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Cordélia de Castellane Creative Director of Baby Dior & Dior MAISON

Creative Director of Baby Dior and Dior MAISON

Cordélia de Castellane was born into beauty. Her mother was a decorator, her great uncle a famous French architect, and her cousin the jewelry designer for Christian Dior. Cordelia wasted no time before joining the family tradition. As a teenager, she interned for Chanel during the summers, and at the age of 17, got her first job working for Emanuel Ungaro. Trips to Parisian flea markets and to museums all over the world honed her eye for art, and she is now sharing it with the rest of us.

As Creative Director of Baby Dior and Dior MAISON, she continues to practice her innate talent for design. The trend-setting tots strutting about the city sport her carefully curated collection of embroidered clothing. The most lavish flats in London don the sparkling items from within the new Dior MAISON collection.

We caught a quick moment with this inspirational woman, and learned a little bit about what defines her every day.

Your Inspiration

I always keep my childhood dreams part of me. All women inspire me. I’m not a leader – you can either follow me or choose not to – but I do have gift for convincing people.

Your City

I love the light, grabbing lunch at Carette – it’s my very own “Proust Madeleine” – and I love Toraya. Sometimes I like to stay home, but I also enjoy spending quality time at le Voltaire or le Duc or getting Pizza at Marzo.

Your Day

I’m a very early person. I always start the day by taking care of myself for 30 minutes, before I take care of the other people in my life the rest of the day. For those thirty minutes in my bathroom, I listen to the radio and breathe.

It is always at night when I design my collections, whether I am in my home our at the house in the country side.

After having breakfast with the kids, I drop them at school, I have coffee in a cozy coffee shop, make lists, and answer my emails. I have dinner very early because it is much healthier and helps me sleep better. At night, I spend time with my children and speak a lot with my boys – they are 14 and 17 years old.

I love to read and always make a “to do” list before sleeping.  It is always at night when I design my collections, whether I am in my home our at the house in the country side.

Your Beauty

Skin care: Sisley, Christophe Robin for hair care, Korres for body oil
Perfume: Grand bal de Dior is my favorite
Make up: Mac and Dior

Places to wander and shop in Paris

For kids: Baby Dior and Zara
For fashion: Vanessa Seward and Zara, Giambattista Valli.
Home: Les Puces (flea markets), Zara Home and of course Dior Maison.

Editorial photography by Fanny Latour-Lambert

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