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“Well-being is a body and spirit life-long search that brings some lightness to your life.

Interview — (1/27/20)

The Last Straw: How to Save the Oceans One Sip at a Time

How one lonely whale ignited a movement to ban single-use plastics for the sake of our home. 

Story — (1/24/20)

Your 2020 Guide to Chelation Therapy: Benefits, Risks & Costs

Looking for a complete guide to chelation therapy? Find out more about its research-backed benefits, risks, and costs!

Story — (2/7/20)

From Spas to Art Galleries: How to Self-Care in New York City

Beyond the bathtub, here are four other options of things you can do in New York City to take a deep breath from work, responsibilities and stress.

Story — (2/19/20)

Trust Your Gut with Rhaya Jordan

No more restricting, fad dieting, binging, or sacrificing—it’s time to listen to your stomach when it’s calling for you.

Story — (1/29/20)

Wellness & WiFi: 3 Communal Workspaces to Visit in NYC

As we delve into the new year, there’s nothing like finding a zen sanctuary that best fits you.

Interview — (2/3/20)

Beauty in the Little Things: A Talk with Micronutritionist Valérie Espinasse

Story — (1/6/20)

Everything You Need to Know About Chlorella Mercury Detox

Everything you need to know about doing mercury detox using chlorella, including some tips for making your detox experience as safe and pleasant as possible!

Interview — (1/9/20)

Well-Being From The Kitchen & Beyond with Shayna Taylor

Shayna’s Kitchen shows you how to use food and fitness to fuel your happiest, healthiest life. Self-care, after all, is the ultimate love language. 

Story — (1/8/20)

How to Do a Mercury Detox: Your Ultimate Guide

BWB’s roadmap for detoxing your body and reducing your exposure to heavy metals in the future.

Interview — (1/31/20)

Modern Fertility’s Modern Woman, Afton Vechery

When she’s not watching TV shows in their reverse-order, Afton is redefining women’s accessibility to reproductive healthcare. 

Editor's Picks — (2/12/20)

Our Top 3 Spas For An Après-Ski Chill-Out

After a long day of schussing through snow, your body needs a reset. Here are our top picks for where you can pamper, unwind, and get back to the slopes refreshed. 

Interview — (1/14/20)

Seeing 20/20 with Gigi Mortimer

If you can’t resist a cheeky scroll through Instagram before bed, you can at least filter out 50 percent of blue light and 100 percent of UV light while you double-tap away.

Editor's Picks — (12/4/19)

The Best Unexpected Home & Office Gifts to Give This Holiday Season

From a crystal-filled decanter to an acupressure mat, and more.

Story — (11/26/19)

BWB Goes Green

We’ve been publishing a lot of content on green brands and mindful living this month. It’s time we reflected on our own habits and set new goals to keep ourselves in check and continuously minimize our carbon footprint.

Interview — (11/20/19)

Living Organically with Carole Bamford

BWB sits down with British powerhouse Carole Bamford to see why her side of the grass is greener. 

Story — (11/15/19)

Flex Your Plant-Based Muscles

Meet the new generation of male chefs making salads sexy and proving that plant-based cuisine isn’t just for the ladies.

Interview — (11/18/19)

A Vegan Ladurée Rendez-Vous with Matthew Kenney

A love story of le macaron and les plantes. 

Recipe — (11/22/19)

Sushi with Cauliflower Rice

Refreshing, yet cozy. Light, but filling. Attractive and delicious.

Story — (11/11/19)

Sip Sustainably

Pick your poison, but don’t poison the environment.

Interview — (11/26/19)

Changing the Plant-Based Game with Louie Psihoyos

From directing the film Racing Extinction to producing Chasing Ice, Psihoyos’s latest project brilliantly unpacks the myths of the meat industry.

Interview — (11/6/19)

Chasing Coral and Changing the Climate with Richard Vevers

“For the first time ever, supporting climate and conservation action is being seen as an opportunity.”

