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“Well-being is a body and spirit life-long search that brings some lightness to your life.

Story — (10/1/14)

Get up, Stand up.

The standing desk may be the answer to your back pain and fatigue at work.

Recipe — (10/10/14)

Unpealievable Pea purée

In French, peas may be called “petits pois,” but these petite veggies pack a big nutritional punch.

health article

Story — (9/23/14)

About Meditation

Meditation and Exercise

Story — (9/22/14)

Meditation and Exercise

For someone who already exercises regularly, does adding a daily meditation practice really make a difference?

Editor's Picks — (9/26/14)

Calm Mind Retreat

If you think that the words “calm” and “mind” may never be used in the same sentence to describe you, the Mandarin Oriental’s Calm Mind Retreat is for you.

Culture — (11/3/14)

Clotilde Dusoulier

The book is a history lesson, a whimsical romp through French culture, a cookbook and a work of art all in one.

Recipe — (10/3/14)

Blueberry Clafoutis

Recipe — (9/15/14)

Quinoa Recipe

Quinoa is packed with protein, magnesium and vitamins and makes for a great filling breakfast, light lunch or hearty dinner.

Interview — (9/15/14)

Chef Daphné Cheng

At 25 years old, Chef Daphne Cheng is a pioneer in haute, plant-based cuisine.

Culture — (9/20/14)

BWB’s link of the month

This month at BWB we have loved reading this article from Bloomberg News that highlights the benefits of meditation.

Story — (9/11/14)

Essential Oils

Essential oils are a powerful gift from nature, offering the best and at the same time, the simplest tool to live a happy and clean life.

Gong meditation session

Story — (9/7/14)


A “gong meditation session”  is supposed to refresh your senses, recalibrate your brain, give you inner peace, even remove your wrinkles if you have any!

Yogi Tea health living tips

Recipe — (9/18/14)

Yogi Tea

Yogi tea is supposed to strengthen the nervous system, energize the body, clear the mind.

Coconut Oil health benefits

Story — (8/27/14)

Coconut oil

Coconut oil has a delightful nutty aroma and makes any recipe creamier, but it also happens to boast countless health benefits, especially glowing skin.

Culture — (9/11/14)

Coming to Our Senses

By ‘coming to our senses’ we learn to appreciate the present moment, we learn to savor the senses.

Healthy recipe

Recipe — (8/25/14)

Summer veggies coconut curry

Story — (8/11/14)

The Low Histamine Diet

A typical histamine reaction is hard to differentiate from the standard allergic response.

Recipe — (8/20/14)

Raspberry crumble

Crumbles always make for a perfect sweet and scrumptious finale to any meal…and they can be very healthy, too.

raw almond milk

Recipe — (8/20/14)

Raw Almond Milk

Culture — (8/25/14)

The benefits of coconut oil for your brain

The benefits of Coconut Oil for your brain.

Green melon gazpacho

Recipe — (8/4/14)

Green melon gazpacho

Want to try some new recipes with coconut oil?
Here is a summer menu that is light (and vegan and gluten free) yet delicious and so easy and fun to prepare.
Enjoy and share with your family and friends, bien sûr!

Hiking Runyon LA

Story — (8/7/14)

Hike is the new Lunch

In LA, instead of “Lunch this week?” it’s often “Hike this week?”
Meet me at Runyon—the go-to place for a quick 45 minute up-and-down is basically like asking a girlfriend to meet at Fred’s in New York.

Interview — (8/5/14)

Harmless Harvest

Douglas Riboud and Justin Guilbert are the two young entrepreneurs behind the successful coconut water brand Harmless Harvest

Healthy Raw recipes

Culture — (7/22/14)

Choosing Raw

Gena Hamshaw is the mastermind – and masterchef! – behind beloved blog

Recipe — (7/27/14)

French Endive Salad

This salad is ideal for its freshness and its mix of savory and sweet tastes.

Culture — (7/6/14)

Clean Eats

Alejandro Junger’s new book Clean Eats is a celebration of great tasting foods with more than 200 recipes from Chef Frank Giglio and guest stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Zoe Saldana, Donna Karan, Cameron Diaz or Orlando Bloom

Editor's Picks — (6/25/14)

The foam roller

A great wellness tool to have at home

Story — (6/1/14)

Healthy Natural Remedies

Natural ingredients from your kitchen to use as remedies this summer by Marie-Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre.

Story — (6/8/14)

Tips to fight jet lag naturally

On your mark, Jet Set…Go!  Rebecca Leffler shares her tips for healing jet lag symptoms naturally

Editor's Picks — (6/8/14)

Look well after a long travel

Get ready for your super-travel-pouch.

Meditation for Beginners

Culture — (9/3/14)

Meditation For Beginners

Here is the book by author Jon Kabat-Zinn for those of you who are eager to learn more about Meditation.

Story — (5/11/14)

Stepping Out Into Spring

A ‘Spring Story’ by Shelley Lewis.

Recipe — (6/22/14)

Simple and delicious artichokes

A simple artichoke preparation.

Recipe — (6/15/14)

Katherine Greiner’s summer recipe

Katherine Greiner shares with us one of her favorite summer recipe.

Culture — (6/15/14)


Revive book by Frank Lipman. Stop feeling spent and start living again.

Culture — (5/1/14)

The Body Book

Whenever a movie star decides to share their beauty secrets, we are more than eager to listen. This month, I read The Body Book by the sparkling Cameron Diaz and I liked it.

Interview — (7/7/14)

Yoga in the Riviera

Recipe — (7/2/14)

Green & Glam Granolove Parfait

Guest chef Daphne Cheng and Rebecca Leffler share with us their latest summer recipe! the Green & Glam  Granolove Parfait.

Culture — (7/13/14)

The Omnivore’s Dilemma

Michael Pollan, New York Times bestselling author, tells us the secrets behind what we eat in this must read Omnivore’s Dilemma.

Recipe — (3/27/19)

Green & Glam Chia Pudding

This chia pudding is la crème-de-la-crème of healthy desserts.

Recipe — (5/1/14)

Green & Glam Crème de Chia

This chia pudding is la crème-de-la-crème of healthy desserts.

Story — (5/1/14)

Done with the Soft Drinks

Soft drinks and fruit drinks are unhealthy, period.

Editor's Picks — (5/1/14)

Stanley’s Pharmacy

A modern take on the Rx and Wellness bar with Stanley’s Pharmacy.


Recipe — (5/1/14)

Quinoa Salad with Dried Apricots

Quinoa can be prepared in many different ways. Here is an easy and quick quinoa recipe for a mild and slightly sweet dish.

Culture — (5/1/14)

The Benefits of Nuts

The Harvard Gazette tells us about the health benefits of nut consumption on many chronic diseases.


Interview — (5/1/14)

Food Matters

Personalized healthy eating delivered to your door.

Recipe — (6/1/14)

Fraises au Chocolat

Super easy and always a delight, this dessert combines two ingredients which happen to be very good for our health.

Recipe — (5/1/14)

Soba Noodles with Broccoli

The perfectly healthy and filling dish.

Culture — (5/1/14)

The Dirty Life

Kristin Kimball describes, with complete honesty, her first year on the farm and the shift in her existence. From her daily life in Manhattan to daily life on the farm.

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