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The Ultimate Guide to Self-Romance

This month, BWB invites you to romance yourself. Here are our top picks for the woman who knows she’s worth it.

This month, we invite you to romance yourself. Burn your good candles on a Tuesday at noon, just because. Use your most luxurious, expensive body oils– the ones you usually use before a date– after your evening shower and massage your own beautiful body from head to toe. Book yourself a dreamy vacation with the money you’ve been saving for someone special–you. You are worth investing in, spoiling, and treating with the most divine experiences.

Here are our top picks for the woman who knows she’s worth it.

Places We Love

Nosara, Costa Rica

Nosara is a beautiful jungle with a golden aura, a wonderful vortex of personal, social and global consciousness, and a place where people come to find themselves and sometimes never leave. One of them– me.

                                     Photo Credits: Jenna Duffy

Nosara is also a major yoga mecca, first-class surf destination, and a robust wellness hub attracting a conscious, sustainable community. It’s ideally situated on a pristine coastline teeming with wildlife and lush nature. Nosara was recently recognized by National Geographic as one of the healthiest places to live, and the central Nicoya Peninsula of northwest Costa Rica, where Nosara resides, is one of the planet’s top Blue Zones.

For the ultimate self-romance, you can book a personal wellness retreat at one of our favorite yoga, surf or healing resorts or book an authentic experience as a guest in my beach loft, where I will serve as your healing concierge, cleanse consultant, and personal yoga instructor. Immerse yourself in traditional Taoist Healing Arts, surf with a two-time Costa Rican National Women’s & Masters champion Roxy surfer, and get in fantastic shape with Nosara’s most desired personal trainer. Since you’ll be feeling and looking radiant, you can book a professional photographer to follow you around in the jungle and capture beautiful photos of you in your true nature.

For those looking for an extraordinary experience with community and connection, attend The Alive Experience (March 9-16) – a transformational travel concept that offers a week full of activities and excursions to empower you to create a profound shift in the important areas of life: happiness, health, fulfillment, relationships and purpose.

                                Photo Credits: @fullyrawkristina

For the yogi interested in Taoist theory, magic, sacred geometry, and body reading, this Katonah Yoga Retreat at the luxurious Bodhi Tree Resort on April 1-6 promises to delight. For all those looking to immerse in a healthy lifestyle rooted in deep self-love and community in an exclusive resort with panoramic views, this GoFullyRaw Retreat in May 2019 is a once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy a week with raw food pioneer, Fully Raw Kristina.

Tulum, Mexico

                                     Photo Credits: @yohasana

Tulum is a magical beach town on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Come here with an open mind and this energy vortex will take you on a journey.
Personal Tulum Guide, Yohanna Mannelqvist has curated unbelievable holistic yoga and wellness escapes for ambitious women to explore mindful living this October and November at Holistika, a holistic center located in the Mexican Jungle.

While you’re here, be sure to romance yourself at Nomade Tulum, a habitat for those ready to learn, share, awake the soul, and free the mind. Tantric guru Bibi Borenza teaches a weekly class on Energetic Lovemaking–also described as Sacred Sexuality, Conscious Sex or Tantra– which explores sexuality not only for pleasure and reproduction but also for reaching higher states of consciousness. You can also stay with Bibi at her gorgeous oasis and enjoy the day and nightlife of Tulum with a true local.

Sedona, Arizona

The entire Sedona Valley is an energy vortex and whatever you seek to manifest or resolve, the energy pull is amplified. This geomagnetic energy, like the acupuncture meridians and chakras in the body, is the spiritual and life energy of the planet. Sedona is an Ancient Land and a place of great wisdom from our Shamanic Ancestors. Seekers from all over the world come to Sedona for personal and planetary healing.

Join me for a 4-day retreat in a private home in the Sedona Red Rocks (Friday June 7 – Sunday June 10, 2019.) Here, you will gain new understandings about your life through intuitive medicine and self-reiki workshops, Kundalini Yoga, Qi Gong, potentially lifelong friendships, high-vibe plant-based food, and plenty of private time for your personal connection with Spirit.

Products We Love

Sacred Sage Bundle and Ajai Grace AlchemyYou’ll smell like love all year round, and your sacred space will feel clean, light and full of good vibes as you invite love, abundance, and peace. Grace Alchemy is the scent of love and is a natural aphrodisiac! It has been tested and proven for attracting a lover or making your lover fall at your feet!

Cristalline Rose Quartz Facial Roller and Ajai Grace Rose Oil – Use your Cristalline charged rose quartz facial roller to gently massage Grace rejuvenating oils onto your face while increasing blood flow, oxygen and circulation. The ritual promotes relaxation and the creation of beautiful, luminous skin. Rose Quartz Energy is of self love and romance.

Stass & Co Eco Body Brush – Dry body brushing is an ancient beauty technique that promotes healthy, glowing skin. It helps stimulate the normal lymph flow and increase blood circulation within the body, helping the body detoxify itself naturally, reduce cellulite, and increase the suppleness of skin. The Body Brush is an all natural, vegan-friendly product, and it is the perfect addition to any self-care arsenal.

Practice You JournalPractice You is a journal for your musings, miracles and manifestations. Practice You is a map to your highest self, a field guide of your own creation. The pages of this journal are full of potent prompts and inviting spaces, awaiting your contemplations and discoveries.

Fern Olivia Langham

Fern Olivia is the founder of Thyroid Yoga® and Ajai Alchemy.
Combining her education in Biomedical Engineering with her studies in yoga and integrative nutrition, Fern Olivia has created Thyroid Yoga®, a unique approach to supporting thyroid health.
In addition to teaching, retreats, events, and speaking on the topics of holistic health and self-expression, her course is a best-seller on MindBodyGreen and she trains wellness leaders and practitioners in her Thyroid Yoga® training, now available internationally. Fern Olivia is also the founder of Ajai Alchemy, an all organic essential oil fragrance brand specifically formulated with synergistic hormone balancing and aphrodisiac benefits.
Through her authentic storytelling, media platforms, and new TV show, Sensual Intelligence, Fern Olivia has inspired a mass movement of conscious self-expression and holistic health.

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