Story — (11/8/19)

How Many Of These Questions On Climate Change Solutions Can You Get Correct?

Story — (10/23/19)

Around the World in Coffee Cafés

Whether you are buying fresh coffee beans or taking a cup to go, your trip to Italy, Ethiopia, Colombia, or Vietnam is just a subway ride away.

Interview — (10/15/19)

When in Turkey… Detox

Clémence travels to Turkey in hopes of detoxing her mind, body and soul. Here’s how and why you might do the same for yourself. 

Interview — (10/18/19)

Words of Wisdom from Head to Toe with Jaspal Singh

This is no ordinary foot massage. This legendary alternative holistic healer walks us through the incredible healing powers of foot reflexology.

Culture — (10/8/19)

A New Yorker’s Guide to Shanghai

Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in NYC anymore.

Story — (10/2/19)

Paris vs NYC

What’s that first je ne sais quoi that gives successful French femmes their flair and how do American women start their days with star-spangled spunk?

Story — (9/25/19)

Good Night, Anxiety

Of all the tools out there that we can employ to help manage our experience of anxiety, there’s one key ingredient we tend to overlook: sleep.

Story — (9/20/19)

Feeling Blue (Light)

Whether we’re at work or school, scrolling through Instagram, or binge-watching Netflix, we’re totaling at 7+ hours on our devices.

Story — (9/11/19)

5 Healthy Living Tips From the YO1 Wellness Center

Get ready to set your days up for success.

Story — (9/6/19)

Minimalism for Your Life

Looking to declutter your life? Here’s everything you need to know about minimalism, and why it might be worth trying out. 

Story — (9/18/19)

A Little Bit of Wind, A Little Bit of Water

Feeling stuck? Struggling with anxiety? Just need a change? As we transition into the fall season, it’s a great time to learn about welcoming the optimal amount of positive energy into our lives.

Story — (7/26/19)

Lessons on Lyme

Travel smart this summer and learn more about the precautions you can take to avoid tick bites, as well as the chances of contracting Lyme Disease.

Culture — (7/10/19)

London Calling

Whether you’re in need of a healthy salad or a luxurious facial, BWB is here to guide you through the latest offerings in the British capital.

Culture — (7/17/19)

4 Unique Wellness Activities to Try Now in New York City

Take a break from your regular yoga class and try one of these out-of-the-box wellness experiences to switch up your well-being game.

Story — (9/27/19)

Living Life in the Fasting Lane

Keto has had its time; now the limelight is on fasting. BWB breaks down the basics. Could fasting be for you? 

Story — (9/13/19)

Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Sports Bra

If it doesn’t fit like Cinderella’s glass slipper, keep shopping.

Story — (6/17/19)

Travel Light & Be the Light

Kick puffiness and bloating to the curb with these travel tips that will guarantee your arrival appearance to be just as fresh as your departure appearance. 

Interview — (7/3/19)

Get Intimate with DeoDoc

Forget the embarrassment, toss the taboos, and dispel all the myths! It’s about time we finally got educated about the hair down there, and learned how to properly care for our intimate skin.

Story — (6/7/19)

The 3 Phases of Relieving Anxious Skin

#1 Best-selling author Caroline Foran walks us through the what, why and how of anxiety – and how we can prevent it from affecting our skin.

Story — (7/5/19)

Packing Petite & Posh: The Ultimate Carry-On Guide

Whether you are going to the South of France or the coast of Italy, your packing style should be as luxurious as your destination.

Recipe — (7/22/19)

2-Ingredient Dark Chocolate Mousse Pots

This recipe is the perfect last-minute option for a luxurious dessert that’s bound to be a crowd-pleaser at your next soirée.

Recipe — (7/19/19)

Banana & Blueberry Nice Cream

A creamy, two-ingredient ice cream for indulgence without the guilt. 

