with a run or a yoga class, then head to the office to work with my team.


My mission is to leave the world better off than I found it. I am also committed to living in the present and my daily goal is to be here now. I don’t have to tell female leaders to lead with their hearts because that’s what women do naturally. My advice to myself and to others is to be kind, grateful, and true to yourself.



I love the rituals around most cultures, including sharing meals and eating what is available and most abundant in the season. The expression, “When in Rome” has always appealed to me, even when very far away from Rome…

Travel energizes me. I get to do it enough to feel satiated and it really does give me so much energy and perspective. I always prefer meals shared in homes to ones eaten at restaurants.


I don’t spend a lot of time on these things, probably because my first career involved an overload of beauty regimens. I like Biotherm Blue Therapy skin products and sunscreen, Maybelline mascara, and Calvin Klein Eternity perfume.

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