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Vincent Darré

The dashing Paris based decorator and tastemaker sat down with us in an exclusive interview.

Parisian decorator and designer, Vincent Darré is showing his latest interior design collection in a beautiful Parisian apartment. Just one glance at the fantastic theatrical display and one will discover that his coveted collections are undoubtedly works of fine art. Bold aesthetic decisions meet innovative and eclectic design in his recent endeavors, in which Darré achieves a perfect balance of drama and harmony. BWB had the opportunity to speak with Vincent about his most recent collection and how he achieves the special brand of balance he exudes so well. 

Can you talk about your new collection, Renaissance?

It is named Renaissance collection for two reasons. First, because I have had a fascination with the Baroque period since childhood when I discovered the Italian palazzos while traveling with my mother.

This collection constitutes a return to Decorative Arts.

The second reason is linked to a personal kind of “renaissance,” one that I encountered in my work by creating a collection in collaboration with craftsmen.

This collection constitutes a return to Decorative Arts. Each object is the result of two artists’ work and is signed by the best craftsmen in France who have a unique savoir-faire, whether they are stonemasons, bronze smiths, or glassmakers. You can be sure I’ve added my own signature touch to the work.

What are your favorite places in Paris?

Because I am a Parisian, I love to stroll between the Luxembourg and the Tuileries. I was born on the left bank and it remains my favorite area along with the Flore, the Odéon theatre, the restaurant La Méditerranée with its sumptuous frescoes by Bérard, and the Montparnasse brasseries.

These are places in which nothing has changed over time.

However, on the right bank, I adore the Gustave Moreau museum, Victor Hugo’s house, and the Nissim de Camondo museum. These are places in which nothing has changed over time. For dinner with friends, I go to Jean-Baptiste Varenne’s “Petit Varenne.” The meal is always delicious and the atmosphere is just as inviting as having dinner with a nice neighbor.

For a stroll, there is nothing better than the flea-market of Saint-Ouen.

For brunch, I go to Loulou inside the museum of Arts Décos. It has a lovely terrasse with a view of the Tuileries gardens. For a stroll, there is nothing better than the flea-market of Saint-Ouen. The market Paul Bert remains a favorite of mine. One can treasure-hunt there every weekend. I am always game.

What design advice do you have for our readers regarding color-choice and creating balance?

It is better to mix and avoid uniformity.

My advice is quite personal because it is guided by my taste. For decorating entrances, I prefer to use wallpaper, and for dining rooms, I believe in using large panoramic windows. I always like to incorporate wall colors that will enhance the objects and paintings.

It is better to mix and avoid uniformity. For example, mix family heirlooms with contemporary objects. Rugs are cozy items, and lamps with shades help to dim the light and to create a warm atmosphere as well. Avoid spot lights. All these ideas are highly personal; to remain oneself is the most important thing.

What are your favorite products?

I use Frédéric Malle’s perfumes. They are quite diverse, and it is easy to find one that will fit you and will not smell like a synthetic, duty-free fragrance. For the body I use Biafine because I have a tendency to take too much sun!

For the hair, I use Kiehl’s products. Otherwise, I love the products from Officine Universelle Buly and their lovely packaging. Last but not least, I use Byredo for the bath.

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