Recipe — (5/28/19)

Gluten-Free Pancakes

The classic American household breakfast staple. With a BWB touch.

Recipe — (5/21/19)

Pistachio Pesto Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Feeling indulgent? Try this fun twist on a traditional gnocchi pasta that harmonizes the richness of sweet potato with the earthy nuttiness of pistachio.

Interview — (6/17/19)

A Weekend with Ann Johansson

This Swedish-Canadian ultra-marathon runner and gym fanatic is the founder of BoomBoom Athletica: The perfect combination of breathable and beautiful.

Story — (7/31/19)

When Life Gives You Lemons, Stay At Home

How to still be a queen bee even when you’re a busy bee.

Interview — (5/15/19)

A Chef for Me, A Chef for You: Sit Down with The Culinistas

A full-service, in-home, private chef company that is sure to make your belly full and your heart warm.

Interview — (5/1/19)

Words of Wisdom with Dana James

Through close study of food, metabolism, emotion and feeling, James takes the phrase “food for thought” to a whole new level.

Story — (5/6/19)

Mindful Mealtimes

Develop stronger connections with your family by infusing your mealtimes with offerings of gratitude. 

Story — (4/8/19)

On the Edge with Maria Valentino

After family members became very sick with life-threatening injuries and illnesses, Maria shares how she unearthed the phenomenal healing effects of endocannabinoid.

Editor's Picks — (3/6/19)

The Best Sustainable Fashion & Beauty Brands

It has become apparent that choosing sustainable, eco-friendly brands is more important than ever before. Here’s a primer on how we can keep up.

Culture — (2/25/19)

Sustainable Self-Love

Self-love and self-care don’t have to be grounded so much in materialism. There are plenty of sustainable practices and products to consciously treat yourself with a look-good, feel-good sensation that reverberates all around.

Interview — (2/13/19)

Homeopathic Healing with Model Danielle Zinaich

Supermodel, mother, wife and homeopath Danielle Zinaich takes us through her day, her favorites, and guides us through homeopathy 101.

Story — (2/11/19)

We Love Our Life With Less Sugar

We thought we loved our life with sugar, but now we love our life with less sugar so much more.

Story — (2/20/19)

Women We Love

Please join BWB as we take a brief intermission from men and shift the focus toward these fierce ladies who are slowly but surely changing society’s expectations of what it means to be female.

Story — (2/4/19)

Self-Love: The Art of Infinite Self-Compassion

Happy Valentine’s Day to me.

Story — (12/28/19)

Host Like A French

Channel your inner Gatsby and get the champagne ready. BWB shows you how to play hostess the French way.

Editor's Picks — (2/8/19)

5 Serums to Love This Winter

If you’re looking for a way to amp up your beauty regime this winter, serums are the way to go.

Story — (2/19/19)

The Ultimate Guide to Self-Romance

This month, BWB invites you to romance yourself. Here are our top picks for the woman who knows she’s worth it.

Culture — (2/6/19)

Moments Over Material: A Tailored Experiential Gift Guide

This year, opt for an intangible gift that both you and your significant other can enjoy together while creating new memories.

Story — (1/25/19)

5-Day 30-Min Workout Plan with Morgan Pitcher

We’re whipping back into shape with nutrition coach Morgan Pitcher’s favorite quick and easy, at-home workout plan. So long, 2018 pounds!

Interview — (12/27/18)

Making Music Universal: Meet Pianist Jasna Popovic

Popovic’s work reminds us that music is truly universal, and that the piano is a beautiful instrument that can transcend boundaries of cultural and linguistic difference.

Recipe — (1/3/19)

French Detox Green Lentil and Cabbage Soup

The champion meal for after the holidays. It’s warm, delicious and easy!

Interview — (1/30/19)

Detox Your Mind, Body and Soul with Soapwalla

BWB speaks with Rachel Winard, founder of Soapwalla, to see how she detoxes in NYC.

