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Michelle Klein SFERRA President and CEO

Behind the scenes at Sferra with CEO Michelle Klein.

Sferra, the renowned Italian linen company, recently celebrated its 125th anniversary. The company’s president and CEO, Michelle Klein, who took on the role last year reflects on the past few months with the company, as well as the major milestones up ahead.


For joining the luxury home furnishings industry

I am a product person, I love products, and every step in my career was driven by the brand I was working for and the beautiful luxury products that made the brand. To me, quality means luxury and it has always felt very natural to be a part of luxury product-driven organizations like Sferra.

How to be an effective leader

I value myself as a good listener and someone who is passionate about the business and team I lead. I surround myself with a team that has the same values, and that has always been a proven recipe for success.

Your motto

Elevate the everyday. Keeping beautiful things for special occasions is nice, but using them everyday is also special. Dressing your table with linens, or curling up with a cashmere throw everyday makes life a little more elegant.


How to stay creative

Between traveling to different regions for Sferra sales and products, exploring these cultures and communities keeps me inspired. I am always uncovering details in fabrics and textures that lead to new development.

SFERRA’s growth with their audience

At Sferra, we are always looking for and adding new product categories to our lifestyle brand. From dog beds and candles to new innovations in sheeting, we are constantly evolving our offerings to grow with our audience and introduce Sferra to new generations.


What you love most

Taking walks on the highline with my family and picnicking on my roof deck.

Places to shop for the home

ABC boasts a great treasure trove of home products, from candles to beautiful linens like Sferra’s. Roche Bobois is great for beautiful contemporary leather pieces, and Baccarat has the most beautiful chandeliers.

Favorite venues for their atmosphere

I love Sant Ambroeus for brunch followed by The Guggenheim Museum. Also, I also adore any afternoon spent shopping at Bloomingdale’s, not only because the store is renowned for being a great place to shop for just about everything (as well as for the people watching!), but also because we’ve just opened a new Sferra linen shop on the 6th floor there, and its contemporary design offers an exciting, fresh new look and feel for the brand.


Morning beauty routine

I leave the house early by 7am so I have gotten really quick with my morning ritual. But one thing I always use on my hair is Moroccan oil. It is great, I don’t have frizz and it always gives me great texture. Especially if I have an event to go to that night, my hair maintains its shape and texture.

Perfect outfit

My black jeans, a black sweater, black boots and this beautiful grey leather Bottega handbag that I just bought in Lake Como that I take everywhere.

Your ‘You’ time

[Laughter.] Well, let’s see, there’s a husband, two kids (one of whom is entering their Junior year in high school, so there’s a lot of college talk and college prep going on), plus my lovely mother who is living with us now, and then of course there’s my work at Sferra. So, “me” time is, well… we time.


Must-have skincare products

Because of my schedule, it has been harder for me to get to a gym. I just bought a Peloton bike and I love the flexibility spinning grants me anytime I can fit it in.

Favorite makeup products

To me, less is more. I have never worn a lot of makeup, so Bobbi Brown has been my go to – especially for their tinted moisturizer with SPF.

Favorite Perfume

Once I tried Baccarat’s Rouge 540, it has forever remained one of my favorites.


Favorite fabrics

Right now, I’m sleeping on Finna, an amazing Italian-made percale from Sferra in pure white (because I’m all about the perfect white bed). Finna is just as its name suggests: a wonderfully fine and sleek percale that’s also super soft. There’s just something so luxuriously comforting about getting into bed with great sheeting.

Best tips you were ever given for the home

One of the best tips I was given when I first moved into my apartment was: before you renovate, live in your apartment for a bit so you can really observe the light and space before you make radical changes. The second best tip: don’t match your pieces, but have fun with your décor. The third tip: fine bed linens really make a difference in your comfort in your bed. Now that I am in the linens industry it is important for me to mention that thread count is not what makes the linens more special, but the raw materials that are used that distinguishes the products and the sleeping experience.

Summer decor that you’ve recently added

I just bought some beautiful linen Sferra placemats in some fun colors for entertaining. I have a set four outside and inside and play with colors for the napkins. It is a nice way to elevate the table and add some summer color.

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