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Stanley’s Pharmacy

A modern take on the Rx and Wellness bar with Stanley’s Pharmacy.


The dream project of Stanley George was always to create a pharmacy and wellness bar. After more than 15 years working in pharmacies between NY and LA he launched last year Stanley’s Pharmacy, a wellness destination featuring a pharmacy prescription service and wellness bar.

“After growing up in New York and working in pharmacies there for many years, I moved to Los Angeles. The experience changed everything for me.  For the first time, my lifestyle included nature, mountains, ocean and endless sunshine. I felt less stressed and more inspired, even at work in the pharmacy.”

The look of his place has that 1970’s California cool meets nature. It is nice to finally have a pharmacist who will take time to know what you need and fill a prescription while also offering herbal remedy or a wellness cocktail to treat ailments such as headaches, allergies, hangovers…etc.

Try it and let him suggest one of his healthful elixirs!

“When I moved back to New York, I wanted to bring this sunny, nature experience back with me to share with stressed New Yorkers.  The lifestyle here is so tough, work all the time – never a break.  I wanted Stanley’s to be a place for New Yorkers to relax and feel good.  Many people need medication to live or to heal; but I also wanted to integrate whole body health into the picture, medicine is just a part of health.”

Stanley’s Pharmacy
31 Ludlow St., at Hester St.
+1 646-476-9622
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