Story — (1/23/19)

Empty Out and Go Inward This New Year

This season, consider putting your New Year’s resolutions on hold for a while and go through a full mind-body-spirit detox to reconnect with the world.

Recipe — (1/16/18)

Scrambled Eggs with Apricots and Parmesan on Basil Spinach

Jazz up your morning scrambled eggs with the apricot superfood – packed with carotenoids, vitamin C and potassium.

Recipe — (1/28/19)

Beetroot Apple Soup with Horseradish & Pecan Rye Bread

Beetroot–the magical ingredient that stimulates detoxification of the liver, cleanses the intestine, and improves cholesterol levels.

Recipe — (12/14/18)

Choc Gingerbread Bliss Balls

A festive recipe that’s easy to whip up in 10 minutes or less and perfect for last-minute holiday cookie swaps. A healthy, delicious, whole food, vegan and gluten-free treat!

Recipe — (12/19/18)

Sweet Potato Waffles

Skip the calories from your neighborhood Waffle House and opt for this healthy, delicious, sweet potato alternative.

Culture — (1/14/19)

A Healthy Tour of Paris

Don’t get lost in translation. Here are BWB’s favorite spots to lighten up in the City of Lights and kick off the year in style!

Interview — (11/26/18)

Wild Moments with Philippe Chantecaille

Explore the edges of the world with photographer Philippe Chantecaille, from Kenya’s vast savannas to Norway’s icy glaciers, and marvel at the exotic beauty of their inhabitants.

Interview — (12/4/18)

A Freedive to Infinity with Guillaume Néry

BWB had the chance to plunge deep into French freediver Guillaume Nery’s grounded sense of self and discover his life philosophies, nature musings, and environmental advocacy.

Recipe — (12/6/18)

Sweet Potato Toast

Switch out your regular bread for a sweet and hearty alternative for your sandwich today.

Editor's Picks — (12/4/18)

Best Grooming and Skincare Gifts for Health-Conscious Men

Editor's Picks — (12/10/18)

Festive Fragrances

BWB curates a list of fragrances that will merrily bring a flirtatious sophistication to your life.

Display of EWG Healthy Living App on iPhone

Interview — (10/24/18)

Going Skin Deep into EWG’s Healthy Living App

BWB had the chance to sit down with Carla Burns, EWG Research Analyst, and learn how to navigate the app, be kinder to the environment, and take better care of ourselves and loved ones.

Interview — (10/31/19)

Meet Lauren Singer

Join BWB as we celebrate Lauren Singer– environmental blogger, founder of the vegan laundry-detergent company The Simply Co., and entrepreneur of a package-free store based in Brooklyn.

Story — (10/10/18)

How Millennial Women Can Take Charge of Their Reproductive Health

No matter your age, the more you know about your body, the more empowered you will be.

Press image of red flora pattern

Interview — (10/8/18)

Fresh Faced & Fresh Pressed: Meet the Sisters Behind Tempaper

Dynamic sister duo and co-founders of Tempaper, Jennifer Matthews and Julia Biancella Au, have cultivated a new line of chic & organic temporary wallpaper for all our dorm and apartment needs.

Neon sign that says "and breathe" in front of green leafy background

Story — (9/17/18)

Five Ways To Keep Our Balance in Our Quest for Empowerment

Sometimes the demands of work and family can throw us off balance and make us forget the things we know. Here is a list of reminders that can help us maintain our focus and serenity while we’re out there slaying it every day.

Dr. Nadine Burke

Interview — (8/13/18)

Transforming Pediatric Care with Dr. Nadine Burke Harris

Science has now proven that health/behavioral conditions are directly correlated to a wide variety of adverse childhood experiences such as neglect, abuse, drug abuse & mental illness.

Interview — (8/23/18)

A Hidden Gem in Saint-Tropez: Ludivine Vitalie

Far away from busy cities, we have found a great and quite confidential place: beauty expert Ludivine Vitalie’s appartement-cabinet in Saint-Tropez. 

