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Meet Late July’s CEO: Nicole Bernard Dawes

We talked to the founder of Late July Snacks about her commitment to sourcing the highest quality organic ingredients.

Nicole Bernard Dawes is the mother, entrepreneur, and CEO behind Late July Snacks. Not only did she grow up in the aisles of her mother’s health food store, but she also learned a lot from her father, who founded Cape Cod Chips. Equipped with an appreciation for real nutrition and an understanding of how to start a business, she decided to create her own brand. Late July crafts delicious, all-organic, non-GMO snacks for the entire family. Find her colorful bags of crunchy chips and snacks decorating the aisles of food stores across America.

We wanted to hear more about the woman behind it all, and she shared some token wisdom on food and beauty.

Nicole Bernard Dawes

How do you like to describe your company?

Late July is the sweet spot of summer. It’s a moment in time when life is simple, pure and good. It’s also our name and philosophy on snack making. From our Multigrain to our Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips, our taco-truck inspired Clásicos and our newest line of Organic Cantina Dippers – we care deeply about using organic, non-GMO ingredients to make chips for everyone at the party!

late july sea salt lime chips

What are your personal favorites from Late July?

My personal favorite is our Jalapeño Lime, but I also love to snack on our Sea Salt Restaurant Style while on the beach with family and friends!

What trends are you seeing now in healthy snacks?

I’m happy to say that vegan and plant-based snacking seem to be trend in 2018!

Share with our BWB readers your personal wellness routine.

I start with a healthy, organic breakfast, and I exercise daily. I wear sunscreen. Family dinners and meditation with my kids (via Headspace App) are also important to me.

Favorite skincare of the moment.

I’m all about sunscreen right now and I’m obsessed with Coola products. I especially love their Liplux SPF lip balm. I grew up on the beach and wish I’d had this obsession as a teen, but better late than never! I wash my face nightly and use lots of moisturizer.

Your favorite spa.

I love going to the spa at Chatham Bars Inn. When I spend time there it makes me feel like I’m on vacation in my home town!

How is Late July different from other brands?

Our snacks stand out in a crowded snack aisle because of their delicious taste and our commitment to sourcing the highest quality organic and non-GMO ingredients.

How do you relax and wind down with such a busy schedule?

When you’re an entrepreneur, you never stop working, so I really need things to help me unwind. Daily exercise is one of the most important things I do to de-stress. I love to hike outdoors! I have such a busy schedule, so I’ve incorporated Peloton cycling into my day. It’s made finding time to work out so much easier, and I absolutely love it! Ally Love is my favorite instructor.

Your favorite fragrance!

My husband bought me one of the Pacifica vegan / cruelty free roll on perfumes for my birthday and its my favorite. It smells like summer to me.

What are your favorite snacks you make for children?

Homemade salsa and chips is my favorite snack to make for my kids! Recently, they have been loving my homemade salsa verde with roasted tomatillos. During the summer I love to make a mango salsa with extra fresh lime.

late july chips and salsa

Your favorite vacation spot/hotel?

New Orleans! My husband is from there, so we visit frequently. Our family’s favorite hotel is a hidden gem tucked into the heart of the French Quarter called The Audubon Cottages.

Your favorite traditions with your children?

One of my favorite traditions is bringing my kids to Newport Folk Festival in Rhode Island every year. My parents met at the Newport Folk Festival back in 1967 so it has always been a special place for me. I love being able to share that with my boys!

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