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The Invisible Collection

The e-shop that brings exclusive luxury furniture to you in a click.

Meet Isabelle Dubern, the woman bringing extraordinary furniture to our fingertips. As co-founder of The Invisible Collection, Isabelle has created an online medium that grants the world access to unique, rare collections previously only available to designers and their elite clientele.

For starting your online business

My partner Anna Zaoui had chosen Pierre Yovanovitch to decorate her apartment on Central Park, the first project in the U.S. for this immensely talented interior designer. At the time, I myself was dreaming of a “Ourson” armchair, but I knew the only way I could get one was via Anna’s commission.

Isabelle Dubern

And thus I was inspired to create The Invisible Collection,  an online medium that granted everyone access to rare furniture pieces previously only available to elite decorators and their clientele.

How to be an effective leader in the world of “decorative arts”

Be passionate, have a point of view, attend art fairs like PAD, Frieze, Maastricht or Design Miami. Travel, listen, read, feel like you start again every day.

How to stay creative

I spend a lot of time with our artist decorators and designers, getting to know and appreciate their latest commissions, diving into their archives, and meeting the new generation of creators.
 When I was Artistic Director for Dior Maison, I humbly followed in the footsteps of Christian Dior who was a noted gallerist prior to becoming a couturier and I initiated a number of collaborations between artists and interiors designers like Hubert le Gall, Jérome Faillant-Dumas, Jeremy Maxwell-Wintrebert, Giberto Arrivabene and the best Europeans artisans.

Your favourite pieces of furniture these days

The “Asymetrie” armchair by Pierre Yovanovitch, a wonderful revisited version of the club armchair; Hubert le Gall’s “Dumbo” armchair, the artist’s personal favourite soon to be featured on our website; the “Encre” table by Jerome Faillant Dumas. But my wish list is endless…


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Best memories at work

The day in June 2016 when we went live online, right before an impromptu dinner at Anda Rowland and Jerome Faillant Dumas’s sublime London house, and the day before the New Bond Street launch of the collections I had designed for Dior Maison to coincide with Dior’s catwalk show at Blenheim Palace. I was exhausted but happy with a wonderful partner and a dream team behind us!

New Projects?

I am working on spending more time in NY to establish the website in the US, already our first market. We plan to introduce new interior decorators each month, always with the same love for beautiful pieces by the most talented craftsmen.

What you love most

Rome, Venice, Capri… I never tire of Italy where I have my most romantic memories and beautiful friendships. With my three children, Charles, Mazarine and Adrien we love spending our summers together. Last year in Singapore and Thailand, this summer around Capri and Positano. They are very good at planning particularly when it comes to finding dinner places. They are very attentive and supportive.

Favourite places to shop for the home

Giberto in Venice; Bianca and Giberto Arrivabene have become great friends and I am a fan of their creations, their taste, their home and their faithfulness in friendship.

A night on the town

I would be happy to live in a hotel with a suitcase, perhaps that comes from my boarding school days. In NY I would go to the Mark, the Carlyle, or the Mercer… But I also wish I could spend a night in the apartments decorated by the designers who inspire me: the work of Jacques Grange, François Catroux…

Favourite rooms of the house

My bedroom is calm, with flowers, books and candles everywhere, but above all the world’s best bed linen from Vis a Vis, Veronique and Amaury Taittinger’s company with whom we have already launched four collections of embroidered bed linen with them, in collaboration with some of our decorators, every piece in the most wonderful pima cotton. I also have a Piranese engraving that follows me in each of my apartments.

Most treasured piece of design?

I am not really a collector but I buy a lot of pieces by Jérôme Faillant-Dumas like his wall or pendant creations in alabaster or plaster. But I like to move a lot and give my furniture and design pieces to my children who are always delighted at the gifts. They in turn have been collecting India Mahdavi’s bishops since their childhood.

Your latest find?

Thanks to my partner I was lucky enough to have lunch with Jacques Grange, who is selling part of his collection at Sotheby’s. I listened to him discuss with clarity and simplicity his passion for art of course but also for beautiful furniture pieces. I am a big fan of his. I know each one of his projects; to meet him was a dream come true.

Next star to meet: Francois Catroux!

Must-have skincare products

I am addicted to facials and explore the most up-to-date spas in all my travels. When in Paris, I never miss an opportunity to make an appointment at Biologique Recherche, which is the the best brand for everything including hair care, in my opinion. In London, I go to the White Room on Walton Street which offers Valmont treatments under the great care of owner Annette, herself an enlightened design fan. I am also a member of Grace Belgravia, London’s best women’s club, where I love Japanese massages from the fantastic Mikiko or facials from Ziggie Bergman.

Favorite makeup products

I use the absolute minimum: Bobbi Brown concealer and tinted balm or moisturizer, any mascara, a Chanel gloss and nail polish from Kure Bazaar or Essie Mademoiselle.

Less is more.

Favorite perfume

Gypsy Water by BYREDO and all Diptyque fragrances that mix well with the scent of their house candles.

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