Summer Sanders in a swimming pool

Interview — (9/4/18)

Speedo, Suncare, and Swimming: Meet Summer Sanders

BWB had the chance to speak with former Olympic swimmer Summer Sanders and learn more about the things that help her feel strong & healthy.

Mother holding child wearing sunhat

Story — (9/5/18)

The Mental Load

Constantly thinking of everything to ensure the smooth running of one’s home—the “mental load”—takes a heavier toll on women than their spouses. How can this be fixed?

amanda brooks pear compote

Recipe — (7/9/18)

Laura Bailey’s Pear Compote

From Amanda Brooks’ book Farm From Home, learn to make her friend Laura Bailey’s pear compote. It’s the perfect yogurt topping!


Story — (7/23/18)

The Endive, a Summer Diet Staple

The endive is a light and nourishing leaf vegetable with many special qualities that aid the human body in incredible ways.

buddha figure and crystals by sam austin

Story — (7/16/18)

Time Off with Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a great form to try to relieve stress and anxiety. Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep, is mostly a meditation technique. Like many traditions linked to Hinduism and Buddhism and re-interpreted in a contemporary and American way, it is to be taken with a grain of salt.  

Photo by Anna Demianenko on Unsplash

Editor's Picks — (6/25/18)

Sun and Splash-Proof Beauty

These beauties are sure to keep your makeup in place and protect your skin from the sun’s rays, guaranteeing a gorgeous and flawless look.

Photo by Lauren Mancke on Unsplash

Story — (6/18/18)

Wellness Detoxing in the Summer

Regardless of whether you decide to do a complete juice fast or go on a plant based cleanse, use the break time to learn what your body needs.

ageless beauty the french way

Culture — (6/12/18)

Ageless Beauty the French Way

In Ageless Beauty the French Way, Clémence weaves together three generations of wisdom, which she supplements with insider tips from top beauty experts in an easy-to-follow beauty guide.

yoga illustration

Story — (5/29/18)

Work Rituals for a Stress-Free Day

Once you begin to prioritize your own wellness, beauty radiates from within.

desk layout

Story — (5/7/18)

Office Habits Go Green: Creating a Sustainable Work Environment

Get ready to celebrate a new way of conscientious living!

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Story — (5/20/18)

Office Well-Being

Here are a few specific practices that will help maintain a positive and healing vibe in the office.

clemence sitting at a desk

Story — (5/17/18)

Get-Up, Stand-Up: Rethinking Your Desk Choice

Standing up throughout the work day has now become en vogue, and the stand up desk is part of a new generation of desks with electric motors that raise the desk platform smoothly from a sitting position to a standing position.

Tammy Fender

Interview — (5/14/18)

Tammy Fender: Bring Your Skin to Perfect Balance

Her line forms part of a greater ritual of treating our bodies with kindness, and of nurturing our happiness and wellbeing.

amanda brooks farm from home raspberry corn muffin

Recipe — (7/9/18)

Raspberry Corn Muffins

From Amanda Brooks’ book, Farm From Home, learn to make raspberry corn muffins – perfect for breakfast or a snack!

desk workspace by Arnel Hasanovic

Story — (5/1/18)

Bringing Wellness to Your Workspace

We talked to two design experts—Jessica Romm, the editor-in-chief of Domino Magazine and interior designer Stephanie Horton— to find easy ways to turn your 9-5 surroundings into a wellness haven. 

nicole bernard dawes late july

Interview — (4/25/18)

Meet Late July’s CEO: Nicole Bernard Dawes

We talked to the founder of Late July Snacks about her commitment to sourcing the highest quality organic ingredients.

Sophie Jaffe

Interview — (4/18/18)

Meet Sophie Jaffe

As a certified raw food chef, yoga teacher, and mother, Sophie Jaffe is mindful about how to treat and nourish the body.

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