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BWB Goes Green

We’ve been publishing a lot of content on green brands and mindful living this month. It’s time we reflected on our own habits and set new goals to keep ourselves in check and continuously minimize our carbon footprint.

Living green doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Making just a few small changes in our lifestyles can actually have a great impact on our carbon footprint. At BWB magazine, we’ve decided to make more conscious choices in our day-to-day lives, starting with changes that were less intimidating and gradually moving on to bigger goals.

Going green doesn’t necessarily entail a massive shift in priorities at home, or at the office. Read on below to see how the BWB team started our own little green revolution, and hopefully give you some new ideas on how you can reduce your carbon footprint as well.

  • AZ: I carry a spare tote bag with me everywhere I go in case I stop by the grocery or drug store.
  • TD: I keep a personal coffee cup in my bag for each time I inevitably stop for coffee.
  • TD: I bring a wide, reusable straw with me when I know I will be purchasing a thicker liquid to drink. (i.e. Bubble tea or smoothies)
  • CVM: I have adopted the water bottle and alternate between S’well and Bkr, especially for weekend outdoor activities.
In The Kitchen
  • AZ: I exclusively use Tupperware for food storage, never Ziploc bags.
  • AZ: I limit my meat consumption to a maximum of three days a week.
  • TD: I use oat milk as a primary source in cereal and coffee.
  • CVM: I definitely limit meat – especially red meat, as cattle has such a heavily negative impact on our planet.
  • CVM: I have replaced Ziploc bags with silicon reusable bags. As for saran wrap, I use cotton bowl covers instead.
In The Bathroom
  • AZ: My Terra & Co. dental floss is biodegradable (made with bamboo fiber, activated charcoal and coconut oil).
  • AZ: I’ve stopped purchasing products that have microbeads in them.
  • TD: I use a bamboo toothbrush.
  • CVM: I have switched my shower gel for a bar soap, which I have gotten used to very easily.
  • CVM: All bathroom and kitchen cleaning products I buy are from brands that are eco-friendly.
In The Closet
  • AZ: I never purchase real animal skin or fur.
  • AZ: I make sure I wait until my hamper is completely full before doing a load of laundry to conserve water.
  • TD: I’ve incorporated thrifting and secondhand shopping as a primary source of my clothing.
  • TD: I try to get multiple wears out of certain clothing items before washing to save water.
  • CVM: I buy less in general and prefer to get fewer items of good quality rather than fast fashion.
At The Office
  • We have a package-free bar soap for the sink.
  • We use a water filter.
  • When we do purchase water for the office, they come in glass bottles that are easy to reuse and recycle.
  • We keep all extra napkins and plastic utensils from outside lunch orders for future use.
  • We keep lots of green plants around to remind us every day of our commitments to the planet.
Our Goals / To-Do List:

AZ: I need to switch to monthly contact lenses instead of dailies to reduce my plastic consumption. I’d also like to start bringing a coffee thermos with me to work so I can avoid paper cups and plastic lids. I’m going to try and change my shopping habits so that I buy more secondhand clothing and less fast fashion. Finally, I don’t want to enable my friends or family when I notice wasteful habits that can easily be changed – I’d like to be more confident in challenging these habits instead of staying silent.

TD: I’d like to start bringing Tupperware and utensils with me on-the-go so that I don’t have to use single-use plastic containers or cutlery. I’m also going to try and consume more plant protein and reduce my meat consumption to three times a week. Regarding toiletries, I’m going to only purchase package-free shower gels and soaps, transition to a menstrual cup, and swap out my cotton and plastic bottles of micellar water for a reusable makeup removing cloth.

CVM: I want to refuse plastic bags and disposable plastic in general. That includes shopping for groceries without packaging (#NudeFood). I’d like to order less online, as well. Ultimately, I want to teach my children to be respectful of the planet, and utilize BWB magazine as a platform to share a green